Thursday, May 6, 2010

What to Post. What to Write. What to Say.

Now what?!

Is this what they call a 'Writer's Block'? Sure it is... But I'm no writer. I just love to write. Writing well and love to write are two world's apart.

So let's just say I'm having 'Dry Spell'.

Ooopppsss!! Don't get me wrong on that note. I'm not a drug addict or a sex maniac. I just can't think of something to write. For many days now.

Someone HELP........!!!

Even my sentences wouldn't go longer than ten words. (try counting them) Oh my!!! This is certainly not me! My mind is dry. Like I'm having a severe drought. Oh blame it on the weather!!! It's scorchingly hot outside. The heat waves had apparently gone to my head making their way to my brain cells subduing every creative juices left on me.

Whoah!!! I'm back on track. I just made a 23-word sentence which is pretty normal to me. 

So back to the main topic - Dry Spell.

Lately I'm running out of issues/rants/adventures/thoughts/anything-under-the-sun posts. Not that nothing's happening in my life. I just can't figure out what to write. Does that happen to you?

You have something in your head...

You sit infront of the computer...

You end up staring blankly at the screen...

Fingers aiming at the keyboard...

Just like this????

Poor kitty cat.

Or you force yourself to type something and your composer would look like this : 

Mine's actually : zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..............

I'm dozing off to dreamland.

To further investigate the causes and reasons of the temporary psychological inability to begin or continue on a piece of writing.... SHUT UP!!!

Excuse the lengthy definition.

What I'm trying to say is : I made a mental note of the reasons why I can't come up with a decent, upbeat post lately.

1.) WORK

"All work and no play makes Janjan a stupid girl."

I've been busy with work lately. (oh?) Don't bother contradict this statement. It's your word against mine. Who's side you on?

SQL scripts have gotten to my system. It's even haunting me in my sleep. In case you ponder what does SQL mean, it's Structured Query Language. A programming language for getting information from the database.

Look at that!!! Aren't you grateful you learned something from me? Hahaha!

So everytime I face the computer starting to write my post, the screen would morph into something like this : 

Now tell me I don't have the most boring job in this world.

2.) Haven't Read In Awhile

I always believe that reading stimulates your writing ability and mind creativity. I haven't read a good book since 'The Last Song'. Just so you know, I cried a bucket while reading it. It's just sooooooo sad.

3.) I Need A REAL Vacation (No, not necessarily vacation. A short break from work will do.)

Calling the attention of my boss out there....

Leave permission will be at your table sooner. And you have no choice but to sign it.

Wait a second....

I thought I couldn't write but seems like I  made a lengthy post already. Hahahah! Dry spell seems to be a good topic. I should have renamed my title to : Dry Spell - makes you write, right?

Back to work...

Signing off...


Ratz said...

You don't seem to actually have a block or something.... hahaha

But I can SO totally understand Janjan. I hate it when i struggle with writer's block....

Thanks for following me

janjan said...

Thanks for the follow also. I enjoyed reading your blog. You're an awesome writer and your posts are funny too haha!


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