Friday, May 7, 2010

Thank You Ladies for the FRIENDSHIP

Ok, I'm taking back what I said that I'm a bitch. Why? Because three amazing bloggers just gave me an award. Yeheeeyyyy!!! 

                                 The Master of Karate and Friendship Award

See? I told you guys I'm friendly nyahhhahaah! Move over Sandra Bullock. Here comes Miss Congeniality. Ehem!

First off, I would like to thank Mishieru of Upside Down for giving me this award. Actually she felt guilty coz when she posted it on her blogsite she forgot to include my name hahhaha! Mitch, you don't have to feel bad about it. I totally understand that when you're sleepy you tend to be forgetful...and it's a sign of aging haha! Peace girl..... Seriously, this gal is one awesome blogger. In case you haven't gone to her blog, go check it out.

Another thank you goes to Ratz of What Can I Say. I say I can't keep myself from laughing everytime I read her posts. Actually, she did not specifically mentioned the recipients of this award. But she said that she's giving it to everyone reading her blog. Well, I happen to read it and Ratz, I took your word for it.

And last but definitely not the least, thank you Gnetch of Thank Goodness for the Good Ones for this. Hey, you're indeed a nice girl haha! Please thank your mom for me.

I really love it when someone gives me an award coz it brightens my day and makes me look forward to blogging. I guess everyone wants to be appreciated. And with that note, I'm passing this award to the following faithful bloggy friends :

Depps!! at Words As A Form Of Life

Megha at Thinking Hat

Mary at Quarterlife Adventures

Rachel at Faithful Fashionista

To my new follower Neil at Ongoing History

Hope you enjoy it guys...

One more thing... I wanna give this back to Mitch. I know, I know... you already have this but it's my way of showing I appreciated the kindness and I'm grateful for the friendship.


Ratz said...

hahaha... thanks gal for writing such sweet things.... ANd i LOL while reading your blog as well... I am glad that i could find you guys..... what a odd mix of people we are..... and congrats on the award.. you escaped my cat woman alter.... hehehehe

janjan said... afraid to get whipped by you haha!

Deeps!! said...

OMG!! Thank you soooo much for the Master Of Karate and Friendship Award!!

Lets do something abt the celeb stalking club.. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Waaaah! I am still ashamed right now. Thanks for understanding Jan!

i'm no miss said...

Okay. I prefer you over Sandra Bullock for that Ms Congeniality title (She doesn't blog, or if she does, I'm not a follower:) haha!

So, congrats girl!


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