Thursday, May 6, 2010

Maybe I should accept the fact that I'm a BITCH!

A bitch is a female dog and we all know that. But for some reasons it is used to refer to a woman who is unpleasant and difficult to handle. I may not be the nicest person in the universe but I'm friendly and I do have lots and lots and lots of friends.

Remember the facebook deleting incident? The one I posted last monday about a guy officemate who deleted my precious name (ahahaha!) on his facebook account because he thinks I'm not worthy at all? We'll, he had come to his senses and sent a friend request to me. Actually we're friends now but that doesn't mean I won't get even at him. Because I'm a bit nicer, I did not ignore the friend request but I did not confirm it as well. I will just leave it dangling at the corner along with the pending request until I made up my mind hahaha!

But this post is not about that. I won't give him another citation in this blog of mine. Huh! Lucky him.

Let's talk about twitter this time. I have a twitter account but I don't use it as a means to connect with friends, rather I use it to follow the lives of famous celebrities. If facebook connects you with people you went to school with, twitter connects you with people you wish you went to school with. That's basically how the "bird" works.

Tweet. Tweet. Tweet.

So I'm following a certain local celebrity. She's not totally my idol but i admire her for her witty, funny punchline and outrageous fashion sense. Anyone in mind???

Sorry..... I'm not dropping names....

Yesterday I read her tweet and I felt the urge to reply. I usually don't bother myself to reply at their tweets because they also don't bother to reply at me. So why bother?

Did I just bother you with my constant repeat on the word "bother"? Anyhoo, don't bother it.

They say I'm Miss I-Have-An-Opinion-To-Everything. Maybe that's why I became a blogger because I love speaking up my mind and I'd hate it if I'm not able to express my opinion.

In my opinion blah blah blah....

I replied in a nice, friendly way. I did not yell. I mean the tone of my words are not "yelling". I even said in my reply "I respect your opinion but....." and "This is just my opinion you don't have to agree with me. Thanks!".

Now tell me, was that bitchy? Did I sound irritating /provoking / antagonizing / upsetting / annoying?


She deleted me. Hahahahaha!!!



Funny how some people can't even take other's opinion. They should not express their thoughts on social media if they get mad when others don't follow suit. If others don't agree with your views, SO WHAT???! You won't die!!! If you can't take other's opinion, go somewhere else. This is a free country anyway!

I didn't follow her back. Not worth my time.

But I sent her a direct message :

"Thanks for deleting me in your list. You Suck!"

I was suppose to say F***! but I recoiled.

Not worth the curse.

Then I added :

"I hope your career will deteriorate fast. I would pray every single day for that."

*evil laugh* Bwahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhaa....................!!!!!!!!!!!

Of course I didn't mean what I said and I never prayed harm to anyone. I just wanted to piss her off.


Ratz said...

hahahahahaha... this is a nice, funny post.....

'I hope your career will deteriorate fast. I would pray every single day for that'- this line is really funny.... ha.

janjan said...

haha! glad you enjoyed it.

Deeps!! said...

ha ha ha.. i also use twitter for celeb stalking and it gives me immense pleasure.. doing that!! :P

anyhoo.. funny post!!

Neil said...

hahaha, I never knew there was so much fun to be had on twitter. I really should try to avoid it, I have enough to do without stalking celebs and 'tweeting'.

Good work on the disagreeing and opinionated retort. These celebs should be used to it.

Anonymous said...

No you're not a bitch girl. It happens to everyone. Good thing i haven't tried really stalking a celebrity on twitter coz if that happened to me? Hmmm, i dont' think what i am capable of doing. Hahaha! Just kidding!

Btw, i gave you an award on my blog post recently. I admit i made a mistake of not remembering you right away. I was so sleepy yesterday night when i wrote that. When i got home today and check it, i was like "where is jan? i didn't include her? oh my bad." I am sorry girl, but it is really for you too. How can i forget my fellow awesome pinay bloggers. Hope you won't get mad at me! Peace.

Rachel W. said...

I love that you speak your mind girl! Keep it up! It is VERY refreshing!

janjan said...

@deeps!! : we should put up a stalking club haha!

@neil : twitter is fun too especially if you mess around.LOL! thanks for dropping by.

@mishieru : hey thanks girl. mwah!!! it's alright and i'm not mad at you. Of course not... a million million thanks!!!

@rachel : thanks for reading my post. and congratulations on your good news too. I'm happy for you. :)

Nitz said...

Hey janjan! Well, in my opinion I think you should accept the fact that you're really really really hilarious!!! Love the post!!! Thanks for checking mine!

janjan said...

haha! thanks Nitz. You got a nice blog girl...:)

Deeps!! said...

I agree!! lets!!

Gnetch said...

Argh! I want to know who that was!

janjan said...

@deeps : but you will be the leader.LOL!

@gnetch : just make a guess.:)

Mary said...

Interesting post! Disagreeing politely is never offensive. You were just expressing your opinions. I'm surprised she took you off her list. But yeah, people can make us crazy at times. LOL

janjan said...

@mary : i agree, it is never offensive to disagree politely. well, she's not worth to follow and I leave it like that.

Sara said...

I'm pretty sure Twitter was invented so we lowly people could follow celebrities. That's what I use mine for anyway.


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