Monday, May 24, 2010

Some things you should know about...ME!

Hello everyone! I'm feisty today. I have to coz it's Monday (I'm trying to avoid monday blues) and I have couple of reasons to start the week happy. First, Gnetch at Thank Goodness for the Good Ones tagged all her followers on a photo meme where we have to post the 8th photo from the 8th folder in My Pictures.

I thought it's gonna be fun so I tried and here's what I got :

I was reluctant to show this to you because : a.) I'm kinda shy to show my face to everyone. If you noticed my profile pic, I did not face the camera. So quit staring now! (ok, I'm not mad)

b.) I was afraid that you might laugh at the idea that at some point in my life I did cheerdancing. Yes that was me in  my cheerdance costume!!! Don't worry, I didn't suffer from concussions or any serious injury coz I refused to be thrown into the air for the whole stint.

But in all fairness I look thinner in that pic. It's  one of my most treasured photos before my waistline began to expand some three years ago.

Now I want you, yes YOU! the one reading this to try this out and tell us the story behind your pic.

Secondly, Gnetch gave another award (this gal is really generous. she likes to pamper her friends). I told her I'm hesitant to take it but I knew better than to refuse her kindness. She might take back Nick Carter from me hahaha! (just some high-school talk). Gnetch, that was a long, long time ago and I'm over him already. But all those silly things I did in the name of Nick Carter will forever remain in me and I can't help but smile whenever I think of all those. :)

Anyway, here's the second award and along with it are 7 nagging facts about ME!

1.) Got a huge crush on Nick Carter and Dave Moffatt in high-school. Seriously, where are they now?

2.) I love tweety bird and I'm collecting tweety bird stuff.

3.) I love to travel and visit new places. I'm mostly drawn to secluded island or places where nature is at it's best.

4.) I can't swim and I'm terrified of big waves. It's so ironic coz I love to go island hopping and a beach person as well, yet can't do any basic kinds of swimming.

5.) I'm a dog lover and I avoid movies where dogs die in the end coz I'd surely end up bawling.

6.) I read - a lot. I started reading romance novel when I was in gradeschool. My mother was furious coz she thinks I'm too young for that, so she burned them all and I ended up paying those books since I borrowed them from a friend. :(

7.) I have zero interest in drawing and I can't draw, can't even make a straight line straight without the aid of a ruler considering that I'm an eng'g grad. In my drawing class, I will ask a classmate to draw for me in exchange for an assignment. Clever way to pass the subject *wink*.

Alright I'll stop now. But before that, I'm sharing this award to ALL MY FRIENDS especially to my new followers (you know who you are). I'd like to know more about you guys so please take it.


Nikita said...

Nice picture... I'll do the picture meme thing and tell you seven nagging facts about me... but I'll pass on the award... I hope that's ok! :)

And Nick Carter.. Every girl had a thing for him back then. So I totally understand! ;)

janjan said...

sure Nikita, you can pass the award to your friends too. :)

Nikita said...

I meant, I'll skip the award... :P

Rachel W. said...

I will defiantly do the picture and questions tomorrow when I have a bit more time! Thanks for sharing an award with all your followers! I will be sure to link your blog to my post!

Also…don’t be afraid to show your face girl! You are beautiful!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh well, look at you pretty lady! I dreamed of being a cheerdancer too but alas all we have back in high school was some kid stuff cheerdancing. Imagine what the nuns would do if they saw someone being thrown up in the air...

Gnetch said...

Haha! I tried cheerleading ONCE! It didn't work out. I wasn't that good a dancer and I really hated being out in the sun too long. And yeah, Nick Carter was a total cutie back then. Don't tell Drew I said that. He'll get jealous. LOL

Meg said...

You look really cute.Thats a really beautiful picture.
Congrats for all the tagging and awards. A pretty girl deserves them all :-)

The Girl Who Loves to Whine said...

Aww janjan you look so cute in this picture!! Congrats on your Versatile blogger award too!!


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