Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My first taste of flight inconvenience

Sure I thought I won't be blogging for the rest of the week as my way of doing sacrifice (internet fasting, that is) for the Lenten season. But just before the onset of Holy Thursday, I never thought there's a need for me to unload this unsatisfying, disappointing feeling that urged me to sit on a chair, turn on the computer and blog about it. The thing I like about writing, or blogging for that matter, is it allows me to speak up my mind, say out loud what's in my heart, rant about everything and anything I could think of, without feeling guilty that I can hurt somebody else's feeling. The fact that I can completey share my thoughts without being afraid that someone might contradict or reject them is liberating. So speaking of liberating - I want to liberate this gnashing feeling I had in my heart, coz for a second, I thought I'm having hypertension.

This is such a terrible day! Actually, as of this writing, I'm supposed to be home with my family. Like I said in my previous blog, I'm spending lenten season back home. I'm a type of person who plans ahead. Who sees to it that everything is in order. Who wants to be in control of her time. So because I knew that going home at this point of time, where everyone else are also taking a trip back to their respective homes, I knew darn well airport is a mess - flights fully booked, passengers here and there. So I booked my flight two months in advance. Roundtrip. I arrived early (I seriously take the "check-in one hour before departure" rule). Everything was fine. I got my ticket and proceeded to the waiting area excited to read the book I brought along. But lo and behold! After passing my things on the x-ray machine, the guard asked me to check-in the herbal medicines (which are for my mother). Normally, I'd hand carry them. And I've been doing it for quite sometime. And since arguing with the guard, who obviously is just doing her job, is the least of my concern, I agreed to go back to the counter and have the bottles checked in. Oh I thought I would only pay an additional 100 pesos, but wait, why are they making me pay 400 pesos? 400 pesos for the damn 6 bottles that weighs 3 kilos? Are they kidding me? Coz it's not at all funny! And I can remember well, very well, that when you travel go-lite (go-lite means you don't have baggage for check-in but you're allowed to hand carry 2 of your belongings but not exceeding 7 pounds), you will only add a hundred peso in case you decide to have your baggage checked in. Of course I told the airline personnel about that, yet she insisted on her point so who am I to insist on mine when I'm not even sure if they have amended the rule or not. Okay, 400 pesos down the drain huhuhuhu... Good thing I had some extra cash so I didn't run around the airport like an idiot looking for an atm machine like what had happened two years ago when the payment for my excess baggage went nuts.

Boarding time...

One thing I like about this airline is that they usually call their passengers to board the aircraft 30 minutes ahead of departure time. And as soon as everyone is seated comfortably on their seats, attendants done demonstrating safety measures in cases of emergency and all those tape-recorded reminders (which I had already memorized), up we go climbing high into the sky. But today was different. I was seated in the front row beside the window which is actually my favorite spot and Im so happy about it, yet I noticed the flight attendants weren't doing their usual routine - headcounts, demonstrating how to put on a lifevest, etc. I glanced on my watch and 10 minutes have already pass the hour of our ETD. A few moments later, the captain's voice emerged from the cockpit, informing us that our flight will be shortly delayed. Apparently, the airport at my destination was closed due to bad weather. Well, what else is knew... I always say that my hometown is Forks. Yep, that Forks in twilight, where Bella Swan and the Cullen lives, that famous book, remember? Take this as a joke : there are only two seasons in my hometown, rainy season .... and.... VERY rainy season!

We waited for 3o minutes. Then another 30 minutes. I keep on twitching from my seat. Another 30 minutes. And I'm no longer reading the book. What the hell is wrong? And why I'm hearing flight attendants saying we're deplaning. Deplaning? Oh my God!!!! The flight was cancelled!!! It took all my sanity to realize and understand the simple word CANCELLED! What the ****?!!!! Urrrggghhhhh!!!! I'm sooooo... disappointed? dismayed? angry? frustrated? Name it!! To hell with the rain!!! Why does it have to rain on this day, on that hour, at that time exactly? I don't blame the airline for taking such action, they're doing us a favor actually. I mean they're looking at our safety and as much as I wanted to go home, I wouldn't wanna go home unidentified or worse unfound because the plane crashed. Ewwww.... Trust me, I'm best at having morbid thoughts hahaha!

So I went back to the counter hoping there are still available flights. And like I said, it's peak season so you don't expect to catch a vacant flight easily. And the line is so long! And what's taking us more time to inch forward is that some passengers cannot decide which flight they will take, if they're going to cancel or rebook, or if they want to re-route it to Timbukto or to God knows where. I'm really impatient when it comes to this, that's why I book my flights early to avoid panic, the uber-dreaded long lines and these inconsiderate creatures who take too much time on their turn not thinking about the seemingly mile queue behind them.

Homaygawd!!! The last thing I wanted right then is to re-route my flight or have it scheduled on Black Friday - that I'm sure only a few would be travelling. As luck would have it, they scheduled a special flight for tomorrow at 4PM. Yes, I really do want to protest. Why can't they make it at 4AM instead???!! I really wanna go home soooo badly huhuhu...

After the gruelling flight reschedule session, I went downstairs to claim my baggage. And there! I found them beside the conveyor looking like lost puppies waiting for their owners to get them. Finally, I managed to get home without any complication, thank God. While sitting on the cab I realized how exhausted I am, how famished and how this day has been soooo.......urrghh! never mind! I'm just glad the pizza that my roomate left last night was still on the table and I grabbed it without any word. Hahaayyy... Tomorrow is another day (a line from the commercial). And I hope it's going to be fine. I hope it's not going to rain in Forks. I hope my flight won't be cancelled or delayed. I hope to be home...

Monday, March 29, 2010

The week that was ___________!

I had a terrible week. I mean it. Thursday night I was vomitting and suffering from diarrhea (ewwww..stop reading if you're eating). I wasn't experimenting on food that day, meaning - I'm eating the kind of food I regularly eat during meals. So why the heck I keep on going back to the john? Anyway, I took fluid nonstop to keep myself from being dehydrated, or worse, have an electrolyte imbalance which by the way, reminded me of my 4-day stint at the hospital couple of years back when I had hypokalemia. Oppsss! Sorry for the jargon, it means potassium deficiency. From then on, banana became my friend and my favorite fruit too. But thankfully, I was still able to sleep well despite the every now and then belching of my stomach.

Thank God it's Friday! Well, yeah, coz the urge to poo have gone. I'm thinking of dressing up for work but looks like I'm running low fever. Urrrgghhh!!! This can't be happening! We have a party at the office later tonight (prexy's bday) and we've been rehearsing our dance presentation all week long and it's surely gonna be fun. I mean everyone's gonna be there, food's superb - not to mention the booze. Hahaha! You got me there! I just hope the dance number won't be a mess.

So I stayed home fighting out boredom. Watched TV and read the whole "Dear John" novel by Nicholas Sparks, one of the best lovestory he's written. So simple yet engrossing. Romantic but not mushy. And I cried when John's father died. Yes, I'm sensitive when it comes to paternal issues coz I lost my father at an early age. Then Saturday came, I went to see the movie (Dear John) with my friend coz I just can't get enough with the book. Wanna check how are they going to interpret it on big screen. Well, to be honest, I like the book's version better. Except that the movie had a nicer ending and Channing Tatum is just but gorgeous. Boy I love him! I think I'm going to watch Step Up all over again hahahha!!!

And oh, lenten season is here my friends. I'm thinking of going traditional and consider fasting. Come to think of it, I'm on weight loss program and it might be a beautiful idea. But nah! I don't want to associate diet with my faith in God. There's a lot of worldly things I can trade for. Watching TV perhaps? Limit it to 3 hours per day? nyaaaaaa!!! That's stupid. Or maybe the internet? Hmmmm..... Looks like I won't be blogging until next week and my facebook and twitter will not be updated starting.... today? No!! Let's make it tomorrow. Hahahah! See if I can do it. And I might do confession too. Haven't confessed for four...five (not so sure) years already.

Alright, two more days to go and I'm flying home to spend holy week with family. I'm excited and I really need that much anticipated vacation. Have a blessed Lenten Season everyone! Be good. Don't forget to go to church and pray.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Feels like high school again

I'm sharing another favorite poem of mine. This is how stupid you can get when you fall in love. Waaahhh!!! I miss that feeling. I almost forgot what it's like. It's crazy but alright. Funny yet insane. So watch out and beware!!hehehe...


Because You Kissed Me Good-Night
by BigDawg

I climbed the door
And opened the stairs
I said my pajamas
And put on my prayers
Then turned off my bed
And crawled into the light
All because you kissed me good-night

Next morning, I woke
And scrambled my shoes
Polished my eggs and
Toasted the news
I couldn't tell my left from right
All cause you kissed me good-night.

That evening, at last,
I felt normal again
I called up my mother
and picked up the phone
I spoke to my puppy
And threw my dad a bone
Even at midnight
The sun was still bright
All because you kissed me good-night


Marley made me cry

Last Saturday night, I finally get to watch Marley and Me. I was suppose to watch it on big screen but forgot when it hit the theaters. Luckily, a friend had a dvd so she lent me a copy.

Marley and Me is a story about a couple (Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson) who decided to have a dog first before starting their own family. They named the cute little pup after the famous raggae singer's lastname. Yeah, you got it right, Marley as in Bob Marley. Marley is such a darling, adorable, probably the cutest dog around the neighborhood. But beneath the lovable, endearing makeup of Marley lies the world's worst dog. Yep, he's such an unruly, disobedient, naughty, overly active and playful dog. He likes to run around, gag anything into his mouth, chew everything chewable, pee and poo in public places. He's done every annoying and humiliating things when he was enrolled in an obedient school for dogs. He didn't last for one day there, no...make it : the instructress couldn't last a day with Marley haha! The movie was funny and heart-warming. When everyone else couldn't put up and stand with Marley, his masters loved him with all their hearts. Awwww...aren't we dog lovers like that? Doesn't matter how pain in the ass our beloved dogs are, we still love them unconditionally just as they love us.

Now the dreaded and inevitable part comes in. Marley grows old and becomes weak. He's no longer the vigorous, dynamic, cheerful dog he used to be. He likes to stay alone and stays in cold places. And it makes me start to cry. I remember my ever first dog Tootskie, the most brilliant dog I've ever had (brilliant coz she thinks and understands like human does). We had her for more than 12 years. I noticed when her time was coming, she tends to stay away from us. She likes to lie down on the ground or wherever it's cold. And Marley is very much like that on the movie. I've come to understand that maybe dogs knew when they're about to bid farewell. They detach themselves so it won't be too painful when they're gone. When Marley was on his deathbed my tears won't just stop flowing. I don't care if my roomates will laugh at me for being so silly crying over some dog movie. It was heart-wrenching when Marley died that I didn't stop crying. Know what? I'll tell you something, I've had almost ten dogs in my lifetime and I always cry everytime one of them dies. See how a dog person I am?

I really don't know why I get so emotional when it comes to dogs. Getting me to cry is like getting a blood from a stone but this movie really made me cry. And I didn't get over it so easily as I was still crying when I went to bed and before my eyes shut off. Damn! It's a nice movie. It will make you love your dog more and appreciate them even more. But if you're turned into a cry-baby each time you watch a movie where a dog dies in the end, nah, skip this one. But if you're a foolish, sentimental masochist then go on. You will learn a lot from this film. It teaches you that dogs are family too. And I hope every person will come to realize that as I'm saddened by the fact that dog cruelty is still rampant these days. They are man's bestfriend. They love their masters unconditionally and does not expect anything in return. They're truly one of a kind.

Monday, March 15, 2010

What I learned from letting go and moving on

First of all, I can't believe I'm writing this stuff. I have sworn at the beginning of this blog that I will never, ever, at any cost, write about matters of the heart. And here I am spilling the beans to everyone who will read this post.

I had my own share of painful breakups. I had cried in the middle of the night, in between work, until I forced myself to smile because I've had enough of crying. I've been there - the most excruciating time of my life which I thought I would never survive. But I was able to get through.

Letting go and moving on are undeniably two of the most difficult things to do. Each one of us goes through this phase at some point in our lives. How we manage to emerge from this dark, deep pit depends on how we deal with it. I found out that the first step to letting go is allowing yourself to grieve. Mourning over a love lost isn't such a bad idea. When the one you love left you for reasons you cannot make sense of is already terrible, crying your heart out or crying a river (if you can) won't top it all.

Freestyle said : "Coz letting you go is never easy". Yes, but nobody said you do it on your own coz if you do, you'll end up drying your tear ducts. So don't overdo your dramatic moments coz it will border to self-pity. I learned to keep myself busy. I unwind with friends and did all things I wanted to do. Though I'm not the type who easily divulge my heartaches, my friends' company would make me feel I'm not alone. And when I feel it's time to talk, I talk about it.

I also learned that ACCEPTANCE is the most important factor. If you learn to accept there are certain things that cannot be, it will help you get your life back on track sooner and faster than you think. But then my other stupid ego would tell me I can still salvage the relationship if I don't give up. True, but not at all times. I learned you cannot teach a person to love you the way you wanted to be. Nor you can rekindle a fire after the embers have burnout. Love, like any other requires team effort. It doesn't matter how much you're willing to sacrifice or give to make it work, coz if the other refuses to do his end of the bargain, better walk away with a broken heart than with a wounded ego. Self-worth is the key here my friend. Learn to love yourself.

So what happens now that I've finally accepted the fact we're not meant to be together? Move on. Alright, I know this is easier said than done.

Since I was able to better those devastating heartaches, those sleepless tearful nights, I thought moving on was easy. But I was wrong. I learned moving on is a long road that most people are stuck to it. I, for one, is a living testament to that. I was stuck at the road to moving on because I wouldn't let myself go forward. I was the perfect semblance to Toto's song : "As soon as forever is through, I'll be over you". I let foolishness dominate my already numb broken heart.

I realized I don't need to rely on time to heal my wounds. I learned there are people who can help me out, who are willing to heal my soul, who can give me a brighter day. But I need to put on my trust. I shall learn to build my trust...again.

Then I heard Katy Perry singing and I stumbled through the lines : "How do I get better once I've had the best?" Oh the lyrics smack right to my chest. When we're happy and everything was perfect we thought we had the best. But when our perfect world crumbles, then it's time to heed the warning - it wasn't the best for us. I learned to create a mindset that when things doesn't turn out the way we expected it to be, it means something better than what we had will come our way.

I learned that all our experiences, be it sad or wonderful, will prepare and gear us for the right moment. I learned that the people who injected us pain or euphoria, are there to teach us life's invaluable lessons. And these people will always be part of our life, they will remain special no matter how hard we drive them away. More importantly, I learned there is no quick formula to letting go and moving on. It is a process that we all have to endure by and by. You may cry, get angry, go wild, let alone, pretend you're fine - it's all up to you. One thing is for sure when the pain dies down and our minds clearer, we have to choose. LET GO and MOVE ON? Or stay behind.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i found a few relatives on FB!

Social Networking has become a fad in the cyberworld. It allows you to meet friends both old and new, catch up with the long lost ones, express your point of view or simply let the world know what's new and up with you. I'm one of the many who spent most of their waking time on social networks. I have accounts on facebook, friendster, twitter, pinoyexchange and other fansites which I pay regular visits. You might ask why go through all the hassle of joining these forums, these sites when you can strike a conversation with co-workers, friends and family? Or aren't there interesting things to do besides updating your friendster, playing games on facebook and following other people's lives on twitter? Well, I really dunno! I just find it fun, addictive, habit forming and sociable in a different sense.

Let's talk about facebook. Among all social networks, it's my favorite. Why? You don't need to go ask about it if you're a normal, thinking person of this planet. One time, I browsed on my friend requests when I spotted someone who shares the same family name with mine. As you know my family name is not very common, unless we're talking about nationality here, then I'm certain most Europeans have my surname on their birth certificates. So I probed on his profile and found out we both hail from the same city. I summoned all my nerves to send him a simple message asking where exactly he lives in Butuan and who his parents were. The next thing I know we were exchanging messages, asking proverbial questions and soon enough we both realized we were indeed related. Second or third degree cousins - that I still can't figure out.

Actually, when he mentioned that particular street where they live, I already knew we were relatives because I remember my father kept telling me before that he had cousins on that said location. We were not able to meet them because nobody encouraged us and somehow my grandparents made us feel that way as they kept on telling us that these said relatives are well-off, thus insinuating they are unreachable. That kind of mentality gave us a wrong notion and coincidentally made us think the only relatives we had are the brood of my father's siblings.

I'm just glad I got the chance to know even just one of them. It could be a start and it's never too late to catch up on them. I'm looking forward to the day I'll be meeting them. Reunion sounds a nice idea to me now. It could be my first in this lifetime. So let's see where this encounter takes me...

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

did anyone of you thought about this?

A friend sent this poem to me. It's about how someone would like to spend his next life. I personally loved it. So creative and the idea is extraordinarily backward hahaha!

I'm sharing this to you in the light that you might find it cool or ridiculous. But it all depends on how you look at life. Your very own perspective.

While re-reading this, I asked myself when was the last time I made a poem? Ahhh, those college days... Now I can hardly make a line. Where have all my creative juices gone? Anyway, I'll try to make one and post it here on my blog. But the problem is, one main ingredient for me to do poetry is still missing - INSPIRATION. Urgh!!! shut up!! That's going to be another blog entry.

aryt, here's the poem.


By George Carlin

I want to live my next life backwards:
You start out dead and get that out of the way.
Then you wake up in a nursing home feeling better every day.
Then you get kicked out for being too healthy.
Enjoy your retirement and collect your pension.
Then when you start work, you get a gold watch on your first day
You work 40 years until you're too young to work.
You get ready for High School: drink alcohol, party, and you're generally promiscuous.
Then you go to primary school, you become a kid, you play, and you have no responsibilities.
Then you become a baby, and then...
You spend your last 9 months floating peacefully in luxury,
in Spa-like conditions - central heating, room service on tap, and then...
You finish off as an orgasm.
I rest my case.


Now try answering the blog title...

Monday, March 8, 2010

My rants, sentiments & frustrations in this ruthless society

Every morning when I get out of bed, it has been my habit to sit on the couch and grab the morning paper. I usually skip headlines coz I find it depressing to read disputes ending in tragic slaying first thing in the morning. I'd leaf through the showbiz news portion instead (aryt, I'm a showbiz person), before I head to the bathroom to take a bath. This morning was different. My sleepy eyes caught the front page title immediately. It says a sakristan (altar boy) was robbed and killed. Curious, I read the whole story only to be furious in the end.

This helpless, innocent little boy, who have his whole life ahead of him, was running errands for his grandmother (to buy malungay on the nearby street). While walking, he was texting on his Nokia 3310 oblivious to the approaching three men in motorcycle. These three evil, maybe drug addicts, lunatic men declared hold-up. The frightened young boy undoubtedly gave his NOKIA 3310 cellphone without showing any signs to brawl these bloody criminals. To tell you frankly, when we are in a scary situation our brain tells us to fight or flight. I'm sure the boy knew better than to fight, what with these three demonic forces? He ran for his life after handing his phone, and I would like to repeat, a NOKIA 3310 worth 500 pesos for christ's sake!!!

The gunman mercilessly shoot the poor boy in the head in broad daylight. He was brought to the hospital. Critical. But died on that same fateful day. And he was just 14 years old. Now tell me, what kind of a person is that who robs a cellphone worth 500 pesos to a 14 year old boy and shoot him because he ran afterwards? Are they not capable of showing the least mercy to this innocent child who did not do any harm to them? Don't they have siblings or children perhaps his age? Haven't they thought of what would it be if someone also puts a hole through their head coz I'd gladly pull the trigger! Don't they have a heart or conscience maybe? Didn't they realize this young boy might be full of dreams or he may be the hope of his parents? Would they know how many friends, classmates, cousins, and siblings cried upon his demise? How many like him will trudge on the same fate because our society failed to protect him? What does our law enforcers have to say on this? Or this would be another page in their history books - forgotten, disregarded and overlooked.

I want to rant a little : This is not the first time I've heard about hold-up incidents gone out of hand. If my memory had it right, a graduating nursing student was also shoot in the head last year when she refused to gave her new, expensive cellphone. What right do they have to take away the lives of these innocent people? And this young boy didn't even dare to fight off his predators yet he was shoot, still. Why do we tolerate these heartless, vicious, cold-blooded murderers to prey on our safety? I hope conscience eats at them. And whenever they try to sleep, I hope images of that awful boy will hunt them down.

I was just wondering how on earth did they manage to own a gun, carry it and aim at whoever they pleases? Well, the answer is obvious. There have been private individuals illegally selling guns. If you have the money then you can get one in an instant. No license needed! It has been going on for quite sometime yet the police force seem not to mind it. I don't know if there have been action plans to resolve that illegality, but since road killings are rampant nowadays, makes me think otherwise.

My heart goes out to the family of that young boy (whose name I forgot). I hope something will come out during the course of the investigation that will lead to the tracking of the perpetrators. I pray that each one of us will be vigilant and always ask God's protection coz no amount of defense will be tantamount in His shield. And please, no texting while on the road or inside the jeep... for your safety.

(Edit : Added 03/17/10)

A few days after, I read on the same newspaper that some 13-year old saw the whole killing incident which lead to the timely arrest of the perpetrators. The identities of the killers came a surprise to me. They were all young - the driver of the motorcycle was just 16 years old and a former altar boy. While the gunman and his companion were in their early 20s.

I hope they all rot in jail. Sounds cruel, but I really hope.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something to look FORWARD...

This month I'm keeping myself busy to enthuse my all-day everyday repetitive, monotonous, unexciting life. You see, I never ran out of adjectives when ask to describe my existence. Oh I'm not complaining coz I know how blessed I am and I'm happy about it. It's just that there's nothing much exciting going on for quite sometime. Well, the reason for this is because I don't get to meet and mingle a lot of people unlike before, all those glorious olden days where booze and nightlife was the name of the game. Times have change and so am I. From work, home is my unwilling destination. Boob tube is my constant date. Malling, shopping, dining out and going out-of-town are my stress debugging activity. But most of the time I'm just staying at home. Then I thought why not make the most out of my spare time?

I enrolled myself in aerobics and gym class last week. Obviously, the main reason of this move is to put an end to my nevah ending weight gain and stubborn belly fats which I wasn't successful in getting rid of or at least reduce despite cutting down on rice, softdrinks and pasta. The sad part is that my clothes are getting tighter and tighter as months pass me by. I used to have weekly badminton game with friends. But what would a couple of hours playing in a week does with an extraordinary appetite and stock-still kind of work like mine? The answer is frustrating.

Hopefully there would be remarkable result at the end of the month. My goal is to go back to my 110lbs weight and 26 inches waistline (currently I'm on 120lbs and 29-30 inches waistline). If miracles do exist at this point of time, I'd love to have my 24-inch waistline back. Wheeww! That must take me a lot of sweating and sit-ups. Honestly, I never thought I would resort in going to the gym. I just got tired of hearing people say I look bigger than before and worst some wouldn't even recognize me because I was still slim when we last met. I want back that confidence when people look at you because you're smoking hot and not that you're a smoking pig clad in two-piece. I want to wear those blood flow stopping dresses without having to skip a breath. I want to eat whatever I want at whatever amount without being cynical on the weighing scale result.

Alright I'll stop ranting. You might actually think I'm desperate to have this work for me. It's a new kind of experience and I'm having fun. Good luck to me! I really hope it's going to work this time.

Monday, March 1, 2010

travel plans

Summer is here! And when I think about summer, I can't help but envision myself on a pristine beach, basking on the white sand, sipping lemonade, taking a dip on the cool water. Haaayyy...the life of the rich and famous. Hahaha! As if I am!

Anyhoo, I always make it a point to experience summer's heat by exploring famous cozy beaches on the outskirts of the city. Not only beaches but any tourist destination decent enough for a photo space on my facebook and friendster account where my friends would soon ogle with envy for not being part of the escape. And for this year another set of must-go-places are in store for someone with an infectious travel syndrome like mine, which means I'm on the tight fitting budget situation again.

As early as 2009, we've been drafting to visit Underground River and Honda Bay in Palawan until we've come to decide to make it a post-summer escapade for this year instead. I've been cutting down expenses to save up for this supposed 4-day trip on June 10-13. Hopefully we will get there without starving ourselves.

Camiguin. Dakak. White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro. Ironically, I've never been to these places that is just a few hours drive from my hometown. Camiguin is best known for its unspoiled white sand beaches, waterfalls and springs. It is peak during the holy week season where people from different places would flock to the volcanic island to experience the infamous walkway (stations of the cross along the hillside). Friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, schoolmates, enemies, friends of friends have been to Camiguin except for the poor me. Enough with their stories and enviable pictures, I swear I would go there one of these days.

A born extrovert wouldn't be complete without trying the extreme adventures in Danao, Bohol. I've already been to Bohol four years ago and was fascinated with its natural tourist attractions and serenity despite the flooding visitors. Aside from the inedible chocolate hills, Bohol is slowly becoming the hub of adrenaline junkies with its zipline, river tubing, caving, wall climbing, rappelling to name a few. I'm most certain to try those. But 'The plunge' - no way! I'll have a heart attack. It's such a fearful thing next to bungee jumping.

I also want to visit and see the bounty of Luzon. And for that, Baguio is a promising destination. The cold weather, pine trees and strawberries would make me forget I'm living on a tropical country. My friend is also talking about Vigan. Well, I've never been to Manila and this trip could get me to experience the bustling capital city of the Philippines. It really tickles the sole of my feet.

But before that, I was also planning to go back to Siquijor. Yes, you read it right - Siquijor! You know the mystical, enchanting island? I've been there and yes I wanna go back. It's such a beautiful place, a paradise on earth. And all those creepy stories you heard are nothing but bogus. Oh well, maybe it existed long ago but I wouldn't be walking around this planet today if the said black magic was prevalent.

Now if you think my travel syndrome is only domestic, think again. I also want to have my passport marked! On my lists are Hongkong (not because I wanted to be in Disneyland - I'm not a fan coz tweety bird is from Looney Tunes), Singapore, Thailand (because I want to see a real, life-size elephant haha! what a pity), Ankor Wat in Cambodia, Bali in Indonesia (spa to the highest level), Malaysia, Seoul in South Korea and Brunei/Taiwan (what??? because I want to see Wu Chun!!)

I'm sooo Asian coz I noticed all the places I've mentioned were all in Asia. The truth of the matter is I can't be in any European country if I hadn't afforded myself with an Asian trip. Though I'm not sure when this international invasion happens, the only thing I know is I have a lifetime to fulfill it. Looks like I will be on the tight fitting budget mode for EVER!!

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