Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The 9,554,696,748,546,210 REASONS (and counting) why I'm soooooo ANNOYED with my Colleague

Apart from the regular stress I deal at work, I deal with a co-worker who ultimately comes from Satan's den (read: HELL). If you hate someone at your workplace just because they don't follow you on twitter, doesn't like your posts on Facebook OR doesn't give you "life" when you were stuck in level 33 of Candy Crush Saga - consider yourselves lucky!

Sure we don't have to be best friends to co-exist. But if you always put yourself in the subject of discussion and you're an attention-seeking whore, then lock yourself in a room full of mirrors because I'll hand you a glass of drink with poison.

To give you an idea how ANNOYING she is under normal (read again: DAILY) circumstances, read on:

1. The Bubbly Blabber

Who doesn't love a bubbly fellow? We all do, right? But when does being bubbly becomes irritating? It's when (a) she gives her two cents when I'm NOT asking for it. Worst, she's NOT even part of the conversation but throws herself in because she felt that she has a say to EVERYTHING. (b) I'm talking to another colleague then here she comes and asks what we're talking about then shares her own story. Bitch, I've got 2 bucks. Go find someone you can talk to! (c) Somebody asks me a question and she answers. Wait, are you my speaker that you answer everything for me? (d) She repeats what I say. Echoooo. Helooooo...???

2. The Everybody-All-Eyes-On-Me Attitude

Did I mention that she loves attention? Yes? Coz she makes it a point to dress inappropriately in every company event. And when I say inappropriate, I'm talking about plunging necklines here and there, lacy top that makes all the boys ogle at her brassiere, shorty shorts that resembles a boyleg swimwear to me. Not only once did a colleague criticize commented on her distasteful fashion sense but she seemed oblivious.

Now if that's not attention-seeking bitch, what do you call that?

3. Her unladylike antics

I  hate it when people talk loudly on the phone. Dude, have you ever heard about modulation?

 When she's talking to someone outside the company, she always sounds like the big boss. I pity those contractors, customer service agents and staff who had a taste of her whip-lashing tongue. It's pathetic that she had to be tyrannical to get things done. What's more, she wants everything A-S-A-P. So when she calls - drop everything you do and RUUUNNNN.

Another thing - when she sneezes she doesn't cover her mouth. Oh gross!
4. Interruption please...

I really think it's beyond rude when someone deliberately interrupts you in the middle of your sentence. Well, guess what? She does that all the time. I'm not sure if she's aware that it's downright disrespectful?

I guess it happens when you were not born with a spoon of manners in your mouth.

5. Staging a Pregnancy Drama

One time she showed up at the office looking harassed. I mean sleep-deprived. Then she goes on saying she's nauseated, no appetite, food craving and a week delayed period. I get it. She's trying to tell me, oh not only me, but the WHOLE office, particularly everyone she meets at the hallway that she THINKS she's pregnant.

Now if that's how you disclose your active sex life outside of marriage, then go ahead. But stop saying "I'm in denial, I don't wanna get pregnant yet." At 40 you sounded like a high-schooler. Really.

She whines about it every single day. So I told her : see your doctor and have yourself checked. Her reply: I'm still busy. I'll do it in the next two weeks.

She said whaaattt??? 

Then get a pregnancy kit you idiot!

That and the many, many, many things.

I also hate it when she calls while I'm on vacation, whenever she says we have the same shoe style but never seen her wear that even once, when she calls my friends by their pet names that I made up (who the hell gave her the right to do that?), when she refuses to join at meetings because her boss is around and that she's pretending busy (she's not), when she baby talks her boyfriend (gaaaaddd we hear it loud and clear) and this and that!

So tell me, you wouldn't want a co-worker like that or would you?

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Unexpected Bakhaw Beach (and others!)

So here's the promised "sequel" of my holiday in Camotes.

Day 2.

I woke up with heavy eyes when the alarm sounded. I did not get much sleep because for one, the place is new to me - and secondly, the fucking bastards next to our room were having drinking session with screaming and goofing around to match that lasted until the wee hours of the morning.

Some people need a lecture on respect... while sitting on a knife on their butt!

Anyhow, let's not talk about those rowdy creatures. This post is not about them so I'm not gonna give them the credit for ruining my sleep.

After a hearty breakfast by the beach we head off to our itinerary. We rented a motorcycle for Php500 for the whole day tour.

First stop : Lake Danao in its glorious figure 8 when you see it on the map. You can rent a kayak or a duck boat and paddle your way into the vastness.

the legend that explains how Lake Danao came into existence
meet crocky. our friendly crocodile ride while exploring the lake.

a fellow tourist with the kayak

Just me lounging on the floating cottage
The park has amenities such as swimming pool and restaurant. It's ideal for families who love to go on pick-nicks.

After our 30-minute boat ride, I asked our driver / tour guide to take us to Timubo Cave but he suggested that he'll take us first to a public beach nearby. It was not on our itinerary. And since it was still early, I knew better than to protest.

We passed the quiet road of Brgy. Esperanza, took a left turn and trudged on a bumpy road. Few minutes later, we set foot on what seemed to me the most natural yet so enchanting beach I've ever seen in that island. Sure Santiago Bay has this next-Boracay thing, Bakhaw Beach is simply raw, unspoiled - my kind of beach.

Trivia: I always do jump shots in all my travels. And I usually do it on the place where I thought to be amazing. And Bakhaw Beach is gotta be it!

photo from Gnetch

photo from Gnetch
And because this is a public beach there's not much maintenance when it comes to cleaning off the seaweeds :) But take my word for it --- this is one hella place that one must not miss when visiting Camotes.

I'm pretty sure I got my sunburn here. I did not mind the scorching heat as long as I enjoyed the cool and clear water! Definitely on my next trip to Camotes I'm gonna stay here!!!

Just before lunch we went up to Timubo Cave.

There are man-made stairs and lighted pathways leading you down. The part where you can take a dip is not too far from the cave's entrance. Plus, you are treated to limestone, crystals and rock formation on your way down.

And because my camera had lost it's capture-images-even-on-the-dark capability, I didn't bother taking photos. Besides, I've been to a lot of caves in my previous travels.
a small crevice leading to the cave's "pool" where one will enjoy swimming and dipping into the refreshing cold water.

I just stayed in the shallow area. What with my indisputable talent in swimming haha! At high tide the water can go 6 feet high. Not bad if you're a swimmer.

And before I knew it my stomach growled for lunch! We went to the baywalk to grab some bite and scoured the nearby market for some errrrr alcohol. Okay, don't judge. Girls just wanna have fun (Hey Cyndi Lauper I'm a fan) on our last night.

Then we swung by Boho Rock and Mangodlong Rock Resort. By their names, I'm sure you get the picture.

Boho Resort is famous for cliff diving

the scenic floating cottage

Mangodlong Resort

a view from one of Mangodlong Resort's cottage

Mangodlong Resort

They were not called ROCK resorts for nothing!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Life's a Beach and then what?

A beach bum who doesn't know how to swim... That phrase perfectly describes me.

About two weeks ago, Yahoo PH posted an article about the top 7 must-visit beaches in the Philippines. The beach lover in me couldn't just sit there and stare at the article. I hurriedly clicked the link, browsed at each entry, and prided myself for getting 5 out of 7.

Quite a feat as most of my friends would say. I nearly planned to get 6 out of 7 before the year ends. So when the opportunity of spending summer in one of the islands in Cebu came knocking at my doorstep, I didn't know I was truly in for a big surprise.

Well thanks to my blog friend Gnetch (ahemmm!) for bitching me out to Camotes Island hahaha!

The truth is, I've been to most islands in Cebu but never to Camotes. Blame it on the crazy "big waves" stories I've heard. This time there's no turning back. I gotta check out myself why so many people are raving about the "sweet potato" island.

We took the ferry on a Sunday and spent the next two hours on not so comfortable seats. Actually, I am used to travel in far more inconvenient mode, but a group of prattlers and a lady who doesn't know how to keep her voice low made the situation so inconvenient. Good thing I have a bunch of Wooga games on my phone or I would have thrown them a bone.

So after a few rounds of Diamond dash and attempts to solve the 4 pics 1 word puzzle, we arrived at the port of Consuelo. The turquoise water, the laid-back vibe and friendly people greeted us as we disembarked from the boat.

approaching the port of Consuelo

kids enjoying their time diving
 We're supposed to stay at Santiago Bay Garden and Resort but they're fully booked so we just stayed at a nearby resort. We had lunch at Pito's Sutukil and had a taste of their famous SUTUKIL at very affordable price. (Sutukil is a moniker for Sugba (Grill), Tuwa (fish stew) & Kilaw / Kilawin (raw fish drenched in vinegar). The rest of the afternoon was spent whiling around and swimming.

Infinity pool at Santiago Bay Gardens
White Beach --- just like Boracay it has a wide shallow area. You have to walk farther before you get chest-deep. But Boracay sands are still the finest (in my opinion).
the cozy public beach where everyone gets to enjoy the white sand
The rhyme that goes Sea Shells by the Sea Shore

Santiago Bay Gardens

Bungalow rooms at Santiago Resort

Coming right up: A taste of Camotes' best kept secrets all for a day! Lake Danao, Timubo Cave and Bakhaw Beach!


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