Thursday, May 20, 2010

LSS strikes again!

You know what? I'm  having LSS right now... I know this isn't something unusual coz it happens to everyone most of the time. But what I CAN'T take is, I'm liking Miley Cyrus' song Party In The USA.

Okay. Let me get this straight - I don't have anything against Miley.

She can sing. Fine.

She can act. Fine.

She can dance. Ummmm..

I just don't like the quality of her voice. I'm not a singer though, but it's not hard to tell she's got a sharp voice. Her singing would make me squint my eyes and wants to put a finger on my ears.

Sorry Miley, I'm not going to candy-coat it for you. Your songs are fine and I liked your portrayal of Ronnie's role by the way in the movie 'The Last Song', and I'm taking back what I've said that you're not fit for the role and they suck for putting you in the cast. I just like the book so much that when I heard that you're starring it, my first thought was "What were they thinking?".

And besides, I'm too old (oh how I hate that word) to become your fan Hannah Montana. So there!

Actually when I heard that song, I kinda like the beat...

         ♫ I hopped off the plane at LAX with a dream and my cardigan 
             Welcome to the land of fame, excess, whoa am I gotta fit in?

I think it's cool...

         ♫ Jumped in the cab, here i am for the first time
             Look to my right, and I see the Hollywood sign

But when Miley started singing? Argghh! Forget it. But nevertheless, the song keeps running through my head. It has become my lullaby mind you! I would put on my earphones and play it on repeat until I doze off to dreamland.

           ♫ And the Jay-Z song was on (repeat 3x)

I would sing a few lines when I'm in the shower, dressing up or just sitting in the couch.

           ♫ So I put my hands up, they're playing my song 
               The butterflies fly away

And when I'm in the office, I open my i-Tunes and it's there at the top of my playlist. Then I'll play it all day long and sing.

           ♫ I'm nodding my head like "Yeah!" 
               Movin' my hips like "Yeah!"

And my officemates are looking, staring at me like I'm a psycho and I'm literally nodding my head, Yeah!!!

          ♫ Got my hands up, they're playin' my song
              And now I'm gonna be okay
             Yeah! It's a party in the USA!
             Yeah! It's a party in the USA!

And you won't believe me when I say I'm listening to the song while writing this post.

Yeaaaahh....! It's a party in the USA!


i'm no miss said...

I'm singing it in my head right now Jan.. damn! (not you =))

Gnetch said...

Haha! I wrote a post about LSS a couple of months ago and I was cussing the doctor who made me sing Love Story in my head over and over again. I don't know who's worse.

Oh, what's happening to today's entertainment? If someone caused me to LSS on Justin Bieber, I would totally kill that person. LOL

Ratz said...

I like her JAN..... She has been an important part of my college days and i was actually gonna right a post soon about all of this... yeah! i am not a big fan but i have learnt a lot from her and i feel bad that things are changing so drastically around me....

and i like this song a lot.... i sing it almost every single day.... my fav lines are from the second stanza....

Anonymous said...

LOL Jan! I'd been there. But i am over her. It's Kesha now who's messing with my brain.

Ear candy's sometimes suck!

janjan said...

i'm no miss - you're next hehehe..

gnetch - yeah i've read that post and i was laughing hard coz i've been listening to taylor's songs.

and justin plus you (repeat 3x) haha!

ratz - oh my! you're a fan... pls don't kill me for writing this post hehe... i just felt weird coz it's my first time to actually like one of her songs..and oh! i've heard climb and i think it's good. :)

mitch - i love kesha..tik-tok! :)

Nahla said...

hey Janjan
your comment meant so much to me really :) how sweet you are
thank you !
and i like your blog a lot <3


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