Monday, May 24, 2010

How Long Should You Wait?

A friend of mine who knows darn well about my love for dogs handed me a copy of Hachiko : A Dog's Story. Maybe most of you have seen the film already as it was released last year, so you kinda know the whole story pretty much. It's actually a  remake of the 1987 Japanese film HachikĊ Monogatari, the true story of Hachiko, an Akita dog who showed immense faithfulness and loyalty to his master.

I didn't watch it right away as I tend to avoid movies where dog dies in the end (I've said that already in my previous post). I set it aside, laying on the table for several weeks until my curiosity could no longer hold it. I finally watched last night and my friend was right. It was a beautiful story of undying love.

Hachi was owned by Parker, a university professor. Whenever Parker left for work, Hachi would accompany him to the train station and will come back in the afternoon to meet him. Then one day Parker suffered a stroke at the university and died. Hachi kept on waiting at his usual spot and returns to that place every single day to wait.

I was fascinated and moved by Hachi's loyalty. I wonder how in the world did he manage to wait for his master's return for nine years. He didn't realize his master was gone, he patiently and expectantly waited outside the train station, come rain come shine searching for his master's face among the crowd. It was so sad and frustrating. I wonder if at that time, those commuters who saw him felt a pinch in their heart. Did someone pat him on the back? Did they talk to him? Told him that his master is never coming back? I wonder if he would've understand. If he would've wavered his loyalty. Or would he continue to stand his ground?

                                             It really pains me to see Hachiko like this...  

There's got to be tremendous love for someone to patiently wait even if the world tells you to stop.  There's got to be something more than sheer determination to sit in there even if the odds of waiting in vain is clear.

How long should you wait?

For a love lost.

For a broken heart to heal.

For the perfect time...

To accomplish a plan.

To make a career move.

To reach our goals.

To tell someone you love.

To do what you have to do.

To go where you want to be.

There's no formula as for the time-being. It's about when you learn to let go and learn to take another step forward.

There's no perfect timing rather than yearning to move forward.

Personally, I don't like to wait. I hate just sitting, letting time pass you by. But if there's one thing I like about waiting, it's that it shows how much you're willing to sacrifice for something or someone you believe is worth your time. Waiting is selfless. Aside from it takes too much love for you to carry on, you learn to forego the most precious thing that matters to everyone - TIME.

Hachi's legendary devotion didn't go unnoticed. He made such a great impression putting him in national sensation after his story was published consequently making him an iconic symbol for loyalty.

To this day a bronze statue in his likeness is seen at the train station at the exact place he used to sit and wait. An annual solemn ceremony is also held every April 8 in honor of his remembrance.

                                                   Hachi's bronze statue

                                                      his real pic

Cool dog huh?! If I would have a chance to visit Japan in the offing, I would swing by this place, take a photo with his statue and be part of this rare, one of a kind heroic story.


Anonymous said...

Hey, i am going to watch that too because my friend lend me a dvd. Hmmm, you made me wanna watch it now but i am going to work soon. Maybe tonight.

How i wish i saw that statue of that dog when i was in Japan.

Gnetch said...

I haven't seen it. I think I should look for a DVD of it. If I remember it this weekend. :)

janjan said...

mishieru - his statue became a famous meeting place. the movie was so nice but i can't promise that you won't be teary-eyed in the end.

gnetch - you'll surely gonna love it.

Deeps!! said...

i haven't seen it either.. but after reading this.. i do want to see it!!

The Girl Who Loves to Whine said...

I can't watch movies like this because they make me cry. I saw previews for it and it looked so sad I almost cried just watching the them.

MelissaAggie98 said...

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Have a great day!

melo said...

uban ko jan sa japan...hehehe

sEy said...

this movie is nice. I cried to death, I promise :(


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