Friday, May 14, 2010

MamaTink's Tinkerings: Twilight Thursday Linky Party

I'm running out of something to write, AGAIN! Looks like my dear friend WRITER'S BLOCK is out to hunt me. Good thing was, when I opened my dashboard, I saw this post from Mama Tink. I didn't know Mama Tink is such an avid Twilighter.

*waves* Woooohhh!!!!

Mama Tink - I say you're the COOLEST MOM I've ever known and I'm glad we're on the same team. Yaaayyy!!! TEAM EDWARD!!!! (fabulous bloggers are for team Edward, ahem!)

Although it's already Friday here on my side of the world, I wouldn't make it an excuse NOT to participate and link up with this madness. I mean, party.

If you guys wanna join the fun, click the link below and be one of us crazy twilighters.

MamaTink's Tinkerings: Twilight Thursday Linky Party

And now…on with the party!

Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland (you just can’t pick one)?
EDWARD foreverrrrrrrrrrr!!!! I hate Jacob. Opppsss!!! Sorry Jacob fans... Just expressing my opinion though. But I love his body. Is that enough? We're friends now?

Besides Edward, who is your favorite Cullen?
I LOVE Alice! (who doesn't love that chick?) She was one of my overall favorite characters in the whole series.

Have you seen the movies, and if so, did you like them/think they did the books justice, etc?
Uh-huh! MORE THAN ONCE. Call me twilight sick-o, aryt?

Twilight was...uhhmmm... quite okay. The film was not able to properly highlight some of the best part of the story.

New Moon was better . I did not expect that I would like the movie version coz I find most part of the book to be boring (when Edward left of course). And Kristen Stewart was very effective and convincing in portraying the broken-hearted-jilted-I-don't-wanna-live girl.

Overall, reading the book is 100xxxxxxxxxx better!

How did you find out about Twilight and what made you decide to read the books?
It was a blockbuster hit in my country and I was like "What the hell is wrong with all these people? What's up with that movie" I was entirely clueless. But I'm a sucker for vampires. So when my friend dropped the hint, I stormed my way to the bookstore .

What was your favorite part of the series?
When Edward proposed. His lines were so...ughhh!!! It made me wished I was Bella.

What, if anything, did you dislike about the series?
BELLA. I don't like her personality. She's selfish, rude, judgemental, hard-headed, unreasonably difficult and when she kept on hanging around with Jacob despite the fact that she's aware of - keeping the hopes of the poor werewolf up.

Who was the most interesting villain?
Aro. Amazing gifts!

If you could choose one character to know more about, who would it be and why?
Alice. Her past is quite vague but seems interesting.

Tell me about your most embarrassing “Twilight” moment…cause we all have one!
When I giggled and screamed while reading Edward's sweet lines. The person beside me can't help but glare at me.

Okay up!


Ratz said...

OKay! I haven't seen Twilight yet! WHere should i go???

Anonymous said...

Jan i love your new template!

And oh you forgot to link up at The Simpler Life, she is the originator of Twilight Thursdays. Go and link up there.

Deeps!! said...

I love the twilight series!!

Saw the first one, loved it!

Then friends said books were better.. so in a weeks time finished reading all four!! :D

Love Edward n Bella.. and Renesmee!!!

loved ur blog too!!

Gnetch said...

Wow!! A blog makeover! Awesome, pinky pinky. LOL

I only got to watch Twilight so I'm Team Edward. Though I cannot say I'm a total fan. But I fell inlove with the character. Oh my!!

Meg said...

Hey gal...I am with Gnetch..a girly cute makeover.

Regarding Twilight...I LOVEEE IT. I have seen the series and can see New Moon again. I am team EDWARD for sure. Alice is a lovely girl between two special characters - vampire and wolf..aww how lucky.

I would sure like to be be a crazy twilighter. Thanks for sharing that.

And last but not the least, I have been to their twon Forks..its just as pretty as it look in the movie.

MamaTink said...

You are pretty Twi-rockin yourself! Glad to be friends!!

janjan said...

Ratz - go check your nearest dvd stores hahaha! sounds like I'm promoting.

Mishieru - I'm feeling kinda girly now so I switched hehehe.. sure i'll add The Simpler Life's link.

Deeps! - co-twilight fanatic, co-stalking club member. Gosh!!! I'm really glad I found you here.LOL!

Gnetch - Edward is really lovable.ΓΌ

Meg - I envy you for having been there at FOrks. ANyway, GO team EDWARD!

Mama Tink - Glad to be friends with you too.

And thank you guys for loving my new template. :) You guys ROCK!


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