Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Election fever

The Race Is On!!!

Barely 6 days to go before the national and local elections. Six remaining days for aspiring candidates to sell themselves and convince the voting force of their worthiness to become public servants. Supporters alike are also at their busiest in campaigning for their candidates and making sure the public gets the message they wish to convey. It is also at this point where election related violence are heightened. Everyone wants a piece of that five-letter word, the envy of many, perceived to be the ultimate goal - P O W E R . Everyone wants to ensure their seat in the office even if it means exterminating an opponent who portends to be a threat in the polls.

These things are not new to me. Growing up I've seen how dirty politics can be in the Philippines. For all we know, most politicians especially the traditional ones, become con artists on election day. From vote manipulation to bribery to ballot box sabotage, they have perfected it all. But wait 'til you hear their promises that sounded like a broken record. That they will be truthful, honest public servants. That they will serve the country and the people wholeheartedly. That they will set aside their personal interests and focus on the welfare of the majority. Oh we've heard lots of versions of that but we never learned from our experiences.

In this election, I won't exercise my suffrage. Yes I won't participate and I won't vote. One reason is that I was a registered voter in my hometown and I need to go home in order to vote. In the previous election I obligely went home but this year I've decided that I wouldn't want to partake. I choose to relinquish my privilege and responsibility as mature Filipino citizen to cast a vote.

I know this aint a good move and a good example to my fellows. This faith in mine on the significance and importance of election have slowly diminish. I'm tired of their faces and promises. I'm tired of their bluff and pretense. I'm tired of their bullshit!

But I think that beyond the spectrum of responsibility is sheer accountability. We are accountable that whoever we install in public seat will govern us to the best of his ability and administrate our finances appropriately. We are accountable that whoever we charge to alleviate our country will see to it that we slowly rise above poverty. Our responsibility doesn't begin and end with a vote. It is making sure we choose the right candidate. 

Sadly, what is right for you may not be right for me. By the same token, whoever I think is deserving may not be deserving for you. We don't know yet who is the most deserving of them all. But I'd like to put it this way : before you cast your vote, do some research. Accomplishments speak well about the candidate. His track record will give us an idea how far he would go in his quest to serve the people and the nation. Don't be fooled by whom the majority endorses or who has a sweet-scented name merely enjoying the legacy of their parents but are actually incompetent and haven't done any thing during their stint in the senate or congress. Don't be fooled by those who claim to be pro-people, anti-corruption yet haven't immersed themselves in the realm of real poverty and oppression. 

I won't tell you who to vote. I won't teach you what to look for in a candidate. I won't tell you what should his/her qualifications be. For the record I'm not endorsing someone. I'm just saying DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.

Think about the future generation. Your children. Your grandchildren.

Vote for whoever your conscience dictates.



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