Monday, November 29, 2010

I swear, Vanity Kills!

Remember a time when you just want to look chic and fab? And you thought that a kick-ass high heel shoes would be the answer? Well, guess what?! Been there!

I met up with a college friend at the mall last week. After having dinner and coffee we both decided it's time to head home. But I don't wanna go home yet. So I killed the time wandering around, window shopping. I passed through a shoe boutique and saw a pair of stiletto.

I must have fallen in love with it's simplicity and the obvious 4-inch heels. Actually, I have a weird fetish for shoes. Whenever I go on movies or watch TV, I always check out celeb's footwear and I would gasps "Oh my.... her shoes!" then the person next to me rolls her eyes.

So. It's been long since the last time I wore stiletto. The only towering footwear I kept on wearing is my much-loved wedge. Given the nature of my job where sometimes we run errands around the building, wearing stilettos and crawling under the table fixing wires doesn't match. But I figured this will become handy on several ocassions and would go easily on any dress, so I shed some cash.

Excited! I wore it Friday morning for work and I thought life would be easy. I was wrong! The design doesn't suit me. I'm having a hard time walking around with it. Either I seemed like a tot trying to have his baby steps OR I look like an amateur model working up on her glide. That I need to concentrate on my walking more than I ever did while writing this blog. And the worst part? I have to walk down half a block just to get a cab. My toes were aching and I was profusely sweating when I arrived at the office. Damn! This is what I get for being so vain.

Later that afternoon, my colleague asked me to hang out and have dinner. We went around looking for some place to eat when my feet began to sore. I went home immediately, or should I say, I hobbled my way home. Needless to say, I did not enjoy the night and I have blisters to prove that it was indeed horrible.

Anyway, the cold cream was a lot of help...

'Til my next shoe disaster story!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Lifestyle Change

I always believe in the adage that "Health is wealth". I'm not a  health conscious myself but I always try my best to eat the right kind and amount of food. When it comes to taking regular exercise, I'm a bummer. So if you're looking for a gym buddy or a marathon partner, look somewhere else!

Last Sunday while I was volunteering for the free clinic, my colleague and I submitted ourselves to a cholesterol test. I really don't intend to at first but since it was for free and convenient for us (we don't need to go to a hospital) so I considered the idea.

The nurse took a few blood samples after pricking and squeezing my middle finger. They were using a digital device, so the result was up in 2 minutes. When she revealed my cholesterol level I was flabbergasted. It's 242. I.CANT.BELIEVE.IT.OH.MY.GOD. The normal level is 200. I reasoned that I did not fast and I had just taken my lunch so maybe that's the reason why the result went nuts. But lo and behold.... they told me the normal level for those who did not fast is 230, which means, mine was still beyond normal.

I'm aware about the implications of having high blood cholesterol in your body. It can increase your chances of having a heart disease and nooooooo I don't want to suffer from heart attack (knock on wood). With that in mind, I need to modify my lifestyle.

First, I enrolled back in gym class last monday. In case you didn't know, I enrolled in aerobics and PRT class last March (more on that here). I was battling with my weight gain issue for more than a year and only last March did I decided to take on my last resort - gym! For 3 months I endured the breath-catching, one-hour daily aerobics session and the gruelling bench press and sit-ups. I worked out so hard and forcibly shut off my lazy alter ego. My goal was to get back to my ideal weight. I started with 121 lbs., and by the time I quit I was 110lbs. I would have wanted to continue it for the rest of my life and eventually claim the figure and waistline I used to have (before everything else in my body started expanding), but I got tired and I was already happy with the changes. And now I have another reason why I need to increase my physical activity. I have to do this for myself. So hello gym! I'm back!

Next, diet. Uhhmm.. what's that again? Alright. I don't diet. Even before when I was gaining and gaining weight. I just love to eat. But when I started going to the gym, I learned the art of "moderation". I'd still eat everything - but in moderation.

Fruits, veggies, fish and going easy on meat is my goal. I also need to increase my fiber intake and to stay away from fatty and processed foods. From now on, goodbye seafoods. Goodbye pastries, desserts, ice cream, pizza and chocolate bars. Goodbye bacon, hotdog, ham, corned beef and egg. No, wait! JUST SHOOT ME!!!!

Why does a delicious meal has a price to pay?

Anyway, I'm planning to run another test on my cholesterol level next week. And this time I'm gonna follow the basic procedure, that is, to fast for 9-12 hours prior to the test. Maybe I'm a bit paranoid but I just wanted to be sure coz I felt that the result from last time wasn't that accurate. Seems this lifestyle change is not going to be easy on me (sigh).

Monday, November 22, 2010

On Volunteerism

I was never into volunteerism. I never signed up for any community service back then. Not because I don't have the time nor the will - I am just plain lazy.

My first volunteering act came just a year ago when our country was rampaged by a strong typhoon. It brought heavy rains and flooded almost the entire capital city like seas. (See post here)

It was heart-wrenching and everything seemed hopeless. Seeing the awful situation on TV, I rummaged through my dresser and pulled out some of my clothes that I don't get to wear often. I placed them in the plastic bag, made a quick stop at the grocery and bought a few canned goods. I went straight to an organization which accepts donation for the typhoon victims. I was overwhelmed to see how much they have gathered for the day. Help was pouring from all parts of the country, as well as overseas. Yet I felt what I had given wasn't enough. The clothes would only accommodate a single household and the groceries would last a day or two. There are countless who needed help and I felt I got to do something about it. I don't have thousands or millions to donate. But I figured I could devote a little of my time.

When a television network announced they were looking for volunteers to segregate and pack the in-kind donations that keep coming, I knew it was my cue. I invited some of my friends to join and soon we found ourselves in the midst of the sacks and sacks of various goods from those who have big hearts. We volunteered for only 3 hours. It was hot and dusty inside the compound. I am allergic to dusts, but for the first time I stopped minding myself. It was my time to make a difference.

Yesterday I signed up for another community service. Our company launched a free clinic and they needed volunteers to assist the doctors and nurses in giving care to the patients. That was my first time to be part of a mini-medical mission (I like to call it that way so spare me!) I was assigned in the medicine dispensing team and boy, I was really having a hard time understanding a doctor's handwriting. Why do they like to chicken scratch it? And not only that, I was "nosebleeding" reading those lengthy, tounge-twistering generic names. The "cin", "fin", "tin" - they were haunting me in my sleep.

Anyway, the whole day activity was successful. We were able to serve hundreds of patients. It was tiring but surprisingly I was having fun! I've been thinking of doing it again. Sometimes you don't need a single penny to have your efforts compensated. It's when you know you have given something and you're not expecting anything in return is what makes it even more fulfilling.

               ~ If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else. ~

                                                                                                - Booker T. Washington

Thursday, November 11, 2010


I did something MEAN.

I wasn't in speaking terms with one of my closest friends for more than a month now. We were completely ignoring each other and I wouldn't shrug even if she'll sit beside me or we'll brush shoulders on the stairs. I don't like to see her around. I can't stand the sight of her! I know I sound much of a hater but that's what I truly feel for her. This is not the first time we acted like total strangers, but this is the longest we ever did.

I can't say who among us is more hurt. I can't speak for her feelings in the same way that she can't understand how disappointed I am to her. I'm disappointed coz I thought she knew me well and she loved me despite all my flaws and imperfections. I thought she accepted me for all the silly things I've done. I know I'm not that good and I'm not perfect. I'm a "work-in progress". So don't expect me to act perfectly under an imperfect situation where my judgment could easily snap! I was going through an uphill battle that time, it was hard to choose right from wrong, and she, of all people knew that! She, of all people should have felt my emotional outburst. And she, of all people should be the first to understand me - NOT that I'm the one to seek understanding from her.

I  know I have hurt her for things I've said. Maybe if I'll go back in time I would still say those words coz that's what I'm feeling right at the moment. I wouldn't pretend. Yet, I sincerely apologized for making her feel bad. And I would understand if she can't accept my apology when we had a heart to heart talk. But what I don't get is why does she have to pretend she's OK and we're OK when deep within her she was still hurting and she hadn't completely forgiven me. I  would understand. Really.

And then after quite sometime she'll get back at me, accusing me of expelling her? What the heck?! I may not be the best person in the world but I'm the type who would cherish her friends and wouldn't trade them for someone who just came out to ruin my life. If she thinks I can let go of our  friendship that easily,  then it goes to show that she doesn't knew me that much and I'm quite disappointed.

I removed her in my facebook and blocked her. I know it's puerile of me but I'm just being true to myself - I don't want to do anything with her.

Friday, November 5, 2010

22 and counting!

I've mentioned in one of my previous post that I love traveling and discovering new places. One of my dreams is to have at least one travel abroad. I haven't done it YET. I still need to make ends meet in order for me to realize that dream. But, I have a PLAN B in case I'm not able to do my "international invasion". And that is, to cover at least 1% of the Philippine islands! Huh! Just a recap : Philippines has 7,107 islands. Which means I have to explore 71 of it.

To be honest I'm beginning to have doubts if I'll be able to accomplish it. I guess traveling abroad seemed more feasible. But who knows?

For me to keep track of the islands and places I've visited when I started to have this wanderlust, I listed them all. I'm exhilarated to find out that I just had my 22nd mark! Yaaahhhhoooooo!!!!

BORACAY. You are my 22nd!

I took this pic when I and 3 more friends spent our Halloween vacay in this beautiful paradise. The island is approximately 7 km. long. Said it was used to be a secret island until a foreign movie crew accidentally discovered it. From then on, Boracay is widely known to both locals and foreigners alike. It was voted as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. It is famous for its powdery white sand and clear torquoise waters. And not only that, it boasts a variety of adventures and forms of relaxation ranging from scuba diving, helmet diving, snorkeling, parasailing, kiteboarding, sunset cruise, island hopping and a lot more. But more often than not, tourists flock to enjoy its pristine beauty.

Getting there was easy. We took a 50-minute flight from Cebu to Caticlan. Then a 10-minute boat ride from Caticlan to Boracay.

It is best to visit Boracay during summer since the trade wind blows out to sea. But the resorts are usually expensive and full on the months of April - June where summer is at its peak.

Though there were casual rains, we were still able to make the most of our 3-day vacation. The island was pretty much lively when we got as everyone was busy setting up booths for the Halloween party. If you love the nightlife, Boracay won't be a disappointment. It is known as the party island where pubs and disco bars boom at night. Of course we couldn't miss it for the world. We hopped to Cocomangas, and tried one of their signature drink Illusion Shaker.

                                                illusion shaker....

It has 5 shots (if i read it right) of vodka, pineapple and.... I forgot the rest. It tastes good and yes, it was served in a jar - not in a glass or jigger. I dunno why it bears the word "illusion" on its name. Maybe you will be into some sorts of illusion after drinking it. In my case, I find the bartender cutie (hahahahahaha!). No, I'm not drunk! He was really cute even before I started drinking it. Perhaps that's the reason why I didn't noticed I was holding my celphone on my left and I accidentally dropped it. Ugh!!! Thank God my celphone was still intact after it bungee jumped from the bar chair I was sitting, except that I couldn't use it for texting now coz some of the keys weren't functioning anymore. Damn! 

Cocomangas is also known for the so called "Still Standing at 15..." drinking challenge. You will be given 15 different shots of booze. Drink it up and if you're still standing after the last shot, your nameplate will be placed on the wall plus you get a t-shirt. Cool. I actually thought of joining but when I saw the menu below, I think I'd do my country a big favor if I'll just step back hahaha! (I don't drink that much anymore)

We also did a lot of swimming. (uhm..technically, I cannot swim. so I'd just stand at the shallow and ocassionally dip my head). I love the feel of the sands on my feet. Sometimes we would walk barefoot along the shore.


One of the many things I look forward in my visit to Boracay is the sunset. Boracay is quite known for its breathtaking sunset and that is the reason why sunset cruise is a common leisure in the island. Apparently, the weather was in bad mood and so uncooperative. It would rain every afternoon. Fine, goodbye sunset!

                                      sunrise in boracay....

It was quite an experience. I wish I could go back this summer coz I already made a mental note of the things I wanna do. 

Hope to see yah soon Boracay...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Halloween treat like no other!

This post is 3 days late, I know. I was on vacation and the last thing I wanna do is face the computer. Anyhoo, how was your halloween? Me, I had fun! I was enjoying trick or treat here and there.

Trick or treat is something we Filipinos don't usually do. I never went to any Halloween parties growing up. I was never in fancy, scary costumes walking around begging for treats. Trick or treat was so foreign to me back when halloween was all about mumbling prayers and offering food to our departed loved ones. I remember hopping from cemetery to cemetery visiting our dead relatives bringing flowers and lighting candles for them. Some would build a kiosk near the grave, bring in food and drinks, stay there for the whole day and have a party-like atmosphere. Halloween was always like that. No costume parties. No trick or treats. We just celebrate it in an unconventional way that only us can understand.

Now that we have adopted this foreign tradition, halloween has never been exciting! We always make it a point to feel the halloween spirit by transforming our offices into something creepy. Then we will dress up in scary costumes doing rounds inside the building for the trick or treat. My throat went sore after eating all the candies I gathered hahahaha! Serves me right.

This year probably is the most fabulous halloween I've ever had because I get to spend it in Boracay. It was indeed a treat! Except that the rain was such a kill joy. Damn you rain! Told you not to be a badass but you still did. You poured more than 3 times that night and we were so soaked and wet. Yet, that didn't stop us from enjoying the night. Aside from beautiful beaches, Boracay is known for its feisty nightlife.

Roaming around the island I saw a lot of people dressed in scary costumes. I would stop to take pictures at them if I find them awesome, cool, and of course, scary.

Saw this child while walking around d'mall. She still look adorable despite the make-up.

While looking for some place to dine, we came across with this white lady.

Uhmm... can you help him find his head?

I just think they're gorgeous...! Like a royal family or something...?

WARNING : This place is haunted!

This witch is an adrenaline junkie. She was doing the zipline and we asked her to stop for awhile to have our pics taken.

I happen to pass by a fire dance party.

Yah right, the picture sucks! But I swear, they're so amazing. I just couldn't get a better angle because of the crowd.

I was hoping to catch some local celebrities but I guess it's not my lucky night. We were having so much fun and by the time we went back to the resort we were dead tired.


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