Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoes to die for

We girls love to dress up, have our hair done, & put on some make-up. In plain simple words, we love looking good. However, looking good means donning the right pair of shoes to match your outfit. Once you found the perfect pair, you're on your way to glamour.
I browsed yahoo's main page and came across with extreme high-heel shoes, up to 12 inches! No kidding!!!! Thrilled, I went on to see some pictures, and boy, look what we got.
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Absolutely, towering!!!!! I wonder if I can manage to walk in these. I love shoes, high-heels in particular but I've gone to wearing up to 4 inches only. And these would have been more than 6 inches. Ouch!!!

Now these are crazy!!! Really. Who on earth would like to wear these kind of shoes????? Correct answer.... Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga wore the 12-inch Alexander Mc Queen shoes in her Bad Romance music video. Yes, 12 inches!!! If it's hard to imagine, go pick a ruler. I've yet to see the video but clearly I could not see myself strutting on those danger-posing, fracture-prone, weirdly designed shoes EVER!
While these are the ones to die for :

Who wants this? Who wants this? Me! Me! Me!
This one is a sure fire hit. It ROCKSSS!!!! Whew! I've always love boots. I wish I would have the nerve to wear one like this someday.
This is Gucci by the way, so don't dare ask how much it costs.

This one's super nice also. Simple yet elegant. But the heel is too high (that's why its called high-heels, idiot!)
Perfect for casual and jeans.

I have a shoes similar to this, except that it was color brown, snake skin, pointed, minus the tie.
I think this is cool too!

Cute! Though I still think my Charles & Keith wedge is the B-E-S-T!!!


The Stepster said...

Digging the Gucci boots.
Hello from a fellow 20SB. =)

i'm no miss said...

Ooo! Shoes! =D


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