Thursday, April 15, 2010

the good old days

I was on my desk, facing the computer, willing my mind to finish the task at hand when I heard a music coming off from my boss' PC - New Kid in Town by Eagles. Suddenly I was singing along and to my surprise I knew the whole lyrics. Can't help but smile with that thought. My boss might actually think I was born in the 60's or when Eagles dominated the music scene in the 70's. For the record I was born in 1981, a decade of best music, strange hairtstyles and worst dresses.

Growing up in an old-fashion family at an old-fashion way offered some perks you learn to appreciate in the long run. Music is one good example. My parents don't like to listen to obnoxious rap songs and noisy, heavy metal bands. Of course, you can't blame them for that! Literally I grew up with The Beatles, The Cascades, Eagles and the likes. The Eagles is one of my personal favorite band from the 70's. I love their songs. Simply classic and cool. And the way they do the harmony? Amazing! They have one of the best voices. Glen Frey is one hella guitar guy. I remember my uncle used to imitate him. He (my uncle) is a great guitar player too until paralysis crippled him. He and his friends used to hang around the old house playing guitar and singing their heart out. I would sit at a corner and listen to them from afar. My father is also a music lover and jams with them occasionally. He loves to play the piano and I can remember them taking a stab at Hotel California. Though they didn't sound perfectly like Eagles, it wasn't bad either.
Hotel California is my most favorite and I envied the way they tickled and plucked the guitar, and how the song sounded enthralling and mesmerizing to my ears. There were issues then, purporting the song is satanic, conceals a different meaning and mocking God. It was very controversial at that time, and at my age, I could not fathom the meaning behind the song. And now that I'm older I still can't figure out why was it dubbed demonic.

I was kinda inspired by this song, actually. Would you believe that? Because I wanted to acquire just a little of Frey's ability to strum the guitar like that, I begged my uncle to give me a guitar lesson for beginners. In a matter of days I learned to strike a few chords until I was able to work my way through the song I was practicing. But I wasn't born to be a guitar genius. My earnest desire to learn the guitar soon became stale and I stopped playing eventually. Now whenever I see someone who is really good at it, it makes me cringe with envy and wished I should have considered that leisure seriously.
So I ended up digging my old MP3s and played them while long-time-ago memories came flooding back. It felt nice to reminisce those good old days when life was still stress-free and less complicated. It felt nice to look back at those times when my father was still around, my uncle at the prime of his health, doing the things that make them happy - singing and playing guitar. It felt nice to realize that music had truly became a part of the most unforgettable days of our lives. It felt nice to know how our family bonded together despite the difficult challenges we have had. Those good old days are priceless, yet nostalgic. Good thing the songs are still alive to remind me of the childhood I used to have.


Anonymous said...

I'm a fellow 80's born who happens to LOVE the Eagles. I was the weird kid in 5th grade who wrote down her favorite song as "Hotel California" when everyone else was writing "I like Big Butts..." haha I saw them in concert in 2008 and they can still rock out for hours. Cheers to our parents' having good taste!

janjan said...

and so I'm not only one who loves Hotel California haha! glad to hear that.

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