Tuesday, April 27, 2010

fed up with CEBU PACIFIC!!! (Part 2: The Sorry Story)

This post is actually a sequel to my unfinished rant on my supposed "FREE FLIGHT" privilege from Cebu Pacific. I was pondering whether to blog this or not because I don't want to sound like a senile, old woman fuming over some petty, insignificant matters. But as expected my impulses and annoyance got the better of me and I thought that unloading these shrapnels of disappointment would be a better way to get even (at least) with them.

So I went a bit overboard and called up nine times already since last week. In case you're wondering if I don't ever get tired? Well, I do and I'm totally fed up. Imagine how many times they had to put  me on hold while they check on their records. I was disconnected twice and I would redial and wait for a good three minutes before the call went through. I patiently obeyed, not a single whine, when they said to call back after 24 hours coz they have to re-evaluate, re-check, re-validate my concern. Notice the prefix "re", it's getting on my nerves! And so after I e-mailed the scanned copy of the callling card they gave to me at the airport, at the time of my disrupted flight, I was keeping my hopes up that I would FINALLY get that fucking FREE FLIGHT.

The operator, in her most soothing, sympathetic voice (take note that I was already on the phone for five minutes and have been put on hold twice) broke the sorry news to me. MY FREE FLIGHT VOUCHER IS INVALID.

Wait. Say that again?

My free flight voucher is invalid.

After all the calling, the follow-up, which totally made me look like I'm a cheapskate, this is the answer I'm gonna get??? What the ****!!!!
The reason? Cancelled flights due to bad weather do not entitle a free flight. Apparently, their staff made a mistake of issuing a travel voucher to the passengers.


I was trying to be in my best behavior despite the nagging feeling, the clenching fist and the urge to transform into a psycho-freak godzilla. I've been running profane words in my head that I wanted to scream at them while my mouth is ready to curse at 60 words per minute at any given time. Before my sight went blank I took a deep breath and told the operator I'm fine with it and put down the phone. (I really wanted to slam the receiver but I'm not willing to pay for the damage.)

Here's my message to CEBU PACIFIC :


You made us (me in particular) fool at your scheming tactics by not informing us right away that it was all a mistake!

I was on that special flight which you set up the following day for those passengers whose flight have been disrupted, yet no one bothered, no, make that CARED to inform us that the travel voucher you issued was a fucking piece of shit!

What an efficient system you have. You made me call nine times before you finally figured this is another slip-up on your part?!

Well, thank you for making my day. I really look forward to fly with you soon! (note sarcasm on the tone)

P.S. I really wanted to throw more harsh words to them but i'm no miss sent me ONE LOVELY BLOG AWARD this morning. Yayyy!!! That definitely made my day and mellowed my rage. I'll be posting it tomorrow since I wouldn't surely sound lovely after I've blown my top.

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Anonymous said...

Ooops! Jan hold your heart. That one is really irritating but hey we have an award! Cheers again to us Jan!

janjan said...

Haha! i'm fine now. i just need to vent it out. and the award...we're classmates hehehehe! yeah cheers to us.


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