Friday, April 9, 2010


Obsession comes in different forms and varieties. I don't mean to sound overboard coz I'm definitely not talking about the other despicable side of obsession which is the compulsive disorder. But wait, obsession is indeed compulsive. Isn't your mind go screaming when you want something badly? Isn't that you can't sleep at night coz your thoughts are on the latest gadget you saw on iStore? You can't shake off that feeling of wanting, needing, longing for that stuff that's been hunting you, screaming "Get me! Get me!". We'll that's I'm exactly feeling right now.

I'm obsessed with techie stuff. The apple of my eye right now is apple's iPod touch. Okay, okay, I get it. I'm a bit late in professing my desire to own an iPod touch since it's been in the market long ago (like long time ago, iPad is on its way, idiot!) and I'm pretty sure most people are enjoying it right now. I've heard about it. Seen it at iStore last year. But I didn't dig into it's ability and functionality like I always do when there's a new kid in town! Not until my boss brought his daughter's iPod at the office and I was like "Ok, let me check this out." From the very moment I held it and scrutinized all its application and functions, I knew I'm in big trouble. I knew myself well. When it comes to gadgets and techie stuff - I'm a sucker! And I can hear that little evil voice inside my head screaming "I want that iPod!!!"

It's expensive. The fact that I don't make enough salary to splurge on everything I want at any given time is frustrating, add that to the fact I'm saving up for a trip on June. Haayyyy... Why doesn't money grow on trees? I would have planted a forest.

Another entry on my to-buy list : x-mini.

If you're fond of music including those amazing, portable gadgets that goes along with it, then you probably know what I'm talking about.

Big things truly come in small packages. That holds true for the x-mini. It's a small, portable, capsule speaker with a superb, crisp audio quality. You won't believe your ears when you hear the sound, it's like coming off from an altec lansing complete with bass and woofer.

But before that I was actually thinking of buying a new phone and a laptop. But way to go... My travel syndrome is kicking in as much as i want to buy all Tweety bird collectibles. You won't believe me but I find tweety adorable and I "wav" (tweety's way of saying love) her. And oh I want an e-book as well. I'm a huge reader and it's going to be perfect. I can buy all Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson books I've been eyeing at my favorite bookstore.



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