Monday, April 26, 2010

I got tagged!!!

I thought today's going to be another awful Monday. But hey, I was wrong. I was oblivious to the surprise that awaits me. I got T-A-G-G-E-D!!!!!!!!! By no other than Gnetch , a fellow 20sb member and whom I consider one of my haven't-met-personally friends in the blogosphere.

Thank you Gnetch!!! Mwaahh! I've said this already and I'm saying it again - You're the first one to give me this!!!! (I hope there'll be more to come, yikes!!!) hahahaha!!

I'm soooooooo happy to have received this HAPPY 101 award! It means a lot to me. Being new to this whole blogging thing, I can't help but feel overwhelmed to the responses, appreciation, welcome by the 20sb gang. I don't know them personally but they all had compassionate and kind words for me and it makes blogging a lot more enjoyable.

Since my brain cells are now in full-function mode. I re-read Gnetch's post and finally understood (after 48 years hahaha!) If someone receives this award you have to thank that person, which I already did and I don't intend to sound like a broken record. In this case, you have to list the things that make you happy and pass on the award by tagging your friends.

Here we go :

Things that make me happy

1.) Whenever I get the chance to go home (in my hometown) and spend time with my mother and my dog. I work faraway from home and I kinda miss them most of the time.

2.) Travel. Travel. Travel.

3.) When I'm not working (Saturday, Sunday & Holidays)

4.) When I'm eating chocolates and pizza (I guess the right word would be "delighted" but anyway chocolates do make you happy)

5.) Payday

6.) When I have a new gadget

7.) Shopping for clothes and shoes (ewwww..I didn't know I'm materialistic! tsk, tsk...)

8.) When the program I'm working on runs.  Or else I'm running my way out hahaha!

9.) When someone says nice things to me or they appreciate my actions

10.) When someone leaves a comment on my posts or on my FB account. You're feedback means a lot to me. It's another way of showing you care huhuhuhu....

11.) When someone becomes a follower

12.) When someone reads my blog (even if they don't leave comments)

13.) When someone gives me a gift especially if it's a tweety bird stuff.

14.) When I'm hanging out with friends

15.) When I read a good book

16.) When I hear my favorite song

17.) When the weighing scale says I'm losing weight, yay!!!!!

18.) When it's time to go home after a hard day's work!

19.) Concerts

20.) Party

Haaayyyyy...I could go on forever. There's just too many things that make me happy and so many things to be thankful about.

And for the tagging part :
1.) judz - I Still Can't Think of a Decent Blog Title
2.)  kira - UT Four Point Zero
3.) jill - Jillie Side Up
4.) megha - Thinking Hat


Anonymous said...

Cheers to us JanJan! I was given the award too!

And hey, you finally revived this blog of your's, how about the other one?

janjan said...

@mishieru : yep congrats to us hehehe... the other blog? i deleted it ahaha. i can't handle two blogs at the moment.

Gnetch said...

You're so welcome girl! I love it when I make someone happy. And you totally deserve this award. :D

Julie said...

uy hey thanks for tagging me! but i don't exactly know how to tag someone..hahaha, thanks anyway!


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