Monday, April 26, 2010

If you HATE MONDAYS then we really should be friends

First of all, I would like to thank The Bangles for coming up with song Manic Monday. Hahaha! I think my intro was way too serious. The lyrics couldn't have been more perfect for someone who truly loathes poor Monday. They must have been thinking about us working girls and all the hassles and stress we go through while writing the song.

Here are my top reasons why I want to abolish Monday from the calendar :

1.) Maybe it's just me but I really find it hard getting out of bed on Monday morning. My alarm would went off 4-5 times before I practically pull myself out of bed and take a shower. 

2.) Maybe it's just me again but the traffic seems heavier on Mondays. I assume the number of people that go to work and to school, so as the number of public and private vehicles off the streets on Monday morning are relatively the same on the other days. So what's up with the traffic jam especially when you're running late?

3.) Monday it is so you're looking ahead at 4 more days before emancipating yourself from work slavery. Aryt, I'm just talking about how work appeals to me.

4.) I hate meetings and Mondays are full of that. Meeting here. Meeting there. Meeting everywhere! 

5.) I need to make room for myself after a weekend's hang-over. And speaking of hang-over, did you know that I often have momentary memory lapse on what's my job suppose to be because my brain cells are malfunctioning and have not yet recovered from the weekend's blast? Well, it's my other way of saying I'm not really myself come Monday.

Aside from those raves and why I feel like campaigning Monday to become a rest day (three rest days in a row, yay!!!), today is another terrible-day-in-the-making. Here's why :

I wasn't able to sleep a good 8 hours because our fucking neighbor and a bunch of his asshole friends had a drinking session last night. You know how it is when you're intoxicated? (a.) You're noisy. (b.) You'd throw a joke that's not even funny and you're jerk friends would laugh out loud but they don't even know why they're laughing in the first place. (c.) You'd think you're a singer and tries to carry a tune that even Elvis Presley would feel sick in his grave. (d.) You're just simply annoying and NOISY!

If I hadn't been considerate to my roomate I would have snarled and threw small rocks at them. Of all the days and the nights, they unmindfully chose to booze on a Sunday night. Damn!!! How I wished they'd choke on their own vomit. Yuck!!!

So I woke up feeling sluggish coz I have no choice but to come early for work. Apparently we have visitors and we need to prepare for our morning activity so I was on my feet when the alarm clock screamed.

When I walked into the office, the visitors were nowhere in sight! They postponed. Urrgghhh!!!

Then come the meeting...

My boss is making innuendos that we're going to be busy in the next couple of months. Read : we're going to render overtime starting next month. OH. MY.GOD. Loads of work + overtime + monday blues = I would like to stop working for the next two months!

I don't usually complain about work coz I love my job. But the management has been a pain in the ass lately changing directions from time to time. And because I'm a mere employee-slash-programmer-slash-technical support, I have no choice but to abide to their wishes and reprogram their brains, I mean the system.

Ok I don't mean to sound rant-y. It's just that Mondays are full of bad news and it gets into my nerves. Not to mention my PC is making me exasperated right now. Why do my boss have to run the anti-virus in the middle of the day for christsake?! Doesn't he know it will cause the computer to slow down? I'm working on a very important task right now - my blog. Hahahaha!!!!

Lord, help me make it through the day.

Great Monday everyone!


Anonymous said...

Haha! That is funny. Good luck for this weekend. Hope you could still make it. ;)

Megha Singhal said...

:-) I guess its hard to find people who would love Monday.
Nice stuff. Hope u have a gud week ahead

janjan said...

@mishieru : i made it i'm still alive haha!

@megha : thanks! you too, have a great week ahead.


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