Friday, April 9, 2010

Hair is my problem

There's no point denying that every single day I get pissed off with my hair. It's dry. Unmanageable. Tangles in all direction. The mortifying split ends. And verbally suggests a comb should come handy and ready at all times. We all know for a fact that for us, girls, our hair is a crowning glory. Isn't those shampoo commercial implies a sunny disposition when you have a smooth, shiny, lusciously black long hair?I guess that's the reason why saloons are there in the first place - to cater to your hair needs and magically turn it just like the way you've seen it on TV.

Hair treatment and all sorts of make-over have seriously put a dent on every woman's financial earning. I've learned long ago that most women are obsessed with their hair as much as they are with their bodies. We can't hide it, beautiful hair equally gives you a stunning impression and an envy of the less fortunate females who constantly suffer on bad hair day moments.

Last year, I started contemplating on having my hair curled. I have this unexplainable delight with curls that everytime I see celebrities donning curly hair on TV, I can't help but admit they look sexy and sohisticated on that. Well, who doesn't want to look gorgeous? The scientist in me decided to buy a curling iron, experimented with it and see what will I look like in curls. And... drum rolls please.... tada!!!! Thank God I don't look bad. Most of my friends even complimented it suits me and I look more feminine.  And when I asked my best friends if I should consider a career in the curly-hair department - they all said yes. They've always been very supportive of me even at my most idiosyncratic behavior. Even if I go bald Britney Spears style they would still be as encouraging as ever. Yes, they are my friends.

Now the irony is I've tried to keep my hair straight for years. I would undergo a hair straightening session once a year just to achieve that ideal, model-look kind of hair. So I'm confused. Should I go curl? Or keep it straight? Ugghhh.. Why are girls born fickle-minded? It would have made decision-making way lot easier. It would be easier to choose curl from straight. And I would no longer be blogging about it. And I would have gone straight to the saloon and tell the stylist what exactly I want. And now I'm out of my mind hahaha!


Megha Singhal said...

believe me i can totally relate to this.
i have a lot of hair on head and its healthy and heavy BUTTT i just dun know how to style them :-( for me keeping them straight is the best i can do. low maintenance and looks sleek


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