Monday, September 27, 2010

I discovered that...

I finally knew what it's like to be a sloth. Saturday was very exhausting. As if the tiring and LITERALLY long day during the teambuilding wasn't enough, we partied the whole night away! So there. I spent the whole Sunday sleeping and lying in bed. Neck, shoulders, waist aching like I ran a full marathon or did some serious weight lifting. Though I still managed to get up, eat, uploaded pics on facebook, watched INCEPTION (ok, I know I'm a bit late for that movie. it's just that I forgot I downloaded a copy and wasn't able to watch it until yesterday), even it's mind-blowing plot could not prop me up. I doze off to dreamland half-way through it.

Nevertheless, we enjoyed the event. The scorching heat of the sun didn't stop us from having fun. Though it seems the challenges weren't as backbreaking as the previous teambuildings, but surely the "Amazing Race" concept diluted all our energy.

Apart from gaining few more friends, one thing I look forward at teambuildings are the things I discover about myself. Three years ago, one of the challenges was rapelling. I've always been afraid of heights but I did it despite wobbling knees and sweaty palms. I discovered fear is just a state of mind, an illusion we let ourselves into. There's nothing to fear but fear itself. Doing the rapel challenge paved the way for me to try out some extreme adventures. I became an adrenaline junkie. The fear is still there each time I do some crazy stuff. What causes it? For one, I don't want to die - just yet. Or maybe I don't wanna die with a broken neck or shattered skull. So gross!

This year's challenges proved to be less daredevilry. But I noted some self-discovery along the way. First, patience is indeed a virtue and I needed more time to work on it. I got pissed when our facilitator failed to convey the instructions clearly and easily. I got pissed when some of my teammates could not remember the choreography to the dance (there was a sing and dance challenge). I nearly ranted but I held back when I reminded myself that not everyone got dancing skills. I should be more considerate.

I discovered I can get out from my comfort zones for the sake of winning the race. I discovered I can endure the grueling challenges without fainting from too much heat and suffocating body odors. I discovered I can be quite at times and just listen to what others say during discussions. I discovered I can be confident when an impromtu task is at hand. I discovered I can have fun over the silliest of things.

And most of all... I discovered that being a sloth for a day does make me feel sooooo much better! :)


Ratz said...

tat's the spirit girl.. winning stands in front of the fear.. you beat the fear, you have your success...

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jan for conquering your fear of heights!

I agree to that last paragraph, being a sloth for a day really makes you feel better hahaha!

Gnetch said...

That's great!!!

I've always been a daredevil when it comes to height. I just love it! I love everything high.

Um, no... I did not say I wanted to get high. Haha!!!

Also, not everyone got dancing skills... <---- I concur. *raises hand* Best example? Me!

sEy said...

and what an exciting day uh? So glad you had fun only jealous that we don't have time for that now.

Height, hellooooo, I'd rather run than do the rapel but on the otherhand giving it a try would let's get it on.

Wish we could do something like that too..huhuhu!

janjan said...

Ratz - well said dearie!

Mitch - i still get afraid but it's not like before that i would really feel sick when i'm up there.

Gnetch - you're the real risk taker. i envied you when you said you wanna try out what's that thing in singapore?

Sey - let's do zipline. haven't done that.


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