Monday, September 6, 2010

How Do You Like Them Apples?

This month is full of fun and excitement (at least for us company employees ) coz we're celebrating our 10th year anniversary in the business and we're having a month-long sportsfest! Yayyyy!!! Sportsfest has always been the most anticipated and the biggest thing to watch out for. It's one of those rare times when we get the chance to slack off from work, play and bask into the sun, and cheer for our team. Though we're not having the cheerdance competition this year (which is kinda frustrating since cheerdance competition highlights the kick-off day), BUT... the games are awesome for sporty and fun seekers alike (just think of airsoft. cool huh?!)

What makes it even more exciting is they're including board games for the first time. And I, being  a scrabble enthusiast and a hard-core player since the beginning of time, couldn't be more thrilled to join the fun! I've been playing scrabble since I was a kid. It was my parents who introduced me to it and encouraged me to play on tournaments. It was our family's favorite past time and our bonding activity as well. I don't mean to brag, but if there's one sport which I can say I'm competitive at, that's probably scrabble.

                      "It' s just you and your opponent at the board and you're trying to prove something."  - Bobby Fischer

Luckily, I  made it through the elimination round. When the championship game rolled in, I was surprised to learn that my opponent is no other than...... (DRUM ROLLS) tan tada dan......... my not-so-nice-officemate-whom-i-had-a-printer-ink-encounter!


Cast of Characters :

       Bitchy Me               -  That's me of course! I'm taking the lead role here, okay?
       Newbie                     -  My poor, new officemate
       Miss 3D                    -   That's her! 

You might ask : How did she get her screen name?

Because her glasses are like those of 3D minus the colored lens!

You can't picture it out? Okay, here!

Alright. I know. I'm rude! But that's how it kinda looks like...

The Scene :

Miss 3D barge in to our office with a bunch of paper in her hand.

Miss 3D : (talking to newbie in a sardonic tone) Can you give me a printer ink? Can you see this? (referring to the paper in her hand) It's no longer readable.

Newbie : (unsure of what to do or say) ahhhhmmm... ahhhhh.... (looks at me) ahhhmmmm...

Miss 3D continues to rant....

I hate it when someone acts like she's the most important person in the world. Like it's our fault that the ink ran out of ink itself. And most of all I hate it when someone's preying helpless people just for the heck of it!

So the protective nature of mine stepped in.

Bitchy Me : (in a not so polite tone) Excuse me! You might want to file a request for that over at the reception? You see, we don't keep and issue printer inks here.

Miss 3D : Oh, I didn't know about the procedure.

Bitchy Me : Yah right! But you should have asked your superior first before you came here or at least ask us nicely?!

And she retreated and went back to her office and told everyone about the encounter, making me an instant villain. Does she honestly think I would flinch at her coercing? Nah! Girl, try harder next time. And take note, she's just been around the company for 3 weeks when that happened. Way to go girl... way to go!

So where was I?

The game!

While we are at it, she was constantly saying that she was once a scrabble champ at her school. 

Ah, was that a threat??? Coz I'm not threatened. AT ALL!

I used to be a scrabble player at our school too and was the first engineering student to have ever bagged the championship for three straight years. How's that missy?

But I have to admit I had a hard time outwitting her. She was such a brilliant player and she surely knew how to play the game. It was one of the toughest game I had. One of the best if not.

Anyway, fate was on my side coz I WON!!! yahhhooo!!!

We shook hands after that and suddenly I felt peace with her. Maybe she wasn't that bad like I thought or maybe I was too harsh on her when we had the "encounter". Maybe we could be friends after all. Yet still, after hearing her threats and intimidation, I'd like to tell her : how do ya like 'em apples? *wink


In case some of you are wondering why she's asking for the printer ink at our office... well, our door has this huge sign : INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY. Figures...


Rachel W. said...

YOU GO GIRL...for saying your mind & kicking her butt in scrabble!

Gnetch said...

Good lawd! I don't play any kind of sports. Not even scrabble. You sure are gonna beat me on that!

Also, some bitches need some rude awakening so don't hesitate to be a bitch when someone's being a jerk. That's my motto in life (obviously). Haha!

sEy said...

THAT'S OUR GIRL....GOGOGO JAN! It's okay to be a bitch but to bitches as well.

If there's one thing I'm afraid of that is should get some time off to work and teach us some techniques.hahaha.

janjan said...

Rachel - thanks rachel!

Gnetch - hahaha! i'm gonna borrow your motto.

Sey - sure, sure i would be glad to dish some techniques. :)


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