Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The 7 Things Part II

I wanted to make another post just before September tears its page off  the calendar. As I was contemplating on what to write, I remembered Rachel over at The Diary of a Dreamer tagged me for the LOVELY BLOG AWARDThanks Rachel! This is actually my second time. Unlike the first one when you just have to mumble your THANK YOUs, this one comes with 7 Facts about you. In this case, ME! I hope I'm not making my way to becoming a self-absorbed creature.

Am I? Oh no...


Anyway, I did rounds on my previous posts just to see what are those things I haven't shared with you yet. I realized I'm almost there to expose my deepest, darkest secrets. Kidding! So here are some of the things which I think are pretty interesting facts about me, which you might want to know (I hope so).

**** The 7 Facts *****

#1. When I was in second grade, I got hit by a vehicle.

Call it stupidity or lack of common sense but I crossed the street when a vehicle was approaching. Sure my parents taught me to look at both sides first before crossing. And I don't know what caused my judgment to twitch, that I decided to cross when THERE'S a vehicle. Luckily, the driver noticed me at once but he's short on brakes so I landed at the hospital with bruises. 

#2. I listen to Taylor Swift.

Eyebrows down please... Alright. Not everybody loves Taylor and I don't adore her either. But I like some of her songs.

#3.  I'm afraid of snakes, worms and anything that crawls.

They're just ewwww!

#4. There are two things I'm addicted to right now : Facebook & Vampire Diaries.

Facebook is like part of my system, and if vampires are for real, I would like to become one! Ssshhh.....

#5. I wanted to become a lawyer when I was a child.

But I realized that reading law books are BORING. I'd rather debate with my friends over who's hotter - Damon or Stefan, than defending my guilty or not client.

#6. I've always been mistaken to have a foreign blood because of my surname.

Yeah. And they change their minds when they start to size me up. I think that's just R-U-D-E.

#7. I'm a weakling.

Wait. I'm too harsh on my self... I have a poor sense of balance. Okay, that sounds better. I almost had my right arm broken when I slipped at a friend's house. Another incident had my right arm (again) bruised when I slipped at the workplace. I have countless humiliating experiences in tripping and slipping (note that those two words rhyme).

That's it!


Ratz said...

Well i like Taylor Swift too gal so no need to worry... I am not gonna shun you for that,... but snakes.. come on! They are most beautiful things ever.. I love snakes infact they are my fav...

Rachel W. said...

Yay! I'm glad you posted the facts! I loved learning more about are hilarious. :-)

sEy said...

Taylor Swift? I like some of her songs too.

I don't mind if there's cockroaches as long as they're not gonna touch me but WORMS,?? ewwwww they made me jump even the one I spotted is right over the next street.

Gnetch said...

You lost me at Taylor Swift. Really? REALLY??? Haha.

Actually, when I first saw your last name on 20sb, I initially assumed you were German. Haha!

janjan said...

Ratz - aaaahhhh way!

Rachel - and i feel like my identity is no longer a secret. ├╝

Sey - we have the same effect on worms. i just can't bear the sight of them.

Gnetch - and i know that you're gonna tease me for taylor swift, but..i guess that's what happen when you often hear her songs. you tend to like them. and the surname...dah! just what i thought hahaha!


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