Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Friday's coming fast and I need your help!

Guys I  need your prayer, I mean your suggestions. Well, on second thoughts, your prayers might actually come in handy. Here's why : I've told you already that our company will be celebrating its anniversary at the end of this month. So there are lots of activities in line for that celebration. One of which is the fashion week that happens every friday, in which we're supposed to wear clothes that represents the theme for the week. Two weeks ago we relived the 70s. Last week we looked like Madonna and Michael Jackson's fanatics. That's how crazy we are! I almost thought I was working for Runway Magazine when I saw my colleagues pulled off some of the best looks from the 70s and 80s. And for this week... 90s it is my friends!

Now here's the catch. Since we're composed of teams, each team shall have a representative for the said fashion show. And by fashion show I meant you have to walk down the ramp, flaunt your clothes / dress / get-up WHATEVER!!! In plain, simple, understandable terms - you do the CATWALK like a MODEL does! 

Very much like this :


So why am I cursing like that??!

Because this Friday, my teammates are forcing me to do that! DAMN YOU PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They didn't ask me first. They just wrote down my name on the list of "participants" and ta-da!!! I'm the official representative for the 90s fashion show. H*** CRAP!!!!!!

Don't you laugh coz it's not FUNNY!

***wails WAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH............

I HATE THEM! I HATE them for doing this to ME!!! Are they on coke or something??? Seriously, what-were-they-thinking?

Okay, I understand there are only a handful females in our group but can't they choose someone else? Someone who is more than willing to do the catwalk, smile and pose before the crowd?

Come on guys!!! In my 29 years, I have never did such a thing. Not even a local beauty contest on the street. And I never ever dared dreaming of that. It's not my cup of tea for crying out loud!!! So what the HECK is this all about??!

And they keep on saying this is just for fun. FUN my ass!!! I don't know where would I find the nerve to do something like that. I have a thick face I know but I'm not flashy like that. I'm extrovert on some things but hitting the ramp is certainly, definitely not one of the many things I fancied. NOT IN A MILLION YEARS!!! Not even in my next lifetime!!!!

I tried protesting, blackmailing, threatened everyone to no avail. I might even resort to crying but no one seemed to take on my side. And the assholes are even encouraging me. They're even more excited! 

Fine! Cheers to you guys! I'll be drinking straight up with this one :


Any suggestions about the 90s fashion? I mean the dress, the look? Homaygawd I can't believe I'm really doing this but I've got no choice and I can't escape.  You're free to give me ideas or tips... I don't know. But I guess I need your prayers more than anything hahaha!


Ratz said...


Anonymous said...

Wow! Your company is really awesome. Hey! Just go for the fun of it. You can do it girl! Hmmm, i am not really so fashionable so maybe all i can do is to pray for you hehehe! Well, you can do some research on the internet. Break a leg! ;D

Gnetch said...

I Googled 90s fashion trends just for you and it gave me this.


janjan said...

Ratz - aaaahhhh I hate you girl for taking their side hahahaha! just kidding! but seriously, thanks for the encouragement. i guess i have to take on the challenge.

Mitch - your prayer is more than enough, mitch. Thanks! :)

Gnetch - awwww..thanks girl for doing that for me. i looked through it and we poured our ideas on what to wear.

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

Ok.. I think, i'll pray for you! haha

Goodluck :-)

sEy said...

I would suggest you talk to Rachel about that...don't you dare me ask me about fashion because I suck on that one okay! I'll pray for you but on second thought what you need are cheerers....hahahaha...gogogogo Jan!

P.S. Don't forget to post some pictures okay! Can't wait for that!

i'm no miss said...

Your post cracked me up jan! I could imagine your dislike on doing it. But, but, but! You sure can pull it off! The internet would be the place to help you best for that 90's look/fashion. And yes, photos after oki?! :D mwa!

i'm no miss said...

Stupid, stupid me! By this time, you've already done it! My comment is soo late. Now, photos, photos! (excited:))

Rachel W. said...

Hey Jan,

I've done a couple local fashion shows and at first I was so scared! But you know what? If you just be yourself and you are confident everyone will love it! Hold your head high and have fun with it! :-)


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