Friday, July 23, 2010

Will someone give me Aspirin?

I'm having a headache. Not literally, but technically! And by technically, it concerns my job.

Being in IT is fun. There's not much pressure and the job is less demanding. Though sometimes, when heavens fall on our shoulders, there'll be problems such as virus attack or server is down, we would then stay late as possible as we can to fix it. Goes home past midnight then reports back to work early the following day even if it's a Sunday or even if a typhoon is raging. This may sound cliche but I've been there done that.

But these setbacks have advantages. We enjoy lots of perks that most employees don't. I wanted to enumerate those perks but I'm afraid it may be used against me in case a co-worker accidentally finds this blog. So forget that I mentioned about it. Get that, officemate? You don't want me to block you in the DTR, right? So play along nice...

Okay I'm not here to threaten anyone. Just want to share with you the little and big things that annoy me at work.

Since we don't have an in-house Systems Administrator (because he resigned and there's no plan of looking for a replacement), whoever takes the call performs the task. And because part of our job is to handle technical support, we are more inclined to having headaches because some callers just don't know how to channel their problems over the phone. I hope they do realize that we're occupying a two-storey building with two extended facilities, and we, going to their workstation would surely take more time than the time we need to solve their concern.

So here's why I need some aspirins on my drawer.

Scene 1 :

Phone rings....

Me : IT Good morning/afternoon!
Caller : Ma'am I can't log on to the system.
Me : May I know what system you're referring to?
(My god! we have 5 systems running. making a guess isn't a smart move)
Caller mentions the system...
Me : So tell me about the system error.
Caller : Error...?
(oh sorry for throwing that vague question. I can sense you're confused)
Me : I mean, a messagebox should appear. What does it say? Wrong username/password? locked? What?
Caller : No. It doesn't say anything. I just can't log in.
(sighs and gives up.... it's time to remote control the PC)
Me : Can I have your computer number?
Caller gives computer number....
Tried connecting to his computer but I can't...
Tried pinging but I get a 'Request Timed Out' message...
Me : I think you're not connected to the network domain.
Caller : I guess coz it says network is not available...

BANG!!!! Can I shoot myself? Sure it doesn't look an error to you??? Alright!

I know it sounded like an internet joke but trust me it really happens. Like at least 5 times a week!

Now aside from the funny software concerns, hardware is terrible. Here's why :

Scene 2 :

Phone rings...

Me : IT Good morning/afternoon!
Caller : Ma'am I can't print.
Me : Okay. Does it say any error?
(you see? error is my friend.)
Caller : No. There's no error. It says nothing. I just can't print.
(i kinda expected this answer.. very helpful, huh?!)
checks his network connectivity and finds out he's connected...
Me : Try restarting your computer.
Caller : Done it already. Like 3 times...?
Me : Did you turn off the printer when you restarted the computer?
Caller : Yes.
I can almost imagine him...eyes wide open, light bulb on his head.
Me : Would you mind checking if you were able to turn ON the printer?

Now tell me. Tell me honestly. How can you print if the printer is TURNED OFF?

Ask me if I get pissed off...

The answer is NO. I roll with laughter. Coz if everytime I encounter callers like that and I get mad? I'll be in the hospital.

And that is why I'll never consider a career in Call Centers. I don't have anything against call center agents. It's a reputable, lucrative job. That's why I don't yell at them when if I get pissed off (oh this is a different story now) coz there's a silent kinship in there. But the thought of having those encounters everyday is unthinkable. I'd rather enjoy programming rather than talking on the phone giving troubleshooting instructions to... never mind!

Just as I was writing this post. A friend of mine posted a joke on his facebook wall. I can't help but laugh at it coz I can really identify with the situation. Here. I copied it.

Tech Support : 'I need you to right-click on the Open Desktop.'
Customer : 'OK.'
Tech Support : 'Did you get a pop-up menu?'
Customer : 'No.'
Tech Support : 'OK. Right-Click again. Do you see a pop-up menu?'
Customer : 'No.'
Tech Support : 'OK, sir. Can you tell me what you have done up until this point?'
Customer : 'Sure. You told me to write 'click' and I wrote 'click'.'


Ratz said...

Bwahahahahaha... Jan this was it.... Too good.... I understand this.... I had a friend in the IT sector and he used to tell me such incidents all the time... that was fun...

Rachel W. said...

LOL...the printer one really got me. HELLO!!! I think we all have situations like that at our jobs. There are always going to be customers/clients that are a few fries short of a happy meal. ;-)

i'm no miss said...

Cool post! i enjoyed reading it jan. And it was leading..I thought you'd go about ranting and pissed off haha!

And wow, this is what you do? I have high regard for people who are adept in this field, cause I'm totally not..:)

sEy said...

You had me laughing so hard!!!!. I forgot that I am sick today Jan! those are just the problem of some individuals who weren't reading the message box which appears on the bottom part of the computer.

With the call center job, Oh Jan if you could only see what are the reactions of the agents during, after and beyond the call.. I may write a post about it (too funny) having your make-up done while talking to a pissed off customer.

P.S. I guess some of your officemates were reading this but kept quiet because of the threat. Ha-ha-ha!!! Thanks for the message, I'm still alive and kickin' but have to regain a good health. Sent you a DM on Twitter now. Love yah Jan!!!

Gnetch said...

Ahahaha. I understand your pain. Here, take an aspirin. It's 81 mg. Or would you take the 325 instead? :D

janjan said...

Ratz - one secret is that I don't let them get into my nerves or I'll end up having a bad day everyday.

Rachel - yes and they make a good test of our patience.

im no miss - hahaha! I actually miss ranting on my blog.

Sey - glad i made you laugh, at least i made you feel a little better hehehe... Oh, now I figure it're working in a call center? i do have high regard for call center agents. a lot of people thought it was easy coz they just sit around. but it's actually not.

Gnetch - i think i needed the 325mg. i just hope it won't make me high. haha!


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