Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ha! Serves You Right!

Heeeeyyyyy! I found an effective, awesome way to shut off someone from commenting on your facebook status. Oh just a quick reminder : this is going to be a small facebook talk so please bear with me. Actually this feature has been in placed for quite sometime but I thought of using it recently. When patience is put to test, might use technology to your advantage. That being said, I banned someone from commenting every time I write something on my wall.

Here's the whole story :

This person is a friend of mine. We're actually roomates. She treats me like an older sister and I do treat her like a younger sibling coz I don't have a choice. Hahahaha! No. Just kidding. Seriously, she's so dear to me.

It all started with this post :

Sorry but I feel the need to remove my pic and name. And yes I sounded overly dramatic, somewhat broken-hearted which utterly caused a stir leaving my friends intrigued. But really, it was just another random thought.

One who first commented was a college classmate who is a good friend of mine, which my roomate thought would be a "perfect match" for me. See? I just mentioned on my previous post how the people around me are so concerned about getting myself a perfect guy to get hitched with. My roomate would even resort to pimping me out just to make sure I'll walk down the aisle before she does. And she sees Mr. Classmate a good potential / candidate coz we had our friendship going on for quite sometime.

She started teasing us. Bluntly. Upfront. Not caring how many people would be able to read it. It would be alright if it's only the three of us in the thread (Me, Roomate, Mr. Classmate). But we're talking about more than 10 people on the loop! Don't ya think the joke is on me??!

Okay, never mind me. Never mind my feelings. I have a thick face, you know... I can survive being bullied though I'm not all too happy about it. I was more concerned about how Mr. Classmate would react/think about ME...... or the whole comic situation. Not everyone could take on a joke like that. And I can tell coz he never reacted afterwards.

I warned her about the incident. Thought I made myself pretty clear until yesterday when she left a comment on my new post. The comment was totally OUT-OF-PLACE. Come on! I like it when someone leaves a comment but I'd surely be disgusted if that comment is in NO WAY RELATED TO THE POST. And what's more humiliating was that her comment was a reply to Mr. Classmate's and she was saying that the reason of my being emotional these days is because I'm missing Mr. Classmate!


Did she ever realize she's making it awkward for us? I mean, if ever there's a probability of us having any sort of romantic relationship in the offing, can't she just leave it to the universe???!

So I went to the privacy settings, clicked the "customize settings" link, looked for "can comment on my post" and placed her name under exception. And......


Thank you facebook for coming up with a brilliant idea! Whenever she tries to access my page the comment box is disabled bwahahahahhahahahahahahahahaha!

So much for unwanted comments!

When she found out she told me I'm over-reacting. Over-reacting alright! But it's my facebook account and I can do whatever I want!


Nikita said...

Does serve her right!

Ratz said...

Oh well... You did it right girl...

Rachel W. said...

Good job Jan! I would have done the same. In fact, I have someone I just might block from my status. :-) Thanks for the info!

sEy said...

I can relate how disgusting and embarrassing it is when someone leaves a comment to a post which is so unrelated to it (you know what I'm talking about, don't yah?).

But you did a good job!!! As for me, I blocked them all-he-he-he! I am also thinking of setting the pictures to be viewed only by me. hahaha!

Gnetch said...

Ahaha!! I love it! It's really awkward when someone keeps on pairing you up with a certain person. Awkward and annoying.


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