Tuesday, July 13, 2010

My way of recuperating from sickness

Whenever I feel bored at my job or when I feel that stress is gonna devour me alive, my immediate recourse would be to take some time off and travel. Yes travel! There's something about traveling and discovering new places that eases my mind, comforts my worry and makes me forget about how I'm gonna spend another gruelling week to make it up for my deadline.

Yet I tend to forget that I'm physically drained. I ignored how my body screamed that she's tired and needs real pampering and rest. After the vacation, the mini-weekend getaway and late night-out with friends - my body is making me pay back.

I was down with fever last weekend. Initially it was my colds that's pestering me. And with colds, I'm totally defenseless and it wins all the time. So over the weekend I was lying on my bed, defeated with colds, cough and fever.


What a great weekend!

The only good thing was that I saved money from going to the cinema hehehe... I was suppose to watch Eclipse (yah I know I'm already late. Everyone has gone out watching it). My friend lend me a DVD copy so I managed to watch the third installment of the Twilight saga at home. 

I hate to say this but I'm not so happy about the movie. I fell asleep! Would you believe that? Never in my entire existence would I fell asleep while watching a movie. Oh maybe because I wasn't feeling that well? Maybe. But honestly? It wasn't as good as I thought it's suppose to be. Sorry fellow twilighters... I liked the New Moon movie even better though I find the first half of the book a bit boring and less compelling.

Or maybe I was expecting too much? Or maybe because I already knew the whole story so it wasn't that intriguing to me after all. There were good scenes in the book that were not highlighted in the movie. Those mushy, heart-melting lines of Edward which I always look forward (okay, I'm a sentimental romantic at times) were not immensely emphasized.

Anyway, I'm not the only one who thought the movie was boring. Four of my friends also fell asleep when they watched it. 

I think it's better to watch the movie first then read the book... What you guys think? 

At least your expectations aren't that high.

After watching the movie I decided to go to the mall. With fever? You might ask. Yes. Since I don't have work on Saturdays while all of my housemates do, it's tiresome to stay at home. Alone! 

I went to the salon to have my hair done. I owe my hair a treatment that's been looooonnnngggg overdue. My constant pooling, long exposure to the sun and beach dipping has totally made it look like a rag. Seriously.

But do you know that I always wanted to have a curly hair? I've gone to 6 different salons over the past few months but they all turned me down. They all said there's no way to get my hair curl because it's straight. Whaaattt???! So anyway I resorted to curling iron for a long time just to make my wish come true. And thanks to you curling iron you made my hair more brittle. From now on NO MORE CURLING IRON. Errrrr.... for at least six months nyehehehe...

                                                                     that's me in my curly hair

That's one irony of life. Girls with straight hair wants it curl. Girls with curly hair wants it straight. I think from now on I'll stick with my straight hair.

And I also had a full body massage. It was very relaxing that I wanted to cuddle to sleep right there and then. One of my travel wishes is to visit Bali. They're quite known when it comes to spa, massage and other forms of self pampering. Hopefully I can fulfill that wish in due time.



Gnetch said...

Aw, you got sick too? Feel better, girl!

I haven't watched Eclipse. I'm not big on movies, actually. I'll just wait for it to be shown on cable. ;)

It's totally that girls with curly hair wants straight hair and girls with straight hair wants curly hair!! My hair is naturally curly and I have it straightened every 6 months or so. Then I will curl it with a curling iron!!! Haha!!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, i agree with your movie review about Eclipse. There were lots of scenes not highlighted in the movie.

And yeah, girls is really complicated when it comes to hair. Hahaha!

Don't get sick Jan. Take care!

Rachel W. said...

Good for you for pampering yourself with a massage…it sounds like you really needed it!

I love your hair, simply gorgeous! But I am sure it looks just as nice straight. Embrace what you’ve got girl!

Ratz said...

U are some lucky gal Jan... fever and saved money, watched DVD at the comfort of home, gor ur hair done, massage done... mama mia!!!

Enjoy the cold Jan... we get the time to relax only like this....

janjan said...

Gnetch - I envy you for having a natural curly hair. Curling iron is a great help when you want to change hairstyles isn't it? :)

Mishieru - thanks mitch. I'm feeling better now. And oh, one thing I liked in the movie was the vampire fight. It made me awake hahaha!

Rachel - thanks Rachel. I wish I get to wear my curls everyday but it would take me 30-45 minutes to do that.

Ratz - I really hate colds ratz. Seems like I have that every month grrr..

Margaret said...

Vacations create some sort of natural meth lab in our brains. You can pretty much not sleep the entire vacation and still come home feeling rested.

sEy said...

Hope you're feeling better now!

Jan too bad I already finished the books so I'm really expecting a lot from the movie. Bella disappointed me so much!!! I agree with your review. Some important scenes were omitted on the movie.

And what's with the hair? I wanted a curly hair too though my hair is straight. Yaiks!!!

i'm no miss said...

Why, I've just posted a little review about the movie and I liked it. Was it because I've not seen the other two instalments?

Anyway, those are pretty curls. But I was hoping for a side view :)


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