Friday, July 2, 2010

I Just Want To Give It A Try

One of the many things I like to do when I was still a student is to write poetry. I'm not a poet though, but there's fun in it. There's fun in how you carefully create the lines, choose and play with words to make it sound as intense and meaningful as it should be.

I've written several poems that I keep in a small notebook hidden. But I don't know where is it now. I'm half glad that it's lost coz I'd surely be laughing mock at it when I read those craziness. At the same time I'm sad coz it's a treasure from my glorious teenage days when I still had a different view about life and love. It would be great to look back at them and see how far I've grown.

My poems usually talk about love coz it's the easiest among others and you can just pour out the words effortlessly. My poems are simple, not as complicated as Shakespeare's, so I would totally be ashamed to show it to any poet hehehe...

I've been out of practice for quite sometime. I stopped writing poetry when I graduated. So now, with ultra boredom kicking in, got nothing to do, I started jabbing out the words and see if I can still do it.

This is just one foolish poem, okay?

Standing in my room, staring out the window
My heart is racing while I think of you
Thinking of what could be had it been the other way
I would have shielded my heart from this brewing misery

We were friends that's all I thought it would be
My best pal I can count on when tide ebbs the sea
But suddenly things change as it stirs me
I'm lost in our world that used to be friendly

Thought this feeling ain't get out of hand
I've told my heart but it never seems to understand
Each day my emotions grow deeper and stronger
Like a bond we used to share together

Loving you isn't right
How long shall I intend this feeling to fight?
To love you is like a curse
But my heart doesn't take remorse

You are not mine to possess
You rightfully belonged to someone else
You're committed and no longer free
To that girl I've grown to envy

Why does doing the right thing seems the hardest thing to do?
I should have walked away from you long time ago
But I'm stupid, pathetic, a complete loser
I let down my walls and self-worth lesser

If only I can do one magic, they had me asked
My first trick would be to undo the past
I'll make sure you and her would have never met
So your eyes will only be in mine you set


Rachel W. said...

Hey Jan,

I would encourage you to continue to write poetry. It is such a great way to let emotions free.

The only serious relationship I had before my husband was a heartbreaker for me. I wrote lots of poetry after that and it was very therapeutic. As odd as it sounds it really helped me get over the experience and learn from what had gone wrong.

So whether it’s poetry or just journaling on your blog keep on writing girl!!!

Debbie(single;complicated) said...

really enjoyed this poem and your blog!!!! I am a new follower and looking forward to reading more!

sEy said...


A big WOW!!!! I agree with Rachel. You should continue writing. You did good with this one and it's worth the try.

Writing is really therapeutic and once you poured out all the emotions you'll gonna be fine.

Good luck and keep goin'

Go-go-go-go Jan!

Gnetch said...

Look at you writing poetry! This is awesome!!! Dude, I wish I could do this too but no, all I can do is be silly!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! You got some talent there lady. Yeah i agree to them continue writing poems.

Love this one!

janjan said...

Ladies thanks a lot for the encouragement.

@Rachel - that's right, writing poetry or writing in general is therapeutic. The good thing about poetry is that you can be all too emotional in a metaphoric way hahaha! don't know if there is such word.

@debbie - thanks for the follow. I'll be checking out your blog too.

@Sey - thanks a lot for the support Sey! love yah!! :)

@Gnetch - I know you can do it too. You're one hella writer girl.

@mishieru - thanks's one of the things i missed doing. :)


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