Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Maybe someday...some time....

Someday I will understand why life loves to play sick jokes on me. Someday I will have enough of crying, of inconceivable loneliness, of tormenting pain. Someday I will regain the strength to face the brand new day. Someday I will be able to put off my broken smile. Someday, time itself will heal my ruptured heart. Someday music will become soothing to my ears. Someday I will be able to comprehend why fate brought us together only to drift us apart. Someday I will understand why pain is the consequence of loving. Someday I'll get over about losing someone. Someday I'm gonna learn from my mistakes and I'm gonna learn from it the hard way. Someday I will be able to forgive and let go. Someday moving on will be as easy as to count 1,2,3. Someday life will become better for me. Someday I will find the prince who will sweep me off my feet. Someday I'll be able to escape from his spell. Someday I can accept the fact that beginnings do come to an end. Someday I can see clearly where this road is leading to. Someday I can figure out why those who are not meant for us are the ones we want so badly. Someday I'll grow tired of resenting those who have caused me hurt. Someday I'll come to terms with my old self, and when that happens, I'll be thankful for all the right decisions I've made. Someday I'm going to find all the answers to these questions. And I hope that that someday won't take too long.

Aryt, I know you're wondering if I'm okay... Yes I'm perfectly fine. These are just random musings over the past months that I painstakingly wrote on the notepad. I was browsing through my old files when I came across with this and I thought this will make a good blog entry, so.

Sorry about the repetitive "someday". Don't know why I thought of starting the lines with someday. Maybe someday I'll get rid of that. Argggh! There I go again.


Ratz said...

Hey dear gal... I am sure the "SOMEDAY" you will be able to achieve all those things you have written over there... count me in coz somedays even i think of these things... besides let's face it a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do... till then imagine us holding your hands and we are playing Ringa Ringa Rosie just like the old days... stay put.. :-D

Love ya

Margaret said...

I always feel like such a cheeseball when I re-read bits of stuff I wrote - similar to this post - when I was younger.

But you know what?

I was right.

And so are you.

Rachel W. said...

I love your honesty Jan!!! It helps so much to get your thoughts and feeling out...storing them up inside only creates problems in the long run.

Nahla said...

GOd! i love this <3 ! and you can do it :)

sEy said...

Thanks for letting us know that you're okay!! Geee, you got me dead serious! Why? BECAUSE I AM ON THAT SITUATION RIGHT NOW!! No Jan, I'm not angry, sorry for the Capital letters, just want to let you know that if you still feel that way sometimes, you're not alone!

Just a quote to share! Sometimes, life teaches us lessons the hardest way so that we will never forget them

Like you have written a post for me and thank you for doing it! I confess and hoping for that SOMEDAY to come. (weeeh, too long) Thanks Again!!!

janjan said...

Ratz - thanks girl...i'd surely love to play Ringa Ringa Rosie with you. but you gotta teach me first haha!

Margaret - in my case, sometimes i feel ashamed when i read my writings from the past. but i'll just laugh about it.

Rachel - you're right. it won't do any good if you keep your feelings all to your self.

Nahla - thanks! you're quite an inspiration to me too. i love your poetry and the way you write stuff.

Sey - hahaha! gotcha! i'm like this when i'm crazy and emotional. i just write down whatever i can think of. and when i feel that i'm ok,i re-read them & i would laugh at how ridiculous i've been. you're right Sey, life is mean. we learn the hard way. but those experiences made us stronger. I'm so happy i've known you coz i realized there's someone out there who can truly feel me.

Gnetch said...

I love this!!! You know what? I'm too ashamed to even re-read all the things I've written on my small notebook in the past. They're too sad/angry. Yours is not shameful at all.

Someday, you will be able to do the things you want. Someday... Now I sound like Nina (the singer). Haha.

i'm no miss said...

This is a bit sad, I mean, the tone. But overall, it's all about hope and being postive.

I did have notes and lots of them everywhere, my little pads, journal and mobile. And when I re read them, well, they're so heartfelt, so true even though corny many times haha!

This is one beautiful jan.

Share more :)

janjan said...

Gnetch - i also feel ashamed when I re-read my past notes. i feel like i'm being too corny hahaha! but i think it's better to write them down when your sad coz it's when you are at your sincerest.

im no miss - yah they're usually corny but true. the good thing about randomness is that they are heartfelt.


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