Friday, July 16, 2010

When Dogs Get In The Way

Dogs make me emotional. Whether it's on TV or real life. This morning, on my way to the office, I was on a circumstance where I took side on the dog over the human.

But before that, let me tell you how my crappy morning went...

When it's Friday, it's a given fact that I come late for work. 5 minutes or so. The reason for that? Friday is wash day so we don't get to wear our uniforms, which means - we can wear anything casual and decent. So when Friday morning comes I'm always indecisive of what to wear. And after I picked my choice I will change for another dress and so on and so on. You know how us girls can be, right? Okay. So I'm just the only one. Fine!

As usual, my fickle-mindedness went a bit overboard and I missed the company's bus. Meaning : I missed the free ride and I have to commute.

Halfway through the ride, the multicab suddenly brokedown. Do you have any idea what does a multicab look like? Okay here, take a quick peek :

There you have it! That's the most common mode of public transportation in the Philippines for short distance travel. We do have buses, jeepneys, tricycles name it. But this one's ubiquitous. And it comes in different colors and decorations. The owner of this must be a huge fan of Bob Marley. He didn't actually made it obvious anyway.

So enough with the trivia. As I've said it brokedown and only god knows why. Oh perfect! Just what I needed when I'm almost late! Misfortune is mad at me and is conniving with the universe!

I got off and hailed another one. When I'm just a few yards away from the office, a dog is walking very slowly trying to make its way across the road. I knew the driver saw the dog clearly from afar. But the dog seems unmindful of the approaching vehicle. We were going very fast, the driver didn't blow the horn, and we almost reached him (the dog, i'm not sure though if it's he or she. so anyway...) in no time.

I just don't understand why some dogs are suicidal. I mean, sure they know it's a road and vehicles are coming through and I'm pretty sure he saw us coming but he didn't seem to mind. It's like he's thinking : "Hey I don't have any intention of walking fast to avoid being crushed, so you human driver must take the precaution and step on the brake now!"

Or : "Wow! it's so nice to stroll in the park in the early morning... Wait, there's a vehicle coming fast at me!" *looks at the vehicle. FROZEN* I'm sure you knew the next picture is not pretty.

Hey dog, even if you're suicidal or you think twisted like that? My sympathy will always be yours.

Thankfully the dog was able to wake up from his momentary trance and managed to avoid his imminent, awful, gross death. And I, being the dog lover, reprimanded the driver and told him to stop the cab coz I'm getting down. He looked at me. Bewildered. Well I told him, "If you were the dog and I was the driver, would you be happy if I'll crush you to death?"

Then I walked away. Huh! Soooooooo theatrical of me!

Maybe that was insane but I really hate it when people don't seem to care about dogs especially those mongrels or what we know as street dogs. I don't understand why some people are just mean. If other people treat dogs like human then why others can't?

Anyway, just a few months ago I had a dog-related incident that really made me cry. No, not the movie! While I was on my way to work a dog was hit by another vehicle. I saw him on the side of the road, gasping for breath, pain tormenting him, waiting for death to come. It was an awful sight. There were people around but no one bothered to take him to the hospital. Oh I'm sure no one would ever do such a thing! It ripped my heart and I restrained myself from crying on my seat. At the time I reached my desk I could no longer hold back my tears. My officemate was so concerned to ask me what happened. When I told him what I saw, I knew it took all of his strength not to laugh at me. For surely had he laughed, my fist would have landed in between his eyes. Seriously.

Speaking of which, my dog just turned 9 last month. She's already 63 in dog years. Quite old... I really miss her and I can't wait to see her next month when I come home.


TV's Take said...

Some dogs do seem to be suicidal, why is that? I hate to see any animal get hit on the road. I'll slow way down and blog traffic before I'd let another car hit a dog, kitten, roadrunner etc. Hope you have a better weekend!

i'm no miss said...

Aw. I don't have a dog but certainly I have the same sensitivity towards them, I mean, any domestic animal at that..except rats..? Oh, they're not included.

I think we should blame their owners. They should not be roaming around like that..Back in our town, we have an ordinance that pet owners would be (not criminally) responsible for stray dogs.

sEy said...

Poor Dog!!! I have a dog before named "Beauty" but she died because of the Volcanic eruption. Since then I never tried to have one until someone gave me a dog named "Kikay" but she died too because she inherited a disease from her parents. my poor Kikay!

Now, don't want to have another pet, because I will cry to death again if something would happen.. I have difficulty with emotional detachments even with pets..

I would like you to know that you're not alone and I truly understand your feelings. I knew someone who cried even for a duck!!!

Gnetch said...

I don't have any pets. But I understand how people are so sympathetic of their pets because they are precious. :)

And we're so totally alike about indecisiveness on what to wear. Being in night shift, we are allowed to wear casual clothing.

So that must be my problem!!! :D

Anonymous said...

I am almost like you when it comes to animals especially to cats (you know me). I hate people who hit animals like they are just a thing who doesn't feel anything.

jenskie said...

hi! oh i love dogs and for me, house will never becomes a home without a dog waiting for you in the porch everytime you came home. :)


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