Monday, July 26, 2010

Hello, AUGUST... Stay away from me!

Just a few days from now it's gonna be A-U-G-U-S-T. Which means........ imgonnabeayearolder!!!!!!!

Read that??!

Actually, of all the months in the calendar, August is my favorite because : (1.) It's gonna be my Birthday! (2.) It is my Birthday! (3.) I'll be celebrating my Birthday!

Now who hates birthdays? I don't think anyone would. It's a manifestation that we have to be thankful for another year in our life, another chance, another opportunity to become what we want to be.

I'll be a little honest. Whenever the month of August is looming around the corner, I'd feel antsy, a bit sad and pressured. I'm facing the fact that I'm not getting any younger. Most of my friends have already tied the knot, having kids, building their own family. It didn't matter to me at all coz I'm enjoying singlehood. Yes, it didn't really matter until my mother started making innuendos about all my friends settling down, about my childhood playmates having their own kids, about her friends enjoying their grandchildren. As if that pressure ain't enough, she would sometimes quip why can't I get myself a serious, long-time relationship. Oh well I wouldn't be surprised if the next question will be : "Is there something wrong with you?" Hahahahaha!

Crazy as it may seem but if there's one person in this planet who should be more worried - I think it's ME! Really. If she's (mother) worried that I'm not yet settling down at 28, then I should be more concerned about finding the right man to get hitched with in the first place. Hah!

And oh I'm not ranting. I'm just feeling a bit pressured nyaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!

Anyhoo, I'm also excited about next month coz I'm going home for my birthday!!!!! Yeah!!!!! It's been 6 years since the last time I spent it with my family. When I started working far away from home, I have not been able to have an intimate celebration and I kinda miss it.

So. Hello, AUGUST... come now fast!


Ratz said...

Hola my dear Jan... Yippee... it is your birthday.. great... so great... you know actually you are not alone, i panic everytime i get anywhere close to my birthdays... It is something more like... it is people like Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus who scare me to bits... they are like 16 and 18 and it is like i am no longer in that age group... i just grew up so fast... and so ignorant of my growing up... it is scary... not trying to scare you BTW...

enjoy your birthday... who knows next year you get hitched and by the time you realise you are already a mother to two kids... and sleepless and changing diapers.... still not trying to scare you.. Hehe

hey girl, seriously enjoy your birthday.. a gal's gotta do what a gal's gotta do.. :-D

Anonymous said...

Yay! It's your birthday!!!

Hmmm, there it goes again. The word "PRESSURE" seems to be our greatest enemy now. Well Jan, you already knew you're not alone. Me, Gnetch and Sey have the same crisis too hahaha!

The best thing to do is to enjoy your birthday and this another wonderful year ahead of you.

Rachel W. said...

A friend of mine was just telling me the same thing as you. She feels like she is a single girl in a married couples world. But ya know what? Being single is fabulous too...enjoy it while you can. I've known many ladies who don't marry until well into their 30's and they always say they were happy they had so many "single years" to truly get to know themselves.

i'm no miss said...

Eyeah! We're sharing the same excitement over the month of August..August is my month too, for so many reasons! :)

Gnetch said...

Happy early birthday!!! So when is it exactly??? Based on that photo, it's on the 2nd Saturday (right??) and since I don't have a calendar right here, I have to ask. WHEN IS IT???

I have to say, we have the same sentiments. My younger cousins have already gotten married and have kids. And yes, people have been asking me those kinds of questions too. I don't have the answer for them so I just say, "Mind your own business, retard!" :D

sEy said...

Jan, we can join you on that issue like what Gnetch and Mitch said...(woooah their names rhyme ..tch) you're not alone!!! My friends were all settled with their children too. Why do people kept on asking that thing to us?

You better come here ASAP (NO PRESSURE AGAIN) and we'll find you a date.

your birthday is on the 14th right? Yipeee, happy birthday!!!

janjan said...

Ratz - I also feel the same thing. When I look back at those times when I was so crazy about Nick Carter, I wished I've never grown up hahhaha!

Mitch - right! there's so many things to be thankful about rather then dwelling on the "pressure". :)

Rachel - I always keep in mind to enjoy singlehood coz i know that it's not gonna be forever.

im no miss - oh! hmmm..let me anniv, your son's bday..or yours?hehehe

Gnetch - on the 14th! ΓΌ

Sey - I'll take your word for it Sey hahaha! so you'd better find me a date coz now I'll have more reason to be there hahaha!


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