Monday, March 22, 2010

Marley made me cry

Last Saturday night, I finally get to watch Marley and Me. I was suppose to watch it on big screen but forgot when it hit the theaters. Luckily, a friend had a dvd so she lent me a copy.

Marley and Me is a story about a couple (Jennifer Aniston & Owen Wilson) who decided to have a dog first before starting their own family. They named the cute little pup after the famous raggae singer's lastname. Yeah, you got it right, Marley as in Bob Marley. Marley is such a darling, adorable, probably the cutest dog around the neighborhood. But beneath the lovable, endearing makeup of Marley lies the world's worst dog. Yep, he's such an unruly, disobedient, naughty, overly active and playful dog. He likes to run around, gag anything into his mouth, chew everything chewable, pee and poo in public places. He's done every annoying and humiliating things when he was enrolled in an obedient school for dogs. He didn't last for one day there, no...make it : the instructress couldn't last a day with Marley haha! The movie was funny and heart-warming. When everyone else couldn't put up and stand with Marley, his masters loved him with all their hearts. Awwww...aren't we dog lovers like that? Doesn't matter how pain in the ass our beloved dogs are, we still love them unconditionally just as they love us.

Now the dreaded and inevitable part comes in. Marley grows old and becomes weak. He's no longer the vigorous, dynamic, cheerful dog he used to be. He likes to stay alone and stays in cold places. And it makes me start to cry. I remember my ever first dog Tootskie, the most brilliant dog I've ever had (brilliant coz she thinks and understands like human does). We had her for more than 12 years. I noticed when her time was coming, she tends to stay away from us. She likes to lie down on the ground or wherever it's cold. And Marley is very much like that on the movie. I've come to understand that maybe dogs knew when they're about to bid farewell. They detach themselves so it won't be too painful when they're gone. When Marley was on his deathbed my tears won't just stop flowing. I don't care if my roomates will laugh at me for being so silly crying over some dog movie. It was heart-wrenching when Marley died that I didn't stop crying. Know what? I'll tell you something, I've had almost ten dogs in my lifetime and I always cry everytime one of them dies. See how a dog person I am?

I really don't know why I get so emotional when it comes to dogs. Getting me to cry is like getting a blood from a stone but this movie really made me cry. And I didn't get over it so easily as I was still crying when I went to bed and before my eyes shut off. Damn! It's a nice movie. It will make you love your dog more and appreciate them even more. But if you're turned into a cry-baby each time you watch a movie where a dog dies in the end, nah, skip this one. But if you're a foolish, sentimental masochist then go on. You will learn a lot from this film. It teaches you that dogs are family too. And I hope every person will come to realize that as I'm saddened by the fact that dog cruelty is still rampant these days. They are man's bestfriend. They love their masters unconditionally and does not expect anything in return. They're truly one of a kind.



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