Monday, March 29, 2010

The week that was ___________!

I had a terrible week. I mean it. Thursday night I was vomitting and suffering from diarrhea (ewwww..stop reading if you're eating). I wasn't experimenting on food that day, meaning - I'm eating the kind of food I regularly eat during meals. So why the heck I keep on going back to the john? Anyway, I took fluid nonstop to keep myself from being dehydrated, or worse, have an electrolyte imbalance which by the way, reminded me of my 4-day stint at the hospital couple of years back when I had hypokalemia. Oppsss! Sorry for the jargon, it means potassium deficiency. From then on, banana became my friend and my favorite fruit too. But thankfully, I was still able to sleep well despite the every now and then belching of my stomach.

Thank God it's Friday! Well, yeah, coz the urge to poo have gone. I'm thinking of dressing up for work but looks like I'm running low fever. Urrrgghhh!!! This can't be happening! We have a party at the office later tonight (prexy's bday) and we've been rehearsing our dance presentation all week long and it's surely gonna be fun. I mean everyone's gonna be there, food's superb - not to mention the booze. Hahaha! You got me there! I just hope the dance number won't be a mess.

So I stayed home fighting out boredom. Watched TV and read the whole "Dear John" novel by Nicholas Sparks, one of the best lovestory he's written. So simple yet engrossing. Romantic but not mushy. And I cried when John's father died. Yes, I'm sensitive when it comes to paternal issues coz I lost my father at an early age. Then Saturday came, I went to see the movie (Dear John) with my friend coz I just can't get enough with the book. Wanna check how are they going to interpret it on big screen. Well, to be honest, I like the book's version better. Except that the movie had a nicer ending and Channing Tatum is just but gorgeous. Boy I love him! I think I'm going to watch Step Up all over again hahahha!!!

And oh, lenten season is here my friends. I'm thinking of going traditional and consider fasting. Come to think of it, I'm on weight loss program and it might be a beautiful idea. But nah! I don't want to associate diet with my faith in God. There's a lot of worldly things I can trade for. Watching TV perhaps? Limit it to 3 hours per day? nyaaaaaa!!! That's stupid. Or maybe the internet? Hmmmm..... Looks like I won't be blogging until next week and my facebook and twitter will not be updated starting.... today? No!! Let's make it tomorrow. Hahahah! See if I can do it. And I might do confession too. Haven't confessed for four...five (not so sure) years already.

Alright, two more days to go and I'm flying home to spend holy week with family. I'm excited and I really need that much anticipated vacation. Have a blessed Lenten Season everyone! Be good. Don't forget to go to church and pray.


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