Monday, March 1, 2010

travel plans

Summer is here! And when I think about summer, I can't help but envision myself on a pristine beach, basking on the white sand, sipping lemonade, taking a dip on the cool water. Haaayyy...the life of the rich and famous. Hahaha! As if I am!

Anyhoo, I always make it a point to experience summer's heat by exploring famous cozy beaches on the outskirts of the city. Not only beaches but any tourist destination decent enough for a photo space on my facebook and friendster account where my friends would soon ogle with envy for not being part of the escape. And for this year another set of must-go-places are in store for someone with an infectious travel syndrome like mine, which means I'm on the tight fitting budget situation again.

As early as 2009, we've been drafting to visit Underground River and Honda Bay in Palawan until we've come to decide to make it a post-summer escapade for this year instead. I've been cutting down expenses to save up for this supposed 4-day trip on June 10-13. Hopefully we will get there without starving ourselves.

Camiguin. Dakak. White water rafting in Cagayan de Oro. Ironically, I've never been to these places that is just a few hours drive from my hometown. Camiguin is best known for its unspoiled white sand beaches, waterfalls and springs. It is peak during the holy week season where people from different places would flock to the volcanic island to experience the infamous walkway (stations of the cross along the hillside). Friends, relatives, colleagues, classmates, schoolmates, enemies, friends of friends have been to Camiguin except for the poor me. Enough with their stories and enviable pictures, I swear I would go there one of these days.

A born extrovert wouldn't be complete without trying the extreme adventures in Danao, Bohol. I've already been to Bohol four years ago and was fascinated with its natural tourist attractions and serenity despite the flooding visitors. Aside from the inedible chocolate hills, Bohol is slowly becoming the hub of adrenaline junkies with its zipline, river tubing, caving, wall climbing, rappelling to name a few. I'm most certain to try those. But 'The plunge' - no way! I'll have a heart attack. It's such a fearful thing next to bungee jumping.

I also want to visit and see the bounty of Luzon. And for that, Baguio is a promising destination. The cold weather, pine trees and strawberries would make me forget I'm living on a tropical country. My friend is also talking about Vigan. Well, I've never been to Manila and this trip could get me to experience the bustling capital city of the Philippines. It really tickles the sole of my feet.

But before that, I was also planning to go back to Siquijor. Yes, you read it right - Siquijor! You know the mystical, enchanting island? I've been there and yes I wanna go back. It's such a beautiful place, a paradise on earth. And all those creepy stories you heard are nothing but bogus. Oh well, maybe it existed long ago but I wouldn't be walking around this planet today if the said black magic was prevalent.

Now if you think my travel syndrome is only domestic, think again. I also want to have my passport marked! On my lists are Hongkong (not because I wanted to be in Disneyland - I'm not a fan coz tweety bird is from Looney Tunes), Singapore, Thailand (because I want to see a real, life-size elephant haha! what a pity), Ankor Wat in Cambodia, Bali in Indonesia (spa to the highest level), Malaysia, Seoul in South Korea and Brunei/Taiwan (what??? because I want to see Wu Chun!!)

I'm sooo Asian coz I noticed all the places I've mentioned were all in Asia. The truth of the matter is I can't be in any European country if I hadn't afforded myself with an Asian trip. Though I'm not sure when this international invasion happens, the only thing I know is I have a lifetime to fulfill it. Looks like I will be on the tight fitting budget mode for EVER!!



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