Thursday, March 4, 2010

Something to look FORWARD...

This month I'm keeping myself busy to enthuse my all-day everyday repetitive, monotonous, unexciting life. You see, I never ran out of adjectives when ask to describe my existence. Oh I'm not complaining coz I know how blessed I am and I'm happy about it. It's just that there's nothing much exciting going on for quite sometime. Well, the reason for this is because I don't get to meet and mingle a lot of people unlike before, all those glorious olden days where booze and nightlife was the name of the game. Times have change and so am I. From work, home is my unwilling destination. Boob tube is my constant date. Malling, shopping, dining out and going out-of-town are my stress debugging activity. But most of the time I'm just staying at home. Then I thought why not make the most out of my spare time?

I enrolled myself in aerobics and gym class last week. Obviously, the main reason of this move is to put an end to my nevah ending weight gain and stubborn belly fats which I wasn't successful in getting rid of or at least reduce despite cutting down on rice, softdrinks and pasta. The sad part is that my clothes are getting tighter and tighter as months pass me by. I used to have weekly badminton game with friends. But what would a couple of hours playing in a week does with an extraordinary appetite and stock-still kind of work like mine? The answer is frustrating.

Hopefully there would be remarkable result at the end of the month. My goal is to go back to my 110lbs weight and 26 inches waistline (currently I'm on 120lbs and 29-30 inches waistline). If miracles do exist at this point of time, I'd love to have my 24-inch waistline back. Wheeww! That must take me a lot of sweating and sit-ups. Honestly, I never thought I would resort in going to the gym. I just got tired of hearing people say I look bigger than before and worst some wouldn't even recognize me because I was still slim when we last met. I want back that confidence when people look at you because you're smoking hot and not that you're a smoking pig clad in two-piece. I want to wear those blood flow stopping dresses without having to skip a breath. I want to eat whatever I want at whatever amount without being cynical on the weighing scale result.

Alright I'll stop ranting. You might actually think I'm desperate to have this work for me. It's a new kind of experience and I'm having fun. Good luck to me! I really hope it's going to work this time.



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