Monday, February 7, 2011

I'm gonna miss you, Pie.

I never expected to start my Monday morning like this. Got a message from my mother that my dog, Piper died yesterday. It's a sad thing. Heartbreaking to be exact. Although I got a feeling she's not gonna live longer, (she's 70 in dog years) it is still difficult to come across with the fact that she's gone for good. I didn't know it will be the last time I'll ever spend time with her when I went home for the holidays. Last night, I was just talking about her to my roomates, telling them how notorious she was to other dogs, but sweet when we were around. I didn't know at that moment all I will ever have are memories of her.

10 years. That's how long she stayed with us. She isn't just a pet. She's a family member. My mother loves her. My brother loves playing with her when she was younger. Back in those times when she was full of vibrant chasing everyone in sight. That is why we have to put her on leash, she drives all our neighbors crazy.

I don't know where dogs go when they die. Is there a purgatory or heaven for dogs or something like that? My friend comforted me by saying all dogs go to heaven and I should cheer up. Whether true or not, I want God to tell her how much she's loved and missed. How much joy she had brought into our lives.

But do you know the hardest part? It's when you wanted to cry but you couldn't coz you were in the middle of a meeting. Yes. I was fighting back tears and trying very hard not to bawl in front of everyone. I would look ridiculous if I would, won't I?

taken on New Year's Eve. She refused to be taken that's why I held her face haha!


Sey said...

I know wherever Piper is, she'll be so sad to see crying. I know the feeling cause I also lost my dog "Kikay" before. What's sad is we never shared enough memories together.

Ratz said...

Oh dear... this is so sad. I am sorry... dogs are a blessing on this planet.

~Rachel~ said...

Oh my goodness Jan, I am so sorry. I know you are like me in that you have a very soft place in your heart for dogs. I bet Piper meant a lot to you. I know that right now it is probably painful but eventually you will smile at the good memories you had with your pet. And in due time you will even open your heart up for another animal to come in. You have such a loving soul!

janjan said...

hello ladies, thanks for your kind words. I'm sure gonna be fine... :)

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

hey... RIP Piper...



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