Thursday, February 10, 2011

I can do this!

When I said this is going to be my year, DEFINITELY it is! Uhm, I have to make sure I spelled "definitely" correctly coz when I posted a shoutout on Facebook I wrote something like : difintely. Argh! I'm screwed!

I got a good news two weeks ago. I wanted to share it to my mother, friends, relatives and of course to my awesome bloggy friends but I retreated coz it wasn't official yet.

I'm being offered a promotion!!! Yep! It really came a surprise and my first reaction was : Wait. Are you kidding? Then I could picture myself with the new responsibility and the pressure that comes along with it. I turned it down. When it comes to huge responsibility and commitment, I'm a runner. I always have this fear of disappointing people and I don't like it when their expectations on me aren't met. So I babbled NO without batting an eyelash, without even thinking I'm missing out an opportunity.

After that talk with my boss, I began to reconsider the offer. It's going to be a tough job but the perks are high. I weighed my options, the pros and cons, and it all lead to one thing - I would be the stupidiest girl alive if I'm not gonna grab it.

Good thing was that they were not giving up on me. I had another talk this time with our HR and she gave me a clearer picture of what lies ahead. 2 weeks. That was the initial plan. I'm going to try it for two weeks, get the feel of the job then I'll decide if I'm OK with it.

And so the 2 weeks of test began. It was a whole new experience. A bit challenging if I may add. I learned to like the job (the job I never ever considered taking at first) in the span of two weeks. I took in with me the same fervor, the same enthusiasm that brought me here. I set aside the fear, my personal concerns and focused on getting my tasks done as best as I could.

That must have done the trick. Last night before I went home, my would-be new boss and I had a talk. We sealed the deal. I'll be officially on developmental assignment (DA) starting next week. Wow! The years of pure hard work had finally paid off! This is the perfect time to put to the test everything I know. This is it! This is my time.


Sey said...

Congratulations!!!! How was that? I will knock you down, if you turned it down. Glad you accepted it. Your boss and HR are nice, they have given you two weeks to try it out. Good luck. I know you can do it.


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