Tuesday, February 15, 2011

How to survive Valentine's Day

So how did you guys spend your Valentine's Day? Candle light dinner, movies, walk in the park? I bet most of you received chocolates and bouquet of flowers. That is usually the picture when you're in a relationship or you have someone special. Valentine's day seems colorful, splendid and you're eager to celebrate it like christmas.

Well good for those who have found true love. But what about the single ladies? The available and ready-to-mingle ones? Hmmmm... that can be tricky. And tough.

Since I'm single and have skipped dating on Valentine's day, I have mastered the art of ignoring it and act like it is just an ordinary day. After all, it IS an ordinary day so what's the fuzz people? I mean it's not even "red" on the calendar. Okay I'll stop right here before I sound bitter.

Anyway, if you don't have that someone special to spend and celebrate VD with, here are some of the things you might consider doing to divert your attention to the overly-commercialized-notion-of-flowers-chocolates-candle-light-dinner-and-sweet-nothings. There! I just sounded hateful, didn't I?

First things first. Stay away from Facebook. When I say stay away, STAY AWAY! In my case, I opened my FB and found enormous, overwhelming love quotes posted in my friends' shoutouts. Love was truly in the walls of FB. They're everywhere screaming at me, telling me it's valentine's day right into my face! Ugh!!

Conclusion : Facebooking on VD is a bad move.

Second. Drown yourself with work. Render overtime if you must. With your deadlines hanging on the edge I'm sure you'll forget about red roses and chocolates. In my case again, my boss was absent and I was just staring at the computer for most of the time.

Conclusion : Tell your boss not to be absent on VD. If he insists that he would under unforgiving circumstances, demand loads of work from him. That's a good way to keep yourself busy, plus... you leave the impression of being a massochist employee.

Third. Don't listen to love songs or any songs that has L.O.V.E. on the title. So much for being a massochist.

Conclusion : Listen to korean songs. At least you can't understand the lyrics... Just don't look up for "Saranghae" on google. That means I LOVE YOU. Damn it!

Fourth. Stay at home and sleep early. That's what I should have done last night. But my friends suggested we dine outside and celebrate our being single and free. 3 against 1, I gave in. We went to a family restaurant and had a good time. The ambiance isn't romantic and most of the diners were, well, families. It makes easier for us to get through the night.

Conclusion : If you can't escape and you can't help but go with your friends, family restaurants are a better option.

So. Did I survive valentine's day? Yeah. Pretty much! Besides, VD isn't just for sweethearts. It is for friends, family, co-workers and even enemies. Everyday can be valentines day if you share the love, pass it on, and magnify it in deed.

Belated happy hearts day!


Ratz said...

For me V Day came and went by... I slept for four extra hours, watched Love Happens and The Ugly Truth and wrote on my blog, sent emails to my friends wishing them, and then went back to sleep again... HA! The cupid can't beat me... I am not giving in to it. I think being single is the best gift I could give myself...

oh and PS: Jan Happy Valentine's Day to you as well...

Sey said...

OMG, You and Gnetch Crack me up today! You girls painted thousands of laughters on my face. Those are good suggestions Jan. Did I tell you I didn't opened facebook, OH I did, just to upload our pictures and that's it. Oh God, I'll stop here too before I sound bitter. hahaha!

P.S. I never dreamed about flowers and chocolates when I went to sleep,how is that? I dreamed about the reports I have to do, How sweet

MiDniGHt DriVer said...

wala ako ginawa.. nagubos lang ng oras sa bahay. hehe

janjan said...

Ratz - Happy hearts day too! i've love happens and ugly truth few months ago and gerald butler did crack me up.

Sey - hahaha dreaming of reports??? that's a good sign, a sign that you'll be a massochist employee anytime soon. :) it's alryt girl, you had a date - me and gnetch. how's that?!

Midnight driver - hmmm... i bet inubos mo sa misis mo hehehe

Gnetch said...

Hahaha! Drowning myself with work-- that's exactly what I did! At least I had an excuse when someone asked me what I did on V-day. "I had to work." Wahahahaha...

Sey said...

Jan: Yeah! I had a wonderful day with you guys and that is worth a million date with men. (oh, what a reason!!!!) hahahaha

Jag said...

Super belated happy VDay!


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