Wednesday, February 2, 2011

CAMIGUIN Day 2: White Island

As early as 5AM we were up on our toes. The heavy downpour of the rain had finally subsided but the sky doesn't promise a warm day. We were itching to hop on the island even the night before. As we neared to the shore we can already see the bare, white sandbar that shifts depending on the tide. Then the rain was starting to pour again as we managed to cross the distance amidst bumpy waves. It was one hella ride - the longest 5 minutes I've ever had.

Here's a photo treat. Excuse the somewhat blurry capture. It was raining and windy at the same time.

View from our boat as we're about to dock in it's fine, white sands.

Torquise water surrounding the shifting sandbar.

Despite the rain, tourists don't seem to want to miss it.

Mt. Hibok-hibok on the backdrop. The only active volcano in the island.

The sandbar. It formed a slithering snake. Sometimes its a C or an I.

My friend and I trying to explore the island up to its tip. It's the only one that has white sands. The shores of Camiguin have black sands due to severe volcanic activity. Hmmmm..that's quite a trivia there!

There's another island that we wanted to visit, Mantigue Island, but the badass weather is sooooo uncooperative. Anyway, there's two more reasons why I need to re-visit Camiguin soon. :)


Sey said...

When will you visit those islands with us! OMG, you're always making us envious.

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Nortehanon said...

Oh, hello there fellow Camiguin visitor haha! Nice nga sa Camiguin, 'no? Mine was a blast talaga.

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