Friday, February 4, 2011

I know you'll understand... :(

If Facebook has photo tagging, I'm coming up with post tagging. Whatever! This post is especially intended for Sey, Gnetch and Mitch. But anyone can read this of course!

I know you guys are eager for our Blogger meet up. And so do I. The thought of meeting my bloggy friends in person, and for the first time is thrilling and I couldn't wait for that idea to transpire. I can't imagine how much talk, and laughter, and fun we're gonna have. What's more exciting for me is that it's gonna be my first time to set foot in Manila! Yeah, been everywhere in the PI but not in Manila hahaha! Crazy.

As I've mentioned in Twitter, got the ticket like 6 months ago. I'm supposed to be there next week. So let's cut to the chase... Looks like my chances of going there are slim huhuhu... But I'm not saying that I'm NEVER going there.

Really guys, I'm twice as disappointed as you might be. It feels bad letting you down and all those anticipation and talking on facebook won't mean anything if I'm not going to push with it. I hate breaking promises, but as much as I wanted to keep it there are things beyond control that I just couldn't ignore.

It isn't final yet. I'm just telling you in advance how things look on my side. My fingers are crossed though. Hopefully we can do this sooner.


MiDniGHt DriVer said...

oh... may plan ka na pupunta dito sa manila??? Sana matuloy.. will u guys join me :)

whats ur twitter? :)

Ratz said...

Do you guys know that I am more excited about your meeting than you are... I mean comeon! I know all four of you and I have been waiting that you guys meet... I hope it happens soon.

Sey said...

Hey Jan, I understand. I know that Manila is way too far from Cebu and besides it's raining there right. It's not the end of the world, we can meet soon. I understand.


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