Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Wackiest Birthday Tribute Evah!!!

Yes I'm still alive!!! Life's a bitch these past few days. So damn busy with work, meetings left and right... I know, I know, you don't wanna hear about it. I can't keep my thoughts on focus and I'm struggling to write a single paragraph without rephrasing every sentence. Actually, right now, I'm not at my best writing mode but I just wanna share with you what happened today.

So you all know that my birthday is on Saturday. (homaygawd I'm turnnig 29, waaahhhhhh!!!) I already filed a leave for Friday and Monday coz I'm going home. I know that my officemates are planning to have a surprise birthday tribute for me. I  knew it coz they keep on doing that every year for 4 years, so it's no longer surprising to me. Ehem! But what surprised me is that I didn't know they're doing it TODAY! 

After I took my lunch, I headed back to the office, faced the computer, trying to finish the work at hand before the clock strikes 5PM. I was so engrossed with the task that I didn't notice they're leaving me alone in the office. Suddenly, I heard a loud music coming from my back and when I turned around I saw my officemates barging in the door, singing a Madonna song, wearing wigs, dangling earings and a BRA!!!! Hahahahaah! 

Just imagine my four guy officemates, including my boss, trying to impersonate Madonna, complete with singing and dancing. I wanted to roll on the floor. I can't contain the laughter. They look so disgustingly FUNNY!

Anyway, that's how they love me. They would take desperate measures even if it means putting themselves in shame just to make sure that my birthday will be special, memorable and... alright, hilarious. 

My other officemate caught the scandalous act on video. I wanted to show it to you but on second thoughts...... I still want this job. I don't wanna get fired for exposing them to the blogosphere hahahhahhahaha!

That's it for today folks. I'll be back soon with more stories.


Ratz said...

OMG... hahahaha... that sure must hv been some fun...:-D

Rachel W. said...

AHHHH! I love your birthday surprise!! That is so funny! I wish we could see the video but I understand how you feel about posting it.

Gnetch said...

Happy early birthday!!! I'm greeting you now in case I forget to greet you on Saturday. You know I'm forgetful, right??? Your coworkers are awesome! I wish I have officemates as thoughtful as yours!

sEy said...

nyahaha, they really love you! I could imagine their faces with wigs singing Madonna's song. I also need bloggenator pills and let's add that I am sore eyes..yay!!! not really in a good mood!! Anyway....HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAN-JAN!!!

janjan said...

Ratz, Rachel, Gnetch, Sey - Thank you guys for the early greetings! mwaah!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your co-workers are soooo COOL!!! Who would have done those things for a co-worker? They are the first i've heard so i am giving them a thumbs up. They must love you so much that they have crossed boundaries in order to make you happy!

Advance happy birthday Janjan! Wishing you all the best! Mwah!!!

i'm no miss said...


Your colleagues are awesomely cool!

janjan said...

mitch - yes they really are cool and CRAZY hahaha!

im no miss - thanks! :)


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