Thursday, August 12, 2010

If it makes me happy, then why not?

There are times I'd ask myself what really matters. Your own happiness? Or what others perceive what is right for you?

More often than not I would choose what is right for me, not because I wanted to be morally upright, but because I have the tendency to please the people around me. Doing the right thing would sometimes suffice their expectations but somehow it doesn't guarantee you'll find the happiness that you want.

I made a firm resolve that I will be bolder and braver this time when it comes to pursuing the things that will make me happy. I will not be afraid of what others may think about my decisions, as long as I'm not stepping on someone else's toes and I'm not hurting any one in the process. I will start to live "today", as in right at this moment, forgetting the regret of yesterday and the fear of tomorrow. After all, life is what you make it. So better do the things that will bring smile to your face and glow in your heart.


Ratz said...

yeah lovely.... That's the spirit... Keep going... we are here virtually holding your hands.. :-)


Anonymous said...

That's my girl! Go go go Jan!

i'm no miss said...

I couldn't agree more jan. Keep it rolling!

Hotcakes said...

yey!! yup!! >:) cant please everyone, but you can please yourself

Gnetch said...

Very f##kingly well said, girl! :)

sEy said...

Forget the Regret of Yesterday and the fear of tomorrow...i love this line. You're right with that decision.

Meg said...

Truly Said. People spend all their lives living for others expectations and demands. But wait...thinking about yourselves is important too.

Live Life Large and always keep smiling


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