Monday, August 30, 2010

Giving back to nature

This post is actually long overdue. I was soooo damn tired last weekend that I can't gather my brains to write about something which I'm so proud I've been part of.

We had our tree planting last Saturday. This is an annual event participated by the company I work with. It is one of the company's advocacy, to promote social responsibility and awareness. The said activity was pure voluntary, which means, we gave up the luxury of enjoying our free saturday. We don't get paid for going to the woods and for planting those seedlings. But the feeling and fulfillment of being able to help save the earth in your own, small way is fantastic! Not to mention enjoyable, in the truest sense of the word. Being around with your colleagues surely spells FUN! It was like mountain climbing, trekking and tree planting rolled into one.

The planting site is situated in hilly lands and requires you to walk a few miles from the main road. The funny thing was, since our group was so fond of taking pictures while trudging the steep, grassy path, we lost track of our companions. We took a different turn and got lost! It was a good 15 minutes of walking or so before we realized we're heading the opposite direction
hahaha! So we went back to the headquarters, asked another guide to walk us through to the site. When we got there, our colleagues were almost done.

We planted around 3000 seedlings in ________ hectares. I forgot how many hectares we should cover coz I wasn't listening during the orientation. You know, the typical ME! So all we have to do once we arrive at the area is to look for those seedlings and plant them. There's not much effort needed in digging holes since they are pre-dug. But you have to dig some more using

makeshift bolos to make sure the seedlings won't be washed away when rain starts to fall. It was like doing the treasure hunt and amazing race coz each one of us should be able to plant 50 seedlings. Imagine that!!!

                                                                           So this is me...

The activity lasted for about 3hours. We were so exhausted, sweating and hands dirty.

                                                                         my crazy colleagues...

 Hopefully, next year, I'd still enlist for another tree planting. Not just because it's fun. It's my way of giving back to mother nature. Of doing my share. And all the more reason is that, it is my responsibility to preserve our only home. Earth.


Hotcakes said...

hey jan :) i gave your blog an award :)

and made a small post about it :)

Gnetch said...

That's so nice. I've always wanted to join those kinds of activities. Other than to give back to nature, I also want to meet other people. Unfortunately, we don't have such activities here. At least not that I know of. :)

sEy said...

That is awesome Jan. I wish we could do something like that but sad to say that may take long enough as we are moving to a new location now. Apparently the best effort that we are doing for mother earth is inhaling the pollution here. LOL!!! At least we shared the burden with her. Sign up again next year okay. that's pretty awesome.

Anonymous said...

Wow! What a great way of having fun. You didn't just enjoyed but you helped mother nature. That's the perfect bonding ever. Hope i could do that too sometime. Thumbs up!

janjan said...

hotcakes - thanks for the award girl... i really appreciate it! and the things you said about my blog is overwhelming :)

gnetch - it was indeed an opportunity to meet other people since we were joined by volunteers from another company. but in our case, it was more of a bonding activity.

Sey - ahahahaha! inhaling the pollution, why i haven't thought of that? but don't overdo it. your lungs will suffer.

mitch - you gotta try it some time mitch. it was fun!


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