Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Booooo!!! What A Shame!

I've been trying to stay away from the computer since last night, trying to stop myself from blogging about a certain situation I'm  not very proud of. I don't wanna talk about that awful, shameful situation here in the blogosphere where people from all walks of life, race, culture are surely gonna read this post. But my disappointment about this condescending act got the better of me and I knew not to shut up and pretend like I have nothing to say.

I'm talking about the hostage crisis that rocked the entire nation yesterday morning. And oh, did I tell you we made it to the international news? Oh yeah! What a shame!!!

I was so disappointed at how the situation was handled, how the police force acted like fucking incompetent crap! No, I'm not gonna say sorry for disgracing my fellow countrymen but we're talking about the lives of 22 tourists, all Chinese Nationals from Hongkong, hijacked inside the tourist bus by a disgruntled ex-policeman! Damn. And to add that the standoff lasted for almost 12 hours is seriously pissing off and will make you ask what-the-fuck-are-those-police-and-swat-team-doing?! 

Answer :

They negotiated.




Circled around the bus.



Waited for the hostage taker to fire at them before they decided to make assault.

Huh!! Very much like in filipino movies.

Here's the funny thing...

I like to read detective and crime books. So my friend and I were talking about how they can possibly solve it. We eventually talked about throwing gas inside the bus so they can get in, or let a sniper finish him off... you know stuff like that... And guess what?! That's what they finally did in the end. Soooo stupid! They actually waited for 11 hours and nine people to die before they could think of that???? I think that's serious blunder!

Anyway, my heart goes out to the families of these hostage victims, most especially to those who perished in these unthinkable act of just one disgruntled man who wants nothing but to be reinstated in service. I'm not gonna condone him for whatever reasons he had. There are other ways to air his sentiments and smarter ways to seek fairness and justice if that's what he's looking for. An act of one disgruntled man made a very huge impact to the nation and tarnished every citizen of this country. All I can say is F-U-C-K-Y-O-U!!! Congratulations for putting us ALL in shame. Now I'm pretty sure tourism will hit rock bottom starting today. And what's more disgusting? The Hongkong government issued a black travel order to the Philippines. It's like saying : "hey, don't go there. that place is freaking dangerous. Kidnappers, murderers are everywhere."

I hope this is not going to be another lesson UNLEARNED... and forgotten.


Anonymous said...

Hi. Found your blog when I was searching for updates regarding the hostage taking. I'm half-Chinese and I live in the Philippines. It's sad that you feel ashamed about this considering that you are Filipino. For me, I feel bad that my fellow Chinese citizens got victimized by the hostage taker. I really do. In fact, I'm angry at him. He killed innocent people. But as much as I fear that some of the hostages might be people I know, I cannot bring myself to blame the police for being too careful. They did what they could, as far as I can see. It sure did take them too long a time to figure out what to do but, as I have seen, they were just trying to protect the people that might still be alive inside the bus. If they threw in a tear gas canister, he might randomly just fire shots and more people, even bystanders, could get shot. They also feared that the hostage taker was heavily armed and might have planted a bomb inside the bus, which, would obviously cause a much bigger problem. Also, it's real life. It's not like watching a movie or CSI where everything's planned, scripted, and choreographed, that no matter how risk-taker the police are, they would still end up alive. It's only natural that they would fear for their own lives as they have families. I understand that.

That's just my two cents. I hope you don't get the impression that I'm attacking you. You have a strong opinion about this and I respect that.


janjan said...

Hi Tan,

Thanks for dropping by my blog. No, I certainly don't feel like your attacking me. I also respect your opinion and I'm glad that you took a different perspective in all these. I just felt disappointed for everything that happened yesterday. You're right. The police were exercising caution. They're afraid people inside the bus will get hurt if they take assault. I take that... But somehow, I felt something is wrong with the way they're dealing it. I have witnessed a few hostage situation in this country and I can say that the police force doesn't seem fit or ready to handle such delicate situation.

Anyway, putting the blame on somebody else's shoulder will not help. I just hope this situation will not happen again and that the government can assure the safety of both filipinos and foreigners in this country.

Sorry if my opinion came up too strong. I just can't help but feel the shame and pity the innocent victims and their families. All they wanted is to enjoy the country and take good memories with them. But this is what they're going to remember for the rest of their lives.

Ratz said...

I heard of this news from Mish, Jan.. and then read on Google... i understand what you are feeling now... and it really must have been a sad state of affairs back then.. hostage situations are the hard ones.. we cannot justify anyone in them.. because the person who is doing this thing has for the most part nothing to lose... and the govt and the country, they have everything put at stake... it is sad that there were casualties... and that the country has now developed a poor notion among the others... I really cannot bring myself to put the right words to say something to you... but i guess, when something like this comes up, every country tries to fight it this way...

but i still wonder how could tat guy even think of getting reinstated after committing such a thing... wat was he thinking... he must be a man deranged out of his mind...

hugs to you girl... i hope that things get better soon... everything restored back to normal...

janjan said...

Ratz - thanks dearie... it was indeed chaotic yesterday and now people are questioning and want answers from the police force. the only disadvantage to this situation is that the hostages are non-filipinos. it would really create a bad impression among us. but my point is, only one person did that, i hope the world will not judge filipinos in general and will not consider our country as dangerous. they've been cancelling organized travels to the country right now...

i know they're grieving for the loss. even us felt the same. but i still hope they can find forgiveness and understanding in their hearts that nobody wanted this to happen.

Anonymous said...

I guess almost all of us here in the Philippines feel the same way Jan. They could have done something earlier and not made it reached the point wherein there have to be innocent people dying. To think there's alot of them against that one disgruntled man.

You know what made me more ashamed of? Those civilians who couldn't contain their curiousity that even they knew it's a matter of life and death, and despite the heavy rains still had the guts to go there and watched it like they are just watching a movie.

Gnetch said...

I still feel bad about what happened and I feel bad for the families of the victims. That dude is f*cked up but he's just one man. It's sad that we all are going to suffer for one man's wrongdoing.

P.S. I'm quite relieved to see Tan's comment. :)

sEy said...

Jan, this is one reason why I stayed away from the computer today. I feel ashamed too, for what had happened. Filipinos will be judged again and we're going to suffer racism just because of one damn thing a man did who cannot think wise enough at that time. I feel so sorry for all the people who will suffer now and I feel bad for the families of the victims.

Hotcakes said...

oh, man.. when i saw the word hostage crisis, before even reading your post .. i knew i was thinking about the same thing.

i dont even want to comment anymore.

let's just focus about bb.pilipinas getting into the top 5! .. then again.. probably not... since her answer in the Q&A is also shameful

but still... 4th placer! thats an achievement! :)

janjan said...

Mitch - i noticed it too that these people seemed oblivious to the posing danger. they're crowding the place like some spectacle is about to unfold. tsk, tsk... disgusting.

Gnetch - we're going to face the consequences brought by just one man. i know this will be over, but how soon, that i don't know.

Sey - i was browsing who among you guys blogged about this and when i saw none, i said to myself, "ok, i'll take this" hahaha! but seriously, i feel i have the need to say something on this.

Hotcakes - oh talk about miss universe..yah she could have done better. i guess she just blew a major major opportunity hehehehehe

i'm no miss said...

Queerly, maybe, my sympathy goes to all of them, including the hostage-taker.

They were all just victims of the sick system that we have. That incident didn't actually start right there. It was a brewing incident just waiting to happen because of the bigger problem not seen, but is very much felt especially by those who do not have as much power. There was so much prudence and sound judgment wanting.

The Girl Who Loves to Whine said...

Hey Jan Jan,

I'm back. I missed you. I hope that's not gay or anything. I missed all you guys. I'm embarrassed to admit this but this is actually the first I've heard of the hostage situation. (My house has NO cable so we get Netflix and DVDs, and I absolutely refuse to read the newspaper because it's all depressing. This is ignorant I know but I can't help it. Why be more depressed than I already have to be?) Anyway, my heart goes out to you and the victims, and the only solace I can offer you is that it really isn't just your country this would have happened in. It happens in other countries all over, and is never handled any better than how this one seems to have been handled.

Hope to hear from you soon!

janjan said...

im no miss - exactly. they're all victims of the circumstances.

Sarah - hey, im glad you're back! i missed reading your posts. hope you're okay now. :)


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