Sunday, June 27, 2010

That's what you get from drinking too much

Last night was crazy. Every thing went spontaneous. It was never planned nor we haven't thought or talked about it until the commercial of an alcoholic beverage (which I despised drinking) came out on the boob tube while watching the finale of that overly popularized reality TV show.

My housemate jokingly offered a drinking spree as she had 2 bottles of that alcohol stocked in her cabinet from the party they had a month ago. I, who have resorted to "no more heavy drinking" oath to myself, as part of my resolution and quest to loose weight, unexpectedly agreed without batting an eyelash. How ironic! The rest of my housemates agreed too, like I had cast a spell on their alcoholic minds. Huh! Drunkards!!!

A few jiggers down and things start to be chaotic. We were all noisy, talking at the same time in loud voices while some singing at the karaoke. Well, I'm not pretty sure if I was noisy that time coz I was on my phone, texting almost the whole time....but yeah, I guess I'm one of the culprits.

But before I go on with my story, let me tell you that I'm renting a place since I work far, far away from home. It's a two-storey house with 8 rooms. Since we're all ladies, single, working girls, we have shared a tighter bond and we are all like sisters. That's how close we are.

Okay, back to our regular program.....

The problem was we started drinking at the wee hours of the evening where everyone had fallen asleep. As we were into our little partying, our landlord suddenly banged the door and reprimanded us hhahahahhahahhaha! What a shame!!!

Well, we were not easily discouraged. We immediately lowered down our voices, looked at each other and giggled 'til we could hardly contain it and burst into laughter.

We forgot about the first warning, continued with our little party forgetting that it's past midnight and as usual, our voices start to grew louder.

The next thing that happened??? You guessed it right.... Our landlord in his angry-stricken face, pounded the door in all his might and scolded us!

I've never seen that look on his face before. He's fuming mad! Thanks to our unplanned drinking session, he looked like he's going to have a heart attack hahahahahah!

Anyway, we're not assbags, mind you! We were just trying to have some fun in the wrong place at the wrong time for all the wrong reasons. We could have went outside but we're too lazy and we want to have a drink right there and then so we forget about the fuss!

I would never forget that incident last night. It was my first time to be scolded like a high school teenager for being such a jerk. My mother never did it to me. Of course coz she never caught me drinking anyway hahaha! Ssshhhh..that's our little secret.

Up until this morning, my landlord hasn't gotten over with it yet. He continued scolding us like a broken record. Oh what the hell! He's old anyway. It wouldn't do good if I'll talk back. I mean he's got a little time in this world so I'll just give him what he pleases hahaha! I'm such a bitch you know...

Lesson learned : Drink outside and come home storming through the door!


Anonymous said...

Well house parties are so much fun than doing it outside right? So its worth the risk hahaha! But as you said your landlord has a little time already so i guess you have to let him rest ok? :b

sEy said...

It's good you didn't answer back to the old landlord. sometimes old people have their own world too.

Maybe it's the right place, however the wrong time or vice versa but anyway, look at the brighter side. Though you were scolded, you enjoyed the night while the rest don't! to sum it up, you have one lucky pretty evening and I love it!

Rachel W. said...

I nominated you for an award on my blog, so check it out! :-)

i'm no miss said...


I've had my share of these! these are fun times and worth remembering when we get older, err, in my case when we get to be family persons..

Continue doing crazy things! But don't let the old man bite hehe!


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