Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Notes to Self :

I'm a terrible promise-breaker. Not to other people but to myself. I would say that I'm not gonna do this, that I'll do that but I always end up slacking off.

So I created a list of the things I wanted to take note of. I would take a look at this from time to time and see if I was able to do it.

Note to Self # 1 : I will eat more bananas.

I have hypokalemia (potassium deficiency) and bananas are great at keeping your potassium in normal levels. Apparently, banana is NOT my favorite fruit and I don't like eating it. I've been disobeying doctor's order. 1 banana a day is enough to keep me away from the hospital. Was that too hard for me to do? Hell yeah!!!

And now the symptoms of hypokalemia such as muscle weakness, muscle cramp is waving hello at me these past few days. Oh no!

Note to Self # 2 : Never book a go-lite flight ever again!

Huh! But I just did last week. I'm such a moron and I never learned from my experience a couple of months back. Go-lite means you have no check-in baggage. When you decide at the last minute to have your baggage checked in instead of handcarrying them (because you exceeded the 7kls limit and I always do), they will make you pay an additional 400 pesos for the first 15kls. Not a smart move especially when you know that the difference between go-lite and non go-lite is just 100 pesos. Come on janjan! You're really stupid.

Note to Self # 3 : Save, save, save money for the next trip

I always say that but I never did.

Note to Self # 4 : Try going out on friendly...errrgghh.. BLIND dates (again)

I've been single for quite sometime because I refuse to go out on dates anymore. No I'm not a man-hater. And no I don't have phobia with men. With all the disastrous, disappointing, disdaining dates I went through, having another blind date doesn't seem appealing to me.

Note to Self # 5 : Consider career change or look for another job

I love my job BUT I've been in this track for almost four years now. I want something else. Challenge myself more. Learn more. Explore.

But whenever I think of the friends I'll leave behind, finding another job seems to be the most difficult thing to do.

Note to Self # 6 : Take mother to an out of town trip for a leisure. Or spa, massage, derma - the girly things you know.

She deserves it!

Note to Self # 7 : Take swimming lessons!

That's right! I'm an island wanderer yet I don't know how to swim. Really. And I meant swimming in the most basic sense. So when we do snorkeling, you can identify me as the one wearing the orange thing - the lifevest!

By the way, I've been getting spam comments lately. You'll notice I enabled the word verification thing to avoid them. I had a theory why these unwanted, annoying spams are pestering my blog....and that leads me to :

Note to Self # 8 : Never use the word "COME ON!" on my blogpost title.

You remember that post about an award where you have to give 10 facts about yourself? That has been getting spams because I wrote this as my title : Some things you should know about...Me (COME ON! Act like your interested!)

I suspect the word "Come On" played a huge part for v%@gr@-related comments to land in my post hahaha!


Ratz said...

All the best Dear Jan... I know you will be able to do these things.... Muah

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I saw those spams all over the bloggerhood these past few days. Hmmm, that person thinks you need those? Kidding!

Great post Jan. It's almost like Post-It-Note Tuesday. I know you can do those things. Aja!

sEy said...

go-go-go Janjan! I will cheer for you and I'm sure you can do all those things.

BTW, I will always remind you of that Banana thing. hmmmmm, I will always mention it on my comment, so let's start....

Hey Jan, did you eat the Banana?

Gnetch said...

So have you eaten banana today? Come on!!! Haha.

You can do all of these things. But about blind dates, I understand your pain. I mean, I have been on a lot of disastrous blind dates. So I totally understand you.

i'm no miss said...

Interesting to-dos jan! Go, come on! Hehe!

I'm a serious slacker on my own self promises too!

janjan said...

Ratz - thanks gurl.. ΓΌ

Mishieru - yah that spam hhhahaa! so disgusting.

Sey - haha!you'll be my constant reminder. i usually eat banana at lunch.

Gnetch - come on! hahaha! f*** that word.

im no miss - i hope i would be able to do those things. :)


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