Saturday, June 19, 2010

From Meeting Crocs To Dining Barefoot!

I know I sounded like I still have hangover from my vacation. Sorry but I can't help myself. The trip was such a blast that it tops the list of "My Unforgettable Wonderful Places".

Anyway I just wanted to share with you guys some of the things I've learned and experienced from this trip. I came across with a lot of "first times". But before I share to you those "first times", do you know I'm so impressed on how disciplined the people there? You don't? Okay let me tell you. They have the strictest "No Littering" policy in the country. I mean come on! (there's that word again) we know how easy for some of us to ignore the "no littering" signs on the street and how easy for some to throw away their "little garbage" like they have maids who will follow to sweep them off. Oppss! I'm not ranting. In Palawan if you're caught throwing garbage anywhere you'll be fined Php 500 for the first offense. Php 1,000 for the second offense and Php 1,500 for the third offense plus 2 months in jail. See? That's what I'm talking about. We should set them as examples. So if you wanna stay longer in Palawan for free they've got a program for that. Enjoy free accommodation, free food and free rounda clock security guard. Just throw more garbage!

Anyhoo, let's talk about my "first times". It's my first time to see a real and live crocodile!

That's my friend crockie. There are hundreds or thousands of them when we visited Crocodile Farm and Nature's Park. Did i mention that 60% of their rivers are inhabited by crocs? And they've got three types of crocs - saltwater, freshwater & I forgot the other one. Damn memory lapse! And they've caught one of the longest croc in the history that reached up to 30ft. in length. OMG!!!

Some 3 years ago in the place they now call Black River, a 15-year old girl was eaten by a crocodile. I also learned that crocs have tendencies to torture nasty. They don't swallow you whole. They only eat half of your body, your lower extremities then spit you out half dead. They love to see you begging for death to come. So when you have a fatal encounter with crockies, don't worry coz your family can still see half of your amputated corpse nyahahaha! Gross!

And speaking of gross, we were itching to try out their local exotic delicacy - the "tamilok" or wood worms! Ewwwwww... There's this restaurant infront of the hotel we stayed, Kinabuch that serves tamilok soaked in vinegar. Yuuuccckk! Do you want to see the pic? Are you sure? Fine!

I couldn't bring myself to see it. Even more to taste it. I have extreme phobia and distaste in creatures that crawl. Even if they're gonna pay me big bucks and promise me stardom, I-WILL-NOT-GOING-TO-EAT-IT-AT-ANY-COST! No way! Even if it comes in less than 1 foot long waaahhh!

Aside from tamilok they also serve crocodile meat which according to my friend tasted like chicken. Of course coz crocodile are fed with meat, chicken most of the time that is why!

So much for this madness! We went to a normal restaurant to have dinner. The hotel staff was kind enough to recommend and reserve seats for us at KaLui. It was a cozy, native, homey restaurant built entirely of hard wood. The catch : they serve delicious seafoods and you can't enter inside with your shoes or slippers on. And so it was my first time to dine barefoot!

KaLui is very famous and one should not miss it when in Palawan. The meals are quite affordable. You can choose to settle comfortably on a regular table or eat korean style where you sit on the floor. You have nothing to worry as the floor is clean and polished. You could even see your reflection on it haha!

There! I'm making your mouth watery hehehe... After eating you can chill outside at their cozy garden or check their mini gallery if you're an art connoisseur or if you simply love paintings.

It's also my first time to visit a prison without bars. I've visited a prison during our community service back in college and I must say that the situation inside is awful. When we visited Iwahig Prison and Penal Farm we were surprised to see prisoners roaming around. It's like a small city walled by mountains. They have school and church inside. Well they don't just roam around doing nothing... they do farming. As in real farming (not farmville, ok?! they're not facebook addicts hehehe) If you're gonna ask me if I was afraid? Nope. They may have done something in the past but they're willing to make it up to the society. I've talked to some of them and hearing their story is disheartening.

So this will be the final installment of my vacation. I really need to write this down guys because I don't wanna forget every single day I spent in there. It was fantastic and I would surely love to go back there anytime soon. I wanna visit El Nido. They say it's a lot prettier. With that, I really need to save and save and save money for this wanderlust.


Anonymous said...

Wow! You really did enjoy your vacay Janjan and i so happy for you. That "tamilok" is really gross hehehe! Jessica Sojo featured it once in her show. And i must really say it's not that delectable.

Rachel W. said...

The food looks fabulous! The "tamilok"...not so much. ;-)
I'm glad you've had such a wonderful time!

Ratz said...

YOu know what Jan!!! there are people who don't have lives... people like me.. and this is certainly not helping... With PMS i feel suicidal...

Hehehe... just kidding...

LOved it Jan.... it's like for two days... i have been in Philippines enjoying with you.. LOve ya.... Muah

Gnetch said...

I know I've said this before but really, I'm jealous! I want a vacation right now!!! ;)

sEy said...

yeah, now I'm really Jealous....I love the food except "Tamilok"


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