Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nope, I'm Not Narcissistic. So Excuse Me If I'll Talk About Myself Now

Yay! I got tagged by Deeps! at words as a form of life in this (I don't know what's this meme called) "3" meme. Thanks so much girl!

It's simple. I'd just have to answer three questions about me. (sorry guys, it's gonna be ME again!) Looks like I've been dishing a lot of stuff about me huh! 

But anyway, here it goes :

3 Famous Names of Mine
jan, janjan, janice (janice is my real name while jan & janjan are my real nicknames)

3 Things that Scare Me
snakes, heights, death

3 Things which make me Smile
When I read your comments. Seriously!

When I see my crush or when he sends SMS. Waaaaaah! I'm crushing on someone right now, ssshhhhhh.... Hahahahahaha! Can someone bang my head on the wall? Okay, just kidding.

When I think about the good times, funny moments with friends and my craziness.

3 Things that I Love
I love traveling and discovering new places.
I love chocolates and tweety bird.
Being single. Coz it's liberating and no one dictates you what to do.

3 Things that I Hate
This is a confession : As much as I love being single, I kinda hate it SOMETIMES too. Yeah it's nicer to be free, no worries, not a single care in the world. But at the end of the day, it feels a lot better to come home to someone.

When I'm not in control of the situation.

When I'm being lied upon, fooled and betrayed.

3 Things I don’t understand
Why some people hurt you like you totally deserve it?
Why can't we live in peace and harmony?
Why there's so much filth in politics and government?

3 Things I’m doing right now
coding software
thinking about the weekend getaway, yey!

3 Things I can’t do
swim, drive, pretend I'm fine when I'm not

3 Things I think you should listen to
your mom. Experience taught me that mother knows best.

your intuition. It tells you things which are unexpectedly true.

your favorite song. It will make you feel better.

3 Shows I watched as a Kid
X-men. I'm a wolverine and storm fan.

That's the only thing I can remember. I'm not into TV shows when I was a kid.

3 Things I want in a Relationship
respect, trust, love

3 Things of the Opposite Sex that appeal to me
wit, character, humor

3 Favorite Fictitious Characters
Damon Salvatore, Stefan Salvatore, Edward Cullen

Beware : they are all vampires! 

                             stefan and damon salvatore. damn! i can't get enough of them

I'm a sucker for bloodsuckers hahaha! 

3 of my Favorite Hobbies
dancing, writing, reading books

3 Beverages I drink regularly
iced tea, coffee, water

3 Things I like about myself
independent, strong-willed but with a soft heart, a loyal friend

3 Things I hate about myself
I hate it when I don't walk away even if I knew that I should have RUN in the first place (because I'm stupid!!!)

I hate it that I don't easily forget when other people have caused me pain. I have tendecies to hold grudges for too long which I know is not good.

Sometimes I trust other people more than I trust my own self.

3 Things I’m wearing right now
my towering wedge
my favorite lipstick
office uniform

2 Truths and a Lie:
I miss home
I'm excited for my birthday
I listen to Taylor Swift
(Whichever is a lie, go figure!)

3 People I pass this TAG to

I'd like to pass this on to my 3 newest follower. I just like to know more about you guys, so pleassseeeee...take it.

Cameron - Ingenue Mom
Lara - momma drama 
Deasy World - world in my mind


Don't think that because I did not type your name you could not try this out. Silly you! Of course dear bloggy friends I would love to hear from you too.


sEy said...
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sEy said...

tooooot tooooot ....Jan, here's a comment to make you smile. We should really trust our intuition. I am also afraid of snake and heights. Trust is important in a relationship but I can't figure out which of the 3 is a lie....:(

P.S. your vampires are cute, and your towering wedge, I love wedges....!

Deeps!! said...

Thanks sooo much for taking this up.. n thanks more for the award!! :D

giving u something u love.. by this comment.. n the fellow vampires u love o-so-much.. are they from true blood?? I have been wanting to see that from god knows when, but been unable to find someone with the dvds.. :P.. ur answers were very fun, and so insightful!

loads of luv.. n *hugs*

janjan said...

Sey - wow it's nice to know we have a lot in common...and the vampires, they are really cute and gorgeous.

Deeps - they are from vampire diaries. you gotta watch it deeps it's a lot lot lot lot better than twilight and true blood.

Gnetch said...

Wait. You have another weekend getaway??? Wow.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, we are so into vampires!!!

I have a wedge too which i bought in Japan but i rarely use it. Hahaha!

We are kinda alike in trusting other people more than trusting myself. I am so guillible. Once the person is good to me i trust them easily.

Nice knowing you more Janjan!


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