Monday, April 4, 2011

Ask me that question again and I'll throw a tantrum. Seriously!

Funny how a 150-page novella can make you think and reassess your sanity.

I made a trip down to National Bookstore last Wednesday looking for some nice reads. I can't remember the last time I stepped into a bookstore. I got so busy and caught up in my little world that I temporarily ceased from book hunting. And last Wednesday , the supposed whiling away the time at the mall made me realize I need to catch up on my reading. I decided against James Patterson's books and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (which I've been planning to read since last year) coz I wanted some light (light as in I can finish reading in an hour) and easy (easy as in I don't have to contemplate who the real serial killer is and his motive) material.

Then I remembered reading a local magazine that featured a local author who was actually good in writing chick flick novels. I scoured the shelves and bingo! Found it.

It was not until last night when I remembered that novel. Still wrapped, complete with the receipt, sitting coldly on my table. I grabbed it, reclined on a cot and started leafing through the pages.

The story was simple. Nothing fancy about it. It was so simple that I could relate to everything the main character is going through. We had a lot of similarities and issues. If I didn't know anything better, I would have thought it was the story of my life (with a little modification of course!). I can so relate when it was revealed she's turning 30 in a few months and her bestfriend is constantly setting her up on dates, pressuring her to settle down.

I stopped right there. I stared between the words. God, this is me! I'm turning the big three-oh in a few months and a lot of people have been asking the harshest question no single lady would want to hear : when am I tying that friggin' knot?

As if to add insult to my already injured disposition, I meet up with an old friend a day before I bought that book. While catching up what's IN and what's NOT in our humdrum lives over dinner, she shoot that silliest question out of nowhere.

The golden question?

My friend : So it looks like you've been wandering a lot. When are you planning to get married?

Me : (staring blankly at her)

I was trying to process what she had just said. We haven't seen each other for 6 months. 6 months! And that's all she's gonna ask? I was in the middle of gnawing my food when she asked that marriage thing bluntly. IN.MY.FUCKING.FACE.

What? Is the church going to run away from me? Is there some sort of deadline for this?

I know I'm getting old but I'm not yet that OLD and I'm not acting that way.

To make the long story short I went on reading. The writer was indeed good in keeping up the pace. It was comic, lively and straight to the point. It was also revealed that Carla (the main character) is dating, or more like having a fling to someone younger than her. 5 years younger that is.

Alright. This isn't my biography of some sort is it? What the hell? Why the cradle snatching thing? Did I ever mention on this blog that I once had a boyfriend who was five years younger than I am? I didn't? oh well, now I am. Surprised? Wait 'til you hear this... (I'm ready to lose my followers after this) I dated 2 younger guys some 3 or 4 years back, and I had a non-serious relationship with a 25-year old.

I'm not writing this just to prove a point to the world that I'm a magnet to the younger generation. Coz even I, have a hard time figuring out what could possibly they saw in me. Maybe because I can be with myself, no pretense, not trying to prove anything and I can get by with the little expectations. Or perhaps I don't need another one to boss me around.

If I were to scale resemblance of that story with that of my personal account? I would give it a 9. The only notable difference is that Carla had her happy ending while I am unsure what will be mine.

Would I recommend this novel? Yes if you don't mind reading chick flicks and if you are :
-single . Check
-your friends are already married and they're pushing you to join the marriage club. Check
-dating/fling(ing) with younger guys. Check
-confused with what exactly you want in your life. I already had it figured after reading the book.

But I'm afraid it's only available in the Philippines. :(

>>No Strings Attached by Mina Esguerra<<


Gnetch said...

I am sooooo gonna look for that book.

Also? I get asked that kind of question a lot. It pisses me the fuck off. I mean, I'm gonna get married when I'm ready. And when I find someone good enough to marry.

Right? :)

Sey said...

Okay, while writing this comment I am literally doing a lot of inhales and exhales for if people would ask me again about that damn question I will definitely hang them. F***, sorry I was carried away.

Why do people pushes us to get married when we're happy from where we stand and we're not in a hurry?

With that book, I must say I put a 4 BIG checks! Really! yes, may I say I am a magnet to younger generations too! Okay girls now I know we're destined for each other.

This comment is too long. Opppsy, sorry. Like Gnetch, I'll get married when I'm ready and with the right man.


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