Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Lenten Season To-do List

I think I'll start making this a tradition to make a to-do list for the whole Lenten week. Because what usually happens is that I just stay at home doing movie marathon like it's the most "meditating" thing to do.

To start off, I already did confession, at last after 6 long years. I could not forget the feeling when I did confession 6 years ago. I was really nervous. Huh! That goes to show how much of a sinner I am haha! Okay, I'm not making this a joke but it does get into my nerves when I'm spilling my sins to the priest. And last Friday was no exception. I had to muster enough courage to do it. But you know what? When I walked out of the room, I 've never felt so light and so happy. So happy that I did it.

But the downside was, that Friday night I went to have dinner with my colleagues. And who knows what happens after dinner? We had some Margaritas and sang our heart's out. Anyway that was clean fun. So I guess having multiple swigs of Margarita doesn't make you that much of a sinner, right? Right. I'm just human!

So when morning came my head was slightly throbbing and I knew why it was. Too bad for me.

Oh wait. I'm out of line. Isn't this post suppose to be my to-do list for the holy week?

So. Confession? Check.

Fasting? I haven't done this before. Maybe the only chance I could get closer to fast is because I'm too lazy to cook my own meal. But they say fasting isn't just about "not eating". It's about restraining yourself from doing the things you like doing. Like what? Like blogging? Facebooking? Texting? The whole nine yards? Uhhmm... can I negotiate? Blogging, maybe. But facebook? Ahhhhhhh!!!! Okay. Will try. After all it's sacrifice. What's 3 days without social network? waaaahhhhhh!!!!!!!

And because it's holy week - I must go to church. You know, exercise... Walk the faith. I won't just sit at home watching re-runs of my favorite TV show.

Most of all - PRAY. I missed a lot on that one. I'm not a prayerful person and it sure takes a lot of willpower to do it every night before going to bed and every waking day (which until now I'm a failure).

Lastly, I wanted to renew ties with a friend whom I haven't spoken to for 6 months. I don't hate her anymore. Or maybe I still do subconsciously... but I can't find it in my heart to talk to her. I don't know. Maybe I've reached saturation point whatever!

One thing I can give myself credit for is that I'm a good friend and I treat my friends well. But once I get hurt, I'm hurt and it won't be easy to mend it.

All in all I'm excited coz I'm going home and I get to rest for 4 days! Yeah baby yeah!

So if you won't read any post from me - that's because I'm serious about this!


Sey said...

Okay! If I won't heard anything from you then, that means your on your way of completing the list. I have my own list too and let's cross our fingers we'll complete them. I would like to visit the "The Pink Sisters" however, Mt. Taal in on an erupting mode now so I guess, I should cancel that one.

Good luck Jan. let us know how it turned out, okay.

Have a happy vacation with your family.

janjan said...

Sey - yah I saw it on TV. i'm glad we were able to visit it last Feb haha I just feel so lucky. Goodluck to your list too. Maybe the pink sisters is not for this time.

Ratz said...

WOW. You do sound serious to me. So carry on girlie. I am sure you can make all ends meet. You know about praying, there is this letter I write to God telling everything. It is a revision of how I had seen my day or how I should have seen. So I am happy and God is happy.

Gnetch said...

I'm sure you can do this!!!! And we'll talk about this when Sey and I get to visit you there.

Nahla said...

Good luck JanJan :) you can do it.


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