Monday, March 28, 2011

Travel Syndrome strikes again!

I went over with the post I wrote a year ago - Travel Plans. It's basically a travel wishlist of the places I wanted to visit in 2010. Exactly a year and 27 days later, I re-read the post to see if I was able to realize them. So far, it's quite a feat since I was able to visit majority of the places I've mentioned except for the trip abroad which hopefully I'll do next year, plus I've visited two places which are not on the list, so that's already a bonus. Though my trip to Camiguin and Manila was kinda late from the supposed schedule, but nonetheless I moved mountains and crossed the sea just to get there anyway (exaggerating).

Now I'm making another list. This is how I motivate myself to get things moving. Planning isn't just talking, but doing the talk. Also, it adds pressure when I'm writing it down. So here's my travel plan for 2011 :

BATANES. I've been dreaming of visiting this remote island which is at the northern tip of the country. It is soooo far that it's almost near to Taiwan than it is to Manila (i'm not kidding!) They say that getting there is a big challenge as much as going out coz most of the time tourists are standed because the plane can't land due to bad weather. That is why despite it's outstanding beauty, it has not become a tourist destination due to its inaccessibility. And because of its remoteness and inaccessibility that I'm more drawn to visit it. I guess I'm crazy like that.

Anyhoo, got these pics from the web. This is why I wanted to set foot in this island. There's so much beauty in there.

Can't wait for the day to come when it is my turn to see these pictures transform into reality right before my naked eyes.

But there's one big problem : None of my friends would want to come with me. For them no amount of persuasion and encouragement would compensate the Php 13,000 roundtrip ticket (wahahaha!) That expensive! I could have reached Hongkong or Singapore with that amount. So, I'm open for a travel buddy. Anyone interested???☺

Next, I want to spend a day or two in El Nido and Coron in Palawan. I fell so in love with Palawan that I wanted to visit it AGAIN, only that this time it will be El Nido and Coron.

Now who doesn't want to chill in that place, hmm?!

One thing I've learned about traveling is that nature is so generous to us. We should know how to take care of them. And I'm glad I'm born in this country (coz sometimes I'd think that if I can have it any other way, I wouldn't live here. that's another story), coz I get to enjoy these things without traveling halfway around the globe and at a minimum price.


Ratz said...

Those are amazing pictures Jan. It is hard not to be bitten by the travel bug if there is so much to see.

Gnetch said...

I've always wanted to go to Batanes!!! Probably, by June, I won't be that broke anymore. Hahaha.

Sey said...

Let us know when you will visit Palawan maybe we can tag along with you. Right Gnetch? hahaha

The pictures of Batanes can't get me off my feet. If you can't visit it this year, try to visit Anawangin instead. Looks like the same scenic view.

I wanna go with you! Common' gilrs.

janjan said...

Ratz - Right!! the world is so beautiful. it would be a waste not to explore it.

Gnetch - Yay! Batanes!!!! that makes us two. that would be a great accomplishment for me if i can go there haha!

Sey - i would love that idea - the 3 of us in Palawan hehehe..don't have a definite date yet. and yes Anawangin... so much places to see.

Kira Permunian said...

Wonderful! The Earth is really wonderful.Too bad we can't see it all in our life-span but in Heaven , I am sure these are for free, but nobody wants to be there right now, nobody go for unsure thing..

I hope to visit one before the earth washes it

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