Friday, April 8, 2011

Get a pup or not?

NOTE : This is going to be a "pet" talk. So bear with me.


It's been 2 months since my dog passed away and I kinda missed the feeling of having a canine friend. I grew up with dogs. I can't remember a time in my life when I didn't have a pet. I usually have one and it's always a dog. (sorry. i'm not a cat lover)

When Piper died, I'm not sure if I'd like having a pet again. Call it mourning but yeah I guess I'm badly hurt that I didn't want to have another my-dog-died stint in my life. I've had many dogs in the past and everytime they say goodbye I would always cry a river (you have to be a dog lover to understand the feeling). The last one was the hardest coz I had her for 10 years.

Two weeks ago, a friend asked me if I'd like to have a puppy. I said, "of course". She said she'll give me one and jokingly said it will be her early wedding gift to me. Hahaha! Thanks but I want to kill her for having said that.

The pup is a mongrel. I usually go for mongrels coz they're not hard to take care. They are less maintenance, they can eat whatever, sleep wherever and most of all they are intelligent and protective making them a good house dog. Though I wanted to have an akita (like that of Hachiko's breed), or a retriever or a labrador but they're damn expensive and taking care of them could be costly (if they get sick) and it would entail me to spend more time with them coz they're very needy of their owners. (Except for akitas. they're independent. *trivia*) Well I don't have the luxury of time coz I'm working and I'm renting a place. There's no one to look out for them when I'm off to work and that's where mongrels become the best choice.

Now my dilemma is if I'm ready to have a puppy. Would I be able to take care of him properly? I don't want to send him home either. I want to bond, play and talk to him like I do before. I want to see a tail wagging when I get home. I miss getting those scratches in my arms whenever a dog jumps at me in mere happiness to see me.

Having a dog is like having a baby. Uhm I'm not sure if this is a good comparison but for me it is. You take good care of them, feed them, understand what their needs are - which can be a challenge since they don't talk. From my years of bonding with a dog, I can say I became good at telling what they think, what they feel and what they need. But still I'm not sure if having a pup right now is a good idea.


Gnetch said...

I'm not really fond of pets for some reason.

BUT I DON'T HATE THEM. Just wanted to clear that one out. Hehe. I don't know. It's just probably not for me.

You can get a puppy again when you're ready. If you're hesitant right now, maybe it's not the time yet. ;)

Ratz said...

HOnestly, I don't know anything about petting. The last pet I had was a gold fish, which died a tragic death. I am sure it still haunts this house or atleast the toilet.

That being said, I am not against pets. And you Jan I am sure are a good pet person. After Piper, you must still have that love that you want to share and I think some pet deserves it. So why not sweetie. Get that puppy.

Sey said...

Would like to have one too but the problem is I'm not sure I could give time to take good care of this cute puppy.

I for once get acquainted with people who are really fond of dogs and from them I acquire a some what special love for puppy. Go get one!

P.S. the one who will give it to you as an early wedding gift, is she/he's still alive? LOL!!!

janjan said...

Gnetch - yeah. there are some who's not just into the pet thing but it's ok.

Ratz - thanks for the compliment. i have more patience with dogs than with errr...never mind. :0

Sey - yes she's still alive. i'd kill her once she hand the pup to me haha! sweet revenge. :0


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